Swing Flaws & Techniques

Here are other swing resources you may find helpful to dive into. We’ll have topics covering swing flaws, more advanced golf swing techniques, and more. If you’re just starting golf or don’t know the basics, we’d advise you to learn more about how to swing a golf club correctly first.

where to position the golf club in the takeaway

Where to Position the Golf Club During the Takeaway

Better players can determine other golfer’s general skill level just by watching the first two-tenths of a second of their golf swing. The takeaway, also known as the first half of your backswing, does so much to determine how accurate your shots are, how reliable your swing can produce results under pressure, and your ability … Read more
Weight Transfer in the Golf Swing

Weight Transfer in the Golf Swing

Learning how to shift your weight properly during the golf swing will improve the power, consistency, and mobility of swing. It starts with a balanced golf setup all the way to 100% of your weight at your front foot at your finish!
Why am i hooking my irons

Why Am I Hooking My Irons? (4 Answers and 4 Permanent Fixes)

Slicers have all the resources in the world, but what about the hooks? Why are you hooking your irons? The issue might be invisible!

5 Different Types of golf swings Used by the Pros

Our breakdown will discuss and explain five of the most common types of golf swings so you can learn what category your swing naturally falls under. As a bonus, we highlight the Pros and Cons of each type of swing and point our readers toward professional golfers with these swing types to emulate and watch for your own review. 
How To Increase Club Head Speed Feature Image

How to Increase Club Head Speed [15 Tips For Immediate Results]

How to Increase Club Head Speed Take it From A Scratch Golfer. 1 )Tee the Ball Higher 2) Move the Ball Further Forward in Your Stance 3) Turning Your Toes Outward

How to Fix Your Golf Slice [9 Tips For Immediate Results]

Fixing a golf slice starts with closing your club face on impact and not swinging out-to-in. To do this we encourage golfers to adopt a stronger grip, open their golf stance, and make sure they are using the right shafts for their golf clubs.

The Perfect Golf Swing Plane No One Teaches [Drills Included]

A golf swing plane is an invisible flat surface a golfer follows during their golf swing to produce the ideal swing path for the clubhead. Every golf club has its own swing plane mostly due to the difference in their club lengths. Regardless, there are two types of swing planes most golfer’s go with: the one-swing plane and the two-swing plane.