How We Review Golf Products

The Golf Leap Blog offers a list of golf equipment reviews to our readers that we believe are the best for each type of golfer (classified by skill level).

Given the high cost of playing golf and that new golf brands release new equipment every year, we try our best to provide the best recommendations to meet the needs of every golfer. Our focus, however, continues to favor beginner golfers as that has been our goal since day 1 of starting the blog: to make golf more accessible and beginner-friendly for amateur golfers by being the best go-to online golf resource.

We acknowledge that everyone has their own opinions, and we are always open to your opinions on our reviews. That said, feel free to send us any inquiries regarding our reviews! We are more than happy to clarify.

Our Reviewing Process

As our readers, we want to be transparent as to how we review our golf equipment. Golf equipment that is recommended in our reviews has been:

  1. Tested thoroughly at the golf course or golf simulator by myself or our team of expert golfers to provide an honest golf review.
  2. Suggested from surveys on what and why he/ she considers to be the best within the respected category of that piece of golf gear.
  3. Deeply researched by myself or our expert golfers on what’s the best choice for this type of golfer through consolidated product reviews from the public and those who have purchased the product.

What We Consider in the Golf Equipment

Does it Really Help?

Many golf brands overpromise the benefits of their products for the sake of marketing. However, we have seen a handful of products that do not reflect its marketing claims.

We provide truthful pros and cons to each golf equipment and make our readers aware of which golfers should not buy this product and which golfers should.

Is It Better Than Previous Models?

As mentioned earlier, golf brands release the newest golf club every year (generally from January to March). However, we will be honest if the 2nd version of a golf club is not much better than the 1st version.

Is it Priced Fairly?

Golf is expensive, and some brands mark their products too high from the quality and functionality of the product they are selling. We offer a range of recommendations that will be the bang for your buck, especially for beginner golfers.

Why Trust Us?

Golf Leap consists of a team of passionate and professional golfers who have coaching and professional golfing experience. Our goals are aligned and we strive to give you the best golf content online! Read more on who we are at Golf Leap.