8 Best Cheap Range Finders

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Our cheap but worth-it range finder hot list.

Do you really need a rangefinder? Isn’t it a bad habit and troublesome to be too dependent on a gadget that tells you exactly how far you need to hit?

I thought the same too until someone handed me a range finder! That’s when I realized how much I was missing out on. And guess what, you can get one today for less than 80 bucks! That’s close to four times cheaper than what the cheapest ones went for more than a decade ago!

best cheap range finders in golf

On that note, here are my 8 best cheap golf rangefinders that you won’t be disappointed with. I included choices with 600-1000+ yard ranges, precise measurements within 1 yard of your target, and many options including the sought-after “Slope Mode” feature (the three most crucial qualities in my opinion). Our list incorporates entry-level, mid-tier, and premium inexpensive options so every reader has a complete idea of what they can receive for their budget!

Our Top 8 Picks

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for the best cheap range finders:

  1. Golf Leap’s No.1 Pick: REVASRI Golf Rangefinder
  2. Best Cheap Range Finder for Recreational Users: Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder
  3. Feature-Rich Budget Range Finder: Hawkray Golf Rangefinder
  4. Best for Golfers with Shaky Hands: Kipwochin Golf Rangefinder
  5. Most Affordable Basic Golf Range Finder: WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder
  6. Easy-to-Operate Design: PEAKPULSE LE600AG Golf Rangefinder
  7. Easily Rechargeable Recreational Use Range Finder: ACEGMET Golf Rangefinder
  8. Perfect For Heavy Cart Riders: Swami Kiss Golf GPS Rangefinder

The best cheap range finder on this list is the Revasri Golf Range Finder. Its guaranteed accuracy straight out of the box, its tournament-legal “Slope Mode,” and the fact it requires no battery purchases since it recharges via USB!

1. REVASRI Golf Rangefinder (The Best All-in-one Budget Range Finder)

  • 1000-Yard Range (the longest on our list)
  • Flagpole Lock with Vibration up to 250 yards
  • .5 second measurements
  • Slope Mode with “On/Off” (with LED confirmation to competitors) for legal tournament use
  • Rechargeable via USB
  • Waterproof Construction
  • Heavy-Duty Carrying Case
  • Weighs only 4 oz making it sometimes hard to stabilize

Our top pick for the best cheap golf rangefinder is the Revasri NK-1000

The Revasri NK-1000 is cost-effective while providing many of the features golf range finders two to four times as expensive have.

The NK-1000 includes a 1000-yard range (the longest on our list) with flagpole lock and vibration function for 250 yards of the range, .5 second quick measurements, “Slope Mode” with vibrational feedback, and an on/off switch for tournament use, a rechargeable battery via USB, an adjustable eyepiece for fast-focus on far away targets, and ships in a professional grade carrying case that uses wear-resistant, waterproof, and shock-proof material so you never have to worry about the safety of your range finder. 

As if that weren’t enough, the Revasri NK-1000 is waterproof itself and is backed by a 1-Year warranty with lifetime technical support included. 

2. Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder (Best Cheap Range Finder for Recreational Users)

  • Flag-Lock Technology with Vibrational Feedback
  • Slope Compensated Readings
  • Automatic Shutoff After 5 Seconds
  • Easy-to-Grip Shape with Non-Slip Coating
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Powered by AAA Batteries (easier to locate and less costly than the standard CR2 range finder battery)
  • Includes Wrist Strap for confident carrying
  • Non-Tournament Legal without 20$ Upgrade to “Slope Switch” version
  • Flag Lock only available at 170 yards and in

The Gogogo Sport Vpro is a great cheap range finder option for golfers that are looking for premium technology at an entry-level price. 

The Sport Vpro includes a highly accurate range of 5 to 650 yards, ultra-clear 6x magnification lenses with an adjustable optic scope to ensure a clear view of your target at all times, Flag-Lock technology that gives vibrational feedback for more confidence you’ve measured your intended target (only supported within 170 yards), Slope Compensated distances to account for uphill or downhill targets, Automatic Shutoff after 5 seconds to save battery life, an easy-to-grip design with a non-slip coating and thumb holster for smaller hands, and is shipped and contained in a hard shell carrying case that provides quality protection of your device while walking or riding. 

This range finder has earned the title of “The #1 Best Seller in Golf Rangefinders on Amazon.” and it isn’t difficult to see why. The Gogogo Sport Vpro is inexpensive while offering every feature golfers need to perform their best on the course and is backed by a 1-year warranty to ensure you never experience “buyer’s remorse.” 

3. Hawkray Golf Rangefinder (Feature-Rich Budget Range Finder)

  • USB-C Charging Port (No Need for Batteries)
  • Slope Mode with On/Off Switch for Tournament-Legal Play
  • Range of 3 to 700 Yards
  • Flag-Lock with Vibration Confirmation
  • Side Magnet for easy mounting to golf cart
  • Magnetic Hard Case safely stores your range finder in a secure position to avoid damage during transport
  • Water Resistant
  • Anti-Sweat / Anti-Slip outer coating
  • Ultra-Lightweight Design won’t appeal to every user

The Hawkray budget Golf Rangefinder is our choice for golfers that are looking for a lightweight entry-price range finder that has every feature they could need. 

The Hawkray differentiates itself from competitors instantly with a few key features: 

  • It requires no battery purchases since it recharges using USB Type-C
  • It’s ultra-lightweight at less than ½ a pound (6.3 oz) 
  • It includes a built-in side magnetic mount (for easy placement on your golf cart while riding), and the carrying case features a built-in magnet for confident and secure placement while you’re moving from shot to shot. 

Besides these incredible features, the Hawkray has a toggleable Slope Mode (making it legal for golf tournaments), a range of 3 to 700 yards, Flag-Lock with vibrational feedback, and is built with water resistance and an anti-sweat / anti-slip outer coating so you never have to worry about dropping your device during use. 

4. Kipwochin Golf Rangefinder (Best for Golfers with Shaky Hands)

  • 40% brighter optics than competitors
  • Rechargeable battery via USB cable
  • Measures distance in .1 seconds (the fastest on our list)
  • 880-yard range
  • Anti-Shake & Flag-Lock technology
  • Slope can be turned on or off
  • Waterproof / Dustproof body with enhanced outer grip
  • Available in White or Black housing
  • Only 1-Year Quality Guarantee

The Kipwochin golf range finder is our pick for those that don’t even like a moment’s hesitation when they are shooting targets or those with shaky hands that make operating other rangefinders difficult.

The Kipwochin range finder has some incredible built-in features such as .1 second readings (the fastest on our list), an 880-yard range, “Slope Mode” with an on/off switch for legal tournament play, a built-in rechargeable battery, auto shut off after 20 seconds of inactivity, “anti-shake” use thanks to near instant “flag-lock” technology, 40% brighter optics compared to competitors, and a waterproof / dustproof body with enhanced grip texture for confident holding. 

5. WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder (Most Affordable Basic Golf Range Finder)

  • Most affordable price on our list 
  • 800-yard range
  • 250-yard flag lock capability
  • Automatic battery shut off
  • Tournament Legal 
  • Measures in under .5 seconds
  • Slope having option is double the price

The WOSPORTS golf rangefinder is a fantastic choice for purists that don’t enjoy slope-adjusted distances or those that are a little more budget-conscious with their golf gear purchases. 

The WOSPORTS range finder includes features like an 800-yard range with 250-yard Flag-Lock capability, automatic battery shut off after 10 seconds, a continuous scanning mode for fast readings, a “Fast Focus” adjustable eyepiece, and measures distances in under ½ a second!

6. PEAKPULSE LE600AG Golf Rangefinder (Easy-to-Operate Design)

  • Slope Feature with “Slope Switch” for Tournament-Legal Use
  • Pulse Vibration Technology for confident Flag-locked yardages
  • Automatic shut down after 8 seconds
  • Range of 6 to 650 yards
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Carrying Case could be more durable / heftier built.

The PEAKPULSE LE600AG offers everything a golfer could ask for in a budget golf range finder.

Built-in slope technology gives incredibly accurate adjusted distances and can be toggled on or off with the PEAKPULSE’s patented slope switch for tournament-legal use. “Flag Acquisition with Pulse Vibration Technology” lets users easily lock onto the flag up to 330 yards (even for those with shaky hands) and inspires more confidence in users. The “Fast Focus System” optic lets users easily adjust the focus and works incredibly quickly. To save battery life, the LE600AG automatically shuts down after 8 seconds. Lastly, the PEAKPULSE is guaranteed accurate within +/- .5 yards between the range of 6 and 650 yards.

The PEAKPULSE LE600AG slope adjusted range finder is one of our top picks because of all the above features and how easily it operates straight out of the box! 

7. ACEGMET Golf Rangefinder (Easily Rechargeable Recreational Use Range Finder)

  • Slope Mode 
  • 650 Yard Range
  • Rechargeable via USB 
  • Flag-Lock with Vibration technology
  • Rubber outer shell for enhanced protection
  • Backed by 2-Year Warranty & ACEGMET Customer Service
  • 6 oz weight might cause concern for some users
  • Slope Mode can’t be turned off for Tournament use

Almost every list of affordable golf range finders is going to have an ACEGMET selection on it due to their highly affordable price and cost-saving features. 

The ACEGMET Golf Rangefinder includes a 650-yard range with an accuracy of +/- .5 yards, slope-adjusted yardages for confident up or downhill readings, “Lock on Flag Only” technology with a vibration that ensures you’re ranging your intended target within 350 yards, and it recharges using a USB android cable so you no longer have to worry about finding and keeping up with expensive CR2 batteries. 

The last features that made the ACEGMET a “must-include” on our list of the best cheap golf range finders are that it’s constructed with a hard rubber casing that makes you feel confident it won’t break easily and the fact it comes with a “worry-free 24-month warranty backed by ACEGMET customer service.”

8. Swami Kiss Golf GPS Rangefinder (Perfect for Heavy Cart Riders)

  • Hands-free use is simple, thanks to the integrated magnetic mount
  • Accurate distances to Front, Center, or Back of Green (Includes layup and carry distances to hazards and doglegs)
  • Digital Scorecard keeps advanced stats on your play
  • Auto course recognition with 38,000 preloaded courses
  • Water Resistant
  • Only 12 Hour Battery Life (will require recharge post-round)

The Swami Kiss GPS Rangefinder is different from every other selection on our list because it doesn’t use a laser at all. 

The Swami GPS Rangefinder comes preloaded with over 38,000 global courses (which includes maps and auto hole-advance and individual shot distance measurements) and uses GPS to give players precise readings from their location to the Front, Center, and Back of every green for comprehensive yardages resulting in more accurate club selection. 

If you’re more of a purist that wants a simplified approach, the Swami Kiss can be adjusted to “Simple Mode” which only displays the yardage to the center of every green. Other interesting features include the “Digital Scorecard” feature that lets users keep track of their total score, number of putts, and green-in-regulation statistics, an integrated magnet that lets you attach the Swami to your cart frame for hands-free use, and the fact it’s charged via a micro USB and is water-resistant for year-round use.

How To Look for a Good Range Finder For at a Budget

We define “cheap,” “affordable,” and “budget” golf rangefinders as options that are less than 125 USD and provide the basic functions that golfers are looking for in a range finder. 

*Note* not every golfer will require the same features in a range finder, but these are the functions we feel are the most important to playing your best golf. 

1. Long Enough Range to Cover the Longest Hole at Your Golf Course

As you likely noticed while browsing our selections, not every rangefinder has the same yardage ranges available. Some options will only measure up to 500 yards, whereas others will go thousands of yards (depending on how much you’re willing to spend). 

I’ve personally been using a rangefinder every round for the last 12-13 years and have never had the desire to shoot the yardage of a target over 750 yards. Even 500 yards is plenty of length for the courses I play in.

Take a look at the scorecards of the courses you play most often and ensure the selection you choose from our list has ample yardage-reading capabilities to shoot any target you may feel inclined to know the length too. 

2. Ample Battery Life / Rechargeable Battery Capabilities 

While many golf range finders are moving towards battery options like commonly used AAA (GoGoGo Sport Vpro) or just being rechargeable via USB (Revasri, Hawkray, Kipwochin, and ACEGMET), there are still many options that require difficult-to-find and expensive CR2 batteries or those that require charging after every round (annoying and hard to remember). 

Every selection on our list (with the exception of the Swami Kiss GPS Rangefinder) has battery life that will support an ENTIRE SEASON of golf, not just a single round.

3. Protective Case / Reinforced Construction

Golf is one of the few sports that requires you to travel multiple miles before it’s finished. This makes it so easy to drop something, lose something from the golf cart bouncing, or get caught in poor weather too far to find serious cover. 

We understand how frustrating it can get to break or damage equipment accidentally, so we made sure to include multiple waterproof, shock-resistant, and heavily-protected golf range finder picks on our list. 

The Differences Between “Budget” and “Expensive” Golf Range Finders:

At its very core, the purpose of a golf rangefinder is to provide the player an accurate reading of how far they are from their target. 

We have just recently hit a point in technological advancements where cheap/budget rangefinders have the “Slope Mode” feature that internally adjusts your yardage reading for how uphill or downhill your target is from you. 

Besides “Slope Mode,” expensive golf rangefinders can include features like wind readings, barometric pressure / elevation / temperature compensated yardage readings, free battery replacements, more color/skin options, map overlays to show hole layouts and hazards, a “Find My Device” feature like the iPhone so you never lose or can easily locate your device, or things like superior/longer length warranties.  

The Verdict

When it comes to choosing your new range finder, you now see there are many affordable options that will help you play your best golf. Having a dependable golf range finder inspires more internal confidence while you’re playing and helps eliminate some of the “golfing anxiety” many players feel before they make their golf swing. 

After reviewing the 8 best cheap golf rangefinders, we believe the Revasri is the best for its tournament legal slope switch, affordable price, waterproof design, and the fact it’s easily rechargeable

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