5 Best Golf Club Sets For Senior Women 2024

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Here are the 5 Best Golf Club Sets for Senior Women Golfers

There’s never been a better time for senior women, mature players over 60, to take the leap into golf. Now that there are senior women’s golf clubs with larger sweet spots and more flexible shafts, women golfers can show off even in their senior years.

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As a senior woman golfer, I love the lightweight, easy-swinging clubs designed for me to play my best game more often. Golf is much more fun when your clubs make up for a slower swing speed. Some beginners are shy about getting an official set of clubs. My advice as an instructor is always to get the best golf clubs for senior ladies you can afford.

Shop The Best Golf Clubs For Senior Women

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for the best golf swing trainers right now:

  1. Best Golf Club Set for Senior Women: Powerbilt Women’s Pro Power RH Ladies Flex Golf Set 
  2. Best Golf Club Set For Senior Women With Arthritis: Senior Women’s Golf Clubs All Ladies iDrive Hybrid Set 
  3. Another Great Golf Club Set For Senior Women: Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set
  4. Best Golf Set For Petite or Tall Senior Women Golfer: Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women’s Complete Set
  5. Best Premium Golf Club Set For Senior Women: New Callaway Women’s Reva Red 11-Piece Complete Golf Set 

Every set here is unique to each senior woman golfer! Rest assured, these are the best of the best! If you got the time, we encourage you to review each of the reviews for the set below!

Why Would You Need Senior Women’s Golf Clubs?

Golf is one of the few sports people can enjoy into their seventies and beyond. At 60, the old-timers will call you, “Kid!”. As you get older, the social rewards of playing golf might even outweigh the rewards of good shots and low scores.

That being said, getting older does a number on the body. It can be challenging to accept not being as strong or flexible as you were a few decades ago. Did you know graphite shaft golf clubs for senior women can help you regain distances lost with aging? I bet a new set of women’s senior golf clubs would perk you right up. 

Golf is an excellent social game; if you are calm and confident, you will have more fun, achieve new goals in your game and make lifelong friends. Let’s look at what makes the best lightweight golf clubs for senior women so great for your game.

How Do Senior Women’s Golf Clubs Help Your Game?

Exciting space-age technology in the new lightweight golf clubs for seniors is only part of the story. Innovations like the speed pocket, flash face cup, launch angle, speed bridge design, tungsten steel components, and cavity back improvements have changed the game for senior women. Here’s what you need to know before you choose your new equipment.

What Shaft Is Best For Senior Women Golfers?

Using the correct shaft is essential in overcoming the distance loss you experience as your swing speed slows down with age. The flexibility of the golf club is the amount of bend in the shaft when you swing. The correct flex provides maximum speed and power through the hitting zone.

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to which shaft is better for senior ladies, shaft selection depends on a player’s situation, such as swing speed, physical fitness, personal preference, and budget. 

Graphite shafts are lighter and more flexible than steel shafts, making graphite beneficial for senior women golfers with slower swing speeds than younger players. The lighter-weight graphite shaft can improve clubhead speed resulting in regaining lost distance on the course.

Graphite shaft golf clubs for senior women are great for reducing vibration, which is highly valuable for senior women golfers who have joint pain in their hands, arms, or shoulders. The “softer” feel of graphite can help reduce the shock and vibration of mishits that are transmitted to the golfer’s body, resulting in years of senior golf fun.

Steel shafts would not be the best golf clubs for senior ladies. I recommend picking up a retired set of graphite shafted clubs at a sports resale shop before playing with steel shafted equipment. 

How Does Clubhead Design Help Senior Women Golfers?

How Does a Low Center of Gravity help?

Simply stated, Low Center of Gravity (CG) means that the total weight is distributed more toward the bottom of the clubhead. Because senior women golfers tend to have a slower swing speed, a lower CG helps players achieve a higher launch angle for longer, more accurate shots.

What is Special About the Club Face? 

The new club face design expands the sweet spot in size and position thanks to the development of super-strong metal alloys. Variable Face Thickness (VFT) technology makes it possible to fine-tune the hitting zone by varying the thickness of the face. 

For senior women golfers who no longer have the swing speed or consistency they did when they were younger, this expanded sweet spot delivers maximum forgiveness so that mishits go farther and straighter.

What is a Hybrid? When Would I Need One?

As a senior woman golfer who is looking to play as you did 20 years ago, a hybrid can be your new BFF. A “hybrid” is a type of golf club combining the best features of woods and irons. Typically they are designed with a larger head than irons. With a lower center of gravity, a hybrid can be easier to hit and much more forgiving.

Hybrids are much easier to hit than long irons, and younger players love them too. Known as “trouble clubs” or “rescue clubs,” the extra wide sole and low center of gravity helps you escape the rough more easily than you would with an iron. 

Hybrids earn their five-star rating as one of the best golf clubs for senior ladies, especially those who secretly despise their long irons. As a matter of fact, The iDrive Golf set is made up of all hybrids for women who love the feel of this fun club. Check out the Buying Guide for details.

5 Best Golf Club Sets for Senior Women

One of the most common mistakes senior golfers make is buying clubs that are too heavy and not forgiving enough. All the clubs on our list have a low center of gravity, an expanded club face, and a nicely generous sweet spot to help you hit the ball more consistently. 

1. Powerbilt Women’s Pro Power RH Ladies Flex Golf Set (Best Golf Club Set for Senior Women)

  • All you need to go to the course in one package
  • Lightweight Stand Bag (If you like to carry)
  • Hybrids replace long irons
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Great fit for most heights
  • The stand bag is not practical for women who ride
  • Blade putter is not for everyone

Pretty in pink, this complete golf set gives the senior golfer all she needs to get started with her game. Graphite shafts on the Driver, 3 wood, and 6 hybrid provide a softer feel and faster clubhead speed so you can get more distance with your shots.

The irons are engineered with a cavity back design to lower the center of gravity, making it easy to get shots into the air and land softly on the green. The clubface sports an enlarged sweet spot to ensure off-center hits don’t get you in too much trouble.

Also included is a 6-way stand bag with full-length dividers, a rain cover, and 3 headcovers.

Golfers at 5ft 5inches or taller should go with the standard, else go with the -1″ option which comes with clubs 1 inch shorter.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Whole set was perfect for me I am beginner and 5’2. Clubs were perfect in size. Bag with Clubs lightweight and easy for me to carry.”

Set Composition: Driver, 3-W, 6-H, 7i-9i, PW, SW, Blade Putter, 3x Headcovers, & 6-Way Stand Bag

2. Senior Women’s Golf Clubs All Ladies iDrive Hybrid Set (Best Golf Club Set For Senior Women With Arthritis)

  • Solves the “I hate my irons.” problem
  • Designed for senior women golfers
  • Premium Tacky-Mac Arthritic Grips
  • Rescues you from embarrassing mishits
  • The pitching wedge is amazing
  • Not a complete set compared to others on our list
  • No sand wedge
  • No Bag!

If you haven’t tried an all-hybrid golf set yet, you are in for a treat. Many senior women golfers struggle with their iron game and thrive with a high-lofted hybrid in their hands. The hybrid clubhead design makes it super easy to get the ball into the air.

Each club of this set has a deep cavity back and more weight positioned low behind the clubface. Translation: Good shots feel fantastic, and missed shots are less punishing than those hit with traditional irons. Not only that, missed shots tend to stay straighter because of how the hybrid clubhead is engineered.  

The iDrive golf clubs are the best hybrid golf clubs for senior women with arthritis. The clubhead design makes ball contact more consistent and easy on the hands. IDrive Hybrid also upgrades the clubs with Tacki-Mac Arthritic grips.

They call it the All True Ultra Forgiving Oversized Lady’s Hybrid Rescue Clubs for a reason. It is a delight to swing a hybrid.

One Reviewer Wrote: Took me a few times to get used to them vs irons but they are so easier to hit. Highly recommend them to anyone having trouble hitting irons or hybrid/irons. They do chip easily so keep the covers on. I touch them up with a black paint pen for a car.”

Set Composition: Hybrids in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, & PW

3. Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set (Another Great Golf Club Set For Senior Women)

  • Options available for all senior women golfers, petite to tall
  • Extra deep cavity back irons for maximum forgiveness
  • Graphite shafts
  • #1 Seller at Amazon for Female Golf Club Set
  • There may be gaps in distance due to limited clubs in set
  • Not recommended for advanced players.

Even though rumor has it Callaway doesn’t produce the Strata set, the fact that they have chosen to distribute The STRATA Complete Golf Set to serve more budget-conscious players is noteworthy.

Although you won’t get a Callaway logo on your equipment, keep in mind that Callaway advertises, sells, and distributes Strata. This Golf Set for Senior Women is definitely designed with the budget-minded player in mind.

Overall,l distance and accuracy are impressive for a budget set. Forgiveness on mishits is decent for a budget club. The set is equipped with a 5 hybrid to replace the five iron to make fairway shots easier.

The mallet putter is a little plain Jane but gets the job done.  as your game improves. You can swap out for a better putter as your game improves.

If you are getting this set, we recommend the 14-piece set.

One Reviewer Wrote: Great set for the price!! Arrived quick and they look and feel great. Super happy with my purchase, I looked for a good women’s set for a while and this is everything I wanted.”

Set Composition: Driver, 5-W, 5-H, 6i-9i, PW, SW, Putter, Stand Bag, & 3 Headcovers

4. Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women’s Complete Set (Best Golf Set for Petite or Tall Senior Women Golfers)

  • Options available for all senior women beginners, petite to tall
  • Extra deep cavity back irons for maximum forgiveness
  • Graphite shafts
  • Nicely affordable
  • There may be gaps in distance due to limited clubs in set
  • Not recommended for advanced players.

Wilson is known for providing beginners with the features available in the high price models for a fraction of the price. The SGI is the perfect beginner’s set for senior women, especially if you need clubs to match your height. The set is available in petite, standard, or tall size options.

As a starting senior woman golfer, you will not need the specialty clubs sold to low-handicap golfers. Wilson does a nice job of pruning the unnecessary clubs and setting you up with just what you need to enjoy yourself “right out of the box.

Starting with a lightweight large head driver lofted to make getting off the tee easier for a senior beginner; the set also includes a 5 fairway wood, 5 hybrid, 6 to 9 Irons, Pitching Wedge & Sand Wedge, a blade putter, a lightweight stand bag and three head covers. All clubs are equipped with graphite shafts, except the putter.

The set comes with a lightweight stand bag with adjustable shoulder straps. There is also a cart bag option if you prefer to ride instead of carry.

One Reviewer Wrote: Anyone hesitating to buy this should pull the trigger right now! These clubs are a great value and they are so light and pretty too! The pictures posted are exactly what they look like. The only thing I want to confirm is that they are definitely green and not teal. But they are great looking. I am so happy with this purchase.”

Set Composition: Driver, 5-W, 5-H, 6i-9i, PW, SW, Putter, Cart Bag, & 3x Headcovers

5. New Callaway Women’s Reva Red 11-Piece Complete Golf Set (Best Premium Golf Set for Senior Women)

  • Brand name appeal
  • Well suited to see your through from to a mid handicap
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty provided by Callaway
  • Three color choices in right hand only; red, blue, or black
  • 5x Headcovers
  • Beginners lack the skill to appreciate advanced features
  • Only available in black for lefties
  • On the pricey side

Callaway is the #1 brand in women’s equipment for a reason. The Reva Reds are designed with senior golfers in mind. The 11-piece Callaway Reva sets come with a 13.5º, lightweight driver, which is perfect for senior ladies. 

The low center of gravity, expanded sweet spot, and ultra-thin club face make launching the hybrids and the fairway wood smooth and easy. The clubheads are optimized for maximum forgiveness. Maximizing your misses as a senior player is essential for scoring.

The irons are what you have come to expect from Callaway. The larger, oversized Deep Cavity back design sets you up for shot-making with score-saving forgiveness approaching greens. Short irons have a crisp feel and sound. These clubs will last you for a few seasons.

The cherry on top is the gorgeous mallet putter. You will improve your consistency and gain confidence with Callaway’s ‘Stroke Lab’ shaft. 

One Reviewer Wrote: You Can be the first to add a review!

Set Composition: Driver, 3-W, 5-H&6-H, 7i-9i, PW, SW, Putter, Cart Bag, & 5x Headcovers

Five Health Benefits For Senior Women Golfers 

1. Improved Balance and Coordination

Golf depends on balance and coordination. As women over 60 develop their golf skills, they may notice better balance off the course and may even help avoid falls and injuries.

2. Low-Impact Exercise

Golf is a fun low-impact form of exercise that can help women over 60 stay active without putting too much stress on their joints. Even if you ride in a cart, your body will thank you for the bending, stretching and walking that you accomplish during your round.

3. Socialization

Golf is an easy way for women over 60 to combine exercise and conversation, meet new people, and create lasting friendships. Whether you are a beginner or an expert player, golfers are fun, passionate people. Sometimes the best part of the round is sharing a beverage in the clubhouse after play.

4. Mental Stimulation

Golf is an excellent tool for keeping your mind sharp and maintaining cognitive function. It demands concentration, focus, and strategy. A sense of humor is also crucial in enjoying your day on the golf course. Plus, a day outdoors with all that fresh air is always good for the brain. All of those factors keep you sharp mentally.

5. Stress Reduction

Physical exercise dissolves stress. Add to that beautiful scenery, great company, a game that challenges you to the core, and you have the ingredients for a lifelong stress reliever.


How do you figure out what flex you need?

As a senior woman golfer, your swing speed is likely less than 70 MPH. The Ladies Flex graphite shaft is much easier to swing than the stiffer shaft that requires higher swing speeds. The advice of a professional club fitter is most helpful as your game improves.

I advise senior women to choose the most flexible clubs they can afford.

Does the weight of the golf club matter?

Lighter golf clubs help senior women golfers swing faster and achieve more distance. It’s recommended that senior women look for a shaft weight of no more than 60 grams. The driver should be the lightest club in your bag, and the putter and wedges are the heaviest.

In a matched set of golf clubs for senior ladies, the weight of the golf club is automatically figured out for you.

Who is the oldest female golf professional still playing?

One of the best female golfers of all time, Joanne Carner, shot her age for the third time at the US Senior Women’s Open in 2022. Her awe-inspiring 83 at the age of 83 is proof positive that golf is a game for a lifetime.

Does stretching help senior women golfers?

Reference Digital Golf & Tennis Doc

A stretching routine is critically important and will help you maintain the flexibility you need and avoid injury as you continue to generate speed in your golf swing. Taking up yoga is an excellent addition to your life. It keeps you calm and flexible, perfect for golf.

Here are some golf-specific stretches for you to practice. Be sure to stretch and warm your muscles up before you tee off, even on a hot day.

What is the best way to exercise for a good golf swing?

Reference: Bod & Brad

A basic fitness program for cardio and flexibility is an excellent foundation to maintain stamina for a senior woman golfer. Be sure to check with your doctor before you start a new fitness routine.

Follow the video above where you can practice 6 Simple Exercises for Senior Women Golfers from guys who know their stuff.

Conclusion: Best Golf Club Sets for Senior Women

Only so many sports are as friendly to seniors as golf. The new technology makes it possible to hit the ball consistently. Putters are designed for easy line-up with milled club faces to hold the line on the manicured green.

Clubs are engineered to reduce vibration from missed shots. There are soft, specialty grips to help golfers who have arthritis. Adjustments allow senior golfers of all skill levels to play comfortably into their 80s.

Our top-rated set is the Powerbilt Women’s Pro Power RH Ladies Flex Golf Set. The woods and hybrid are easy to hit, the cavity back irons launch readily and are forgiving, plus the set is an excellent value at an affordable price.

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