7 Best Drivers For Seniors in 2024 – Never Miss a Fairway!

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This is our review of the best driver for seniors in 2023.

When you’ve reached your mid-60s, chances are you’ll notice that your golf swing may have slowed down much more than where it was before. At that point, welcome, to the senior golfers club!

Now, you might be rather nervous as to how your golf game may be impacted, but fortunately golf manufacturers today make some of the most forgiving senior drivers with fantastic technology to boost their performance and ease of use.

best driver for seniors

From this review, we’re confident that the Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver is the best driver for seniors to date. Below, are 5 more drivers that made this list. These drivers provide optimal forgiveness, comfort, distance, and specifications for a senior golfer to stay competitive on the golf course.

Our Top 7 Picks

  1. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver (Winner: The Best Driver for Seniors)
  2. TaylorMade Stealth HD Driver (Runner-Up 2: Best Driver for Downswing Acceleration)
  3. Titleist TSi1 Driver (Runner-Up 2: Best Lightweight Driver)
  4. PING G425 SFT Driver Driver (Best Anti-Slice Driver For Seniors)
  5. Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Draw Driver (Another Popular Option Amongst Senior Golfers)
  6. PGX Offset Driver (Best Budget Option for Senior Golfers)

Specs for the 6 Drivers on this List

DriverLoft ModelsAdjustable Loft?LieYear Released
Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver9°, 10.5°, 12.5°Yes60°2021
TaylorMade Stealth HD Driver9°, 10.5°, 12.5°Yes56°- 60°2022
Titleist TSi1 Driver9°, 10°, 12°Yes59°2021
PING G425 SFT Driver10.5°Yes58.5°2021
Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Draw Driver10.5°No60°2022
PGX Offset Driver10.5°No58°2020

6 Best Driver for Seniors 

Since every senior golfer wants a big driver, all the drivers in this list are 460cc drivers.

1. Callaway Big Bertha B21 (Winner: The Best Driver for Seniors)

  • The best driver for seniors
  • Wide range of adjustable Lofts
  • Designed to help golfers hit the ball farther with less effort
  • Large sweet spot and forgiving face for straighter shots
  • Low center of gravity for easy launch
  • Lightweight shaft for faster swing speed
  • Jailbreak and T2C triaxial carbon crown technology
  • Very high MOI design
  • Slightly pricey but not as much as before

The Callaway Big Bertha 21 is the best driver for seniors. Its design helps golfers hit the ball farther with less effort due to its incredibly large sweet spot and high MOI design, making it easier to hit the ball straight and far than any of the drivers on this list. The driver’s low center of gravity increases the backspin on the golf ball and helps with launching the golf ball easier, making its forgiveness ideal for seniors who struggle with hitting up on the golf ball with the driver.

The Flash Face Technology of the B21 is designed by A.I. which increases the amount of energy transferred to the golf ball resulting in faster ball speeds for more distance. The Big Bertha B21 also comes with a lightweight shaft which helps seniors swing the club faster. 

The Jailbreak and T2C triaxial carbon crown technology of the B21 help to keep the ball in the air longer for more distance. Senior golfers looking for a driver designed to help them hit the ball farther with less effort should definitely get the Callaway Big Bertha B21.

2. TaylorMade Stealth HD (Runner-Up 2: Best Driver for Downswing Acceleration)

  • Asymmetric Inertia Generator for stability and good aerodynamics
  • Thru-Slot Speed Pockets for even more speed
  • Feels faster and more powerful on the downswing
  • 60x carbon twist face material
  • Lightweight build
  • Large sweet spot
  • Extremely high MOI
  • More expensive than other drivers on the market as it is so new

The TaylorMade Stealth HD is the only 2022 driver we recommend for senior golfers, and you can put your money on it that this driver will deliver more power and distance than any other driver on this list. It features a new and improved head design that gives you more power and forgiveness on your shots. The club’s construction includes a brand new concept in drivers, with the face comprising of 60 layers of carbon twist face material, which makes it one of the lightest drivers on the market and one of the most energy-generated drivers right now.

The Asymmetric Inertia Generator design of the TaylorMade Stealth HD driver head makes it more aerodynamic, helping you to reduce drag and increase clubhead speed. 

When it comes to MOI, the Stealth HD has an added 15 percent more MOI than the Stealth PLUS. The Stealth Driver HD is the draw-bias alternative to the standard TaylorMade Stealth, making it the most forgiving Stealth driver released. 

3. Titleist TSi1 (Runner-Up 2: Best Lightweight Driver)

  • Lightweight build
  • Large sweet spot
  • Easy to launch
  • Best for slower swing speed golfers
  • Heel-to-toe forgiveness
  • More on the pricier side, being such a premium driver

The Titleist TSi1 is the best driver for seniors who are looking for a lightweight driver. The TSi1 was engineered with the best weight distribution in mind with a multi-dimensional stability design – increased heel-to-toe forgiveness design – making it one of the fastest drivers to swing. It also features an adjustable hosel for up to eight loft and lie settings allowing you to hit a draw, fade, or a straight shot at will. 

The loft and lie settings allow you to customize your launch angle and ball flight. Its design helps golfers hit the ball farther with better ball control and improved speed. The club is more forgiving, thanks to its large sweet spot.

Moderate swing players will find the club easy to launch, while those with a higher swing speed may find the driver too fast making it hard to control. However, this driver is particularly beneficial for those with a slower golf swing speed, which includes most senior golfers, as a lightweight driver helps them to maximize their swing speed.

4. PING G425 SFT Driver (Best Anti-Slice Driver For Seniors)

  • Easy to find the fairway
  • Improved head design
  • Larger sweet spot
  • Comes with the Arccos caddie smart grip and smart sensor technology
  • Fixed 23g tungsten back weight
  • Sound is unappealing to some

The PING G425 SFT driver is the best driver for seniors who struggle with a slice. The design of the club face helps you hit the ball straighter with more forgiveness. The club has a lightweight, 8-position hosel that allows you to customize your launch angle and ball flight. Besides that, the G425 SFT driver also has an improved head design compared to the previous G410 SFT, which gives the G425 more forgiveness and a more powerful sweet spot. On top of that, this driver is equipped with a fixed 23g tungsten back weight that shifts more weight to the heel of the club head to promote a right-to-left shot bend of approximately 25-yards more than the standard G425 MAX. 

The G425 SFT is also fitted with the Arccos caddie smart grip, a smart sensor technology that automatically records and analyzes each shot. This grip allows you to get more accurate yardages and improve your game with the analysis from the Arccos mobile application. 

Enjoy an optimized feel and sound with the PING G425 SFT driver as this driver will make you feel like you’re cheating the system when paired with the Arccos smart grip. Putting the weight in the draw setting will help you hit it much straighter and is one of the most forgiving drivers available. If increased accuracy and straight drives are what you’re looking for, then this is one of the best options out there.

5. Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Draw Driver (Another Popular Option Amongst Senior Golfers)

  • Larger sweet spot
  • Lightweight build
  • Increased MOI
  • Easy to find the fairway
  • Fairly popular amongst the senior driver community
  • Easy on the hands
  • Not Adjustable

If you’re a senior golfer who struggles with the golf slice and don’t want to spend too much on a new driver, while wanting something that looks premium, let us introduce to you the Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Draw driver.

The XL Lite Draw driver is the high MOI introduction to Cleveland’s Launcher driver series. It’s made specifically for slower swinging beginners and senior golfers. 

What you’d really want to consider before purchasing this driver is that it gave up an adjustable hosel to reduce 12g of weight compared to the original Launcher XL. 

Shots from this driver generate a lot of spin and launch and are noticeably easy to find the fairway with it. 

6. PGX Offset Driver (Best Budget Option for Senior Golfers)

  • Extremely Affordable
  • Offset head to help in squaring the club face
  • Reduces slice
  • Larger sweet spot
  • Ultralight shaft
  • Paint seems to chip easily
  • On the heavier side so better for younger senior golfers looking for more control
  • Not for those with a faster swing speed

Don’t let the price tag fool you, PGX creates some of the best golf clubs for an affordable price and is some of the most popular golf clubs sold on Amazon. That said if you’re a senior golfer stepping into golf for the first time, or want to invest in a budget-friendly driver that performs great, the PGX Offset driver is ideal for you.

The name says it all, it’s an offset driver, making it a great club to hit your ball with a squared club face on impact. The driver comes in a less forgiving 10.5°, but that’s where the offset compensates for this lower loft angle. Plus, the PGX Offset driver’s low center of gravity and heavier club head makes it easy for senior golfers to feel the club head throughout the golf swing. 

These factors, combined with a larger sweet spot, make the PGX Offset driver one of the best power-generating drivers with good control, for an affordable price. If that description, sounds like the driver for you, then the PGX Offset driver is for you.

5 Factors That Make Up The Best Driver for Seniors

All the 6 drivers above pass the criteria mentioned below with their own set of pros and cons. Please consider carefully before buying the right driver for you!

Feel on Impact

How the driver feels on impact is the most important element when it comes to picking the right driver for a senior golfer. 

For senior golfers, it’s important to not get hurt from the vibration caused during impact, especially during mishits. This is particularly important for golfers with arthritis.

To minimize the force of impact, make sure to pick a more flexible shaft fitted with a soft rubber grip, and a high MOI driver which reduces the vibration on mishits. 

Rest assured, the 6 drivers above are easy on the hands and comfortable for any senior golfer to play with.

Forgiveness is Key – Consider the MOI, Shaft, Grip, Loft, and Technology

Don’t get a driver that’s not forgiving. Especially for senior golfers who should be prioritizing forgiveness in these golf clubs above all else. That said, we also recommend younger beginning golfers to look for a driver that prioritizes forgiveness, so should both types of golfers get the same driver? Not really.

Forgiveness can come in many ways, generally speaking, picking a higher loft face, a driver with a larger sweet spot, and a face that offers high MOI is the best forgiving feature to look for and generally results in consistent balls in the fairway. That’s probably where the similarities end. 

A senior caliber driver will often provide more comfort on impact compared to a driver tailored for younger beginners. Beyond this, you’re really looking into the shaft and the grip for their differences.

For the grip, a Senior flex shaft is your safest bet but if you’re not swinging any slower then go ahead and fit a Regular. If the Senior flex is too stiff, go ahead and fit your driver with a Ladies’ shaft! 

Grip-wise, go for something that is easy on the hands (ideally a softer material). Softer grips tend to be rubber grips and not full cord grips. 

If you’re someone who has arthritis or weaker forearms, go for a fatter grip which is often easier to hold onto without requiring too much effort. All in all, this is what we recommend that is likely to fit most golfers, you can use these as a benchmark and adjust accordingly.

Distance Matters

Unfortunately, as a senior golfer, what’s likely to be setting you back from your prime days is distance. Most golfers find a significant drop in distance after their mid-60s and it’s usually because their swing speed begins to fall off significantly.

With the driver, the second priority is getting the ball as far on the fairway as possible as that’s one of the biggest benefactors when it comes to dropping your golf handicap.

Fortunately, golf clubs today are designed with excellent aerodynamics and generate more inertia than ever before. Though your probably not going to make up the distances you get in your 40-50s, you’re getting an extra 20-so yards compared to a more outdated driver.

If you’re curious about how much most senior golfers hit their golf clubs, check out our breakdown of how far a senior golfer should be hitting his driver. But, for the driver, seniors average 196 yards off the tee.

Check Your Loft

For senior golfers, it’s best to go with a 10.5°-13° driver. Too many senior golfers play with a 9.5° driver, but that’s a mistake.

Hitting a lower lofted driver can add quite a significant amount of discomfort to the hands, particularly on mishits that are common with these lower loft options.

Playing with at least 10.5° with the driver, you’re going to get more balls on the fairway, more balls in the air, less resistance on the hands-on mishits, and simply a better time at the golf course.

Shaft and Grip

We touched on this in the forgiveness section above. But in case you’re skimming through the article, just remember that sticking with a Senior shaft flex on the driver becomes more ideal the older you get. A shaft that is too stiff is harder on the hands on mishits and requires a faster golf swing for it the be effective. 

For the grip, go with softer grips. These grips tend to be rubber grips and not cord grips. Besides that, the larger the grip the better as more vibration is absorbed while allowing senior golfs to have a better grip on the golf club, leading to more control.


1. How old is a senior golfer?

We mentioned this in the intro but anyone who’s beyond 65 years of age can be considered a senior golfer.

To be honest, however, I’ve been outdriven by someone in his 70s. Given that he was an ex-Tour player. Or if we look at Phil Mickelson who is in his 50s yet hits some of the biggest bombs we’ve ever seen. 

What’s my point? Use this post as a reference. You may be in your mid-60s who has not experienced a significant drop in your golf swing speed. In that case, that’s fine, go ahead and consider a non-senior-tier driver!

2. How far does the average 60-year-old hit a driver? 

The average golfer drives the golf ball 196 yards. This distance has a large variation with most of the dataset toward senior golfers in their mid-60s to early 70s. For golfers beyond their late 70s, the average driving distance may drop by 20-30 yards.

Verdict: Best Driver for Seniors

At the end of the day, casual golfers should focus on enjoying the game of golf while ensuring they don’t get injured in the process. As a senior golfer, don’t fret, and don’t be afraid of using the driver. Your primary goal is to be consistent with hitting the sweet spot of the face which will ultimately make up for your slower golf swing.

That said, hitting a driver as a senior golfer may be harder than before. That’s why picking the best driver for a senior will really smoothen the process. From this post, we determined that the Callaway Big Bertha B21 driver is the best driver for senior golfers to date. 

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