6 Best Golf Clubs For Tall Men

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For a long time, being born taller than average meant playing with clubs that were too short for your body, resulting in building bad golf swing habits, risking injury, and worst of all shooting poor scores. 

Our top choice for the Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men is the Wilson Men’s Tall Profile SGI Complete Golf Club Set. Each club was designed to provide golfers heights 6’1” to 6’5” with oversized and forgiving club heads to help them play their best! 

best golf clubs for tall men

Thanks to the playing population of golfers across the globe continuing to grow at an exponential rate over the last few years, club and equipment manufacturers have started to pay attention to their taller players and build some options that are more suitable for their size.

Every selection on our list was carefully selected to cater towards providing Tall Men with options of clubs from every possible price point and player-expertise level.

Our 6 Top Picks

  1. Wilson Men’s Tall Profile SGI Complete Golf Club Set (Winner: Best Golf Club For for Heights 6’1” to 6’5”)
  2. Robin Golf Mens Complete Set (Beautiful Looking and Practical Intro Set For Tall Golfers)
  3. Callaway Strata Men’s Complete Set (Come With A 2-Year Warranty and Options for Left and Right-Handed Players)
  4. Precise Golf 18-Piece Oversized Men’s Complete Golf Club Set (Perfect for Mid-Handicap Taller Golfer)
  5. Precise Golf High-Class Men’s Complete Set (Affordable / Budget-Friendly Selection For Tall Men)
  6. PXG 0211 Z Tactical 10 Set + Bag (Luxury / Premium Pick For Tall Golfers)

1. Wilson Men’s Tall Profile SGI Complete Golf Club Set (Winner: Best Golf Club for Heights 6’1” to 6’5”)

  • Right or Left Handed Sets Available
  • Easy Launch Sand Wedge
  • Extra Distance Game Improvement Technology Built-In
  • One of the best-performing golf sets there is with amazing reviews
  • 10 Clubs Per Set Leaves 4 Open Club Slots

Wilson Staff has prided themselves on being the golf division of Wilson Sporting Goods for the last 110 years. They produced the Wilson Men’s Tall Profile SGI Complete Golf Club set for men heights 6’1” to 6’5” with the ultimate forgiveness, distance, and playability in mind.

The Profile SGI Driver, #5 Fairway Wood, and #5 Hybrid all feature oversized heads to deliver exceptional distance and forgiveness at the same time. The deep, perimeter weighted Stainless Steel irons include a very low center of gravity for greater accuracy and higher launch (6 Iron through Pitching Wedge). The set also includes an “Easy Launch Sand Wedge” that was designed with an extra large and forgiving sole to reduce players’ likelihood of chunking or thinning wedge shots. On top of all, each club within the set (excluding your blade putter) comes standard with  “Universal Flex Shafts” for all types of players. 

Wilson exceeds competitors in this space by providing players with a fantastic blade putter in a longer length to encourage proper putting posture for taller players. The putter features enhanced face insert and heel and toe rear weighting for greater speed control on poorly struck putts, as well as improved alignment features to inspire confidence in the golfer. 

As if you couldn’t tell this pick is superbly high quality, the included self-activating carry/stand bag features fully adjustable “Air Flow Double Shoulder Straps” that keep players cool while carrying their bag, six utility pockets including full-length pockets for clothes or shoes, four unique carrying handles for easier transport to and from the golf course, and an insulated valuables pocket to keep your belongings safe and secure while you play. 

Set Includes: Driver, #5 Fairway Wood, #5 Hybrid, Perimeter Weighted Irons 6 through Sand Wedge, Heel/Toe Weighted Blade, Quality Carry/Stand Bag, Three Quality Head Covers

2. Robin Golf Mens Complete Set (Beautiful Looking and Practical Intro Set For Tall Golfers)

  • Blacked Out Clubs – Bag – Headcovers
  • Adjustable Driver
  • Forgiving Irons
  • Sleek and Slim Durable Bag
  • Limited Irons with Complete Set

Robin Golf has carved out a name for themselves in the golf equipment industry by providing players with a stylish basic golf club set option that both looks and performs like clubs exponentially more expensive.

Separating itself from competitors on our list, each club from the Putter to the Driver in the Robin Golf set is fully blacked out and looks incredibly sleek, providing two real purposes at the same time; an upscale “Premium Player” look and reduced glare on sunny days. 

Robin Golf says every club they make is built to the same standards as top-tier brands, and we’d have to agree. The all-black Titanium driver is fully adjustable both with back sliding weights and a modifiable hosel sleeve, looking very similar to a better-looking version of the TaylorMade SLDR.

In more explicit detail, here’s everything included with the purchase of the Robin Golf Men’s Set:

  • Fully Adjustable Driver (Hosel Sleeve and Rear Sliding Weight)
  • Forgiving 3 Wood and Hybrid
  • Irons (5/7/9 irons) and Pitching Wedge Include Forgiving Larger Head Shape with Slim Cavity Back and Perimeter Weighting
  • Black Steel Blade-Style Putter with White Alignment Line
  • Four Premium and WeatherProof Leather Headcovers 
  • Sleek and Slim Black on Black Stand/Carry Bag (Easy To Clean and Durable Material)

Robin suggests this set for players between 5’6” and 6’6”, so players of many heights should feel confident they’ll see extraordinary results from this selection.

Set Includes: Fully Adjustable Full Titanium Driver, 3 Wood, Hybrid, 5, 7, and 9 Irons, Pitching Wedge, Blade Putter, 4 WeatherProof Leather Head Covers, Sleek/Slim Blacked Out Carry Bag

3. Callaway Strata Men’s Complete Set (Best Golf Clubs For a Tall Beginner)

  • Very Affordable
  • 12 or 16 Piece Golf Club Set Options
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Best Golf Club for a Tall Beginner
  • Durable Bag
  • No Sand Wedge in 12 Piece Set

The iconic Callaway Strata Men’s Complete Sets of clubs are likely one of the most recognizable choices on our list today. A best seller for the last few years online everywhere, the Strata Sets was designed to be an affordable option for players up to 6’1” tall, and provide “maximum performance right out of the box.”

Players have their choice of the Strata 12 Piece Complete Club Set that includes

a 460cc Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6 through 9 Iron, Pitching Wedge, Blade Putter, Stand Bag, and two head covers, or the 16 Piece Complete Club Set that features the above-listed items as well as an additional 5 Wood and 4 Hybrid. 

The fully Titanium Driver, Woods, and Hybrids all sound fantastic when struck, provide a generous amount of forgiveness, and feature large sweet spots for easier long-distance drives for taller players. The fully stainless steel irons and wedges have “high flight technology” that delivers distance and forgiveness. Each club in the set features regular flex shafts that make this a great selection for the majority of amateurs and moderate-swing-speed golfers. 

The 12 and 16 Piece Callaway Strata Men’s Complete Sets exceeds competitors on our list with their highly durable and lightweight stand bag that’s included with purchase. It features 5 convenient pockets that are large enough for full clothes storage and a fully insulated cooler pocket to keep drinks fresh while on the golf course.

Set Includes: 460cc Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6 Iron through 9 Iron, Pitching Wedge, Blade Putter, Stand Bag, 2 Head Covers, *OPTIONAL* 5 Wood and 4 Hybrid 

4. Precise Golf 18-Piece Oversized Men’s Complete Golf Club Set (Perfect for Mid-Handicap Taller Golfer)

  • Premium True Temper Shafts
  • Quality Hybrid Bag
  • Oversized Grips for Larger Hand Comfort
  • 3-5 Woods and 4 Hybrid for Longer Approaches
  • True Beginner May Struggle

While Precise Golf might not be the first name you think of for complete sets of golf clubs, that shouldn’t hinder you from checking out their 18 Piece Men’s Oversized Set. Precise has specialized in making affordable golf equipment for over 35 years.

Featuring the most individual pieces of any choice on our list today, the Precise Oversized Set provides a fantastic option to taller more experienced golfers by including large/mid-size dual-compound grips for extra comfort and premium Medium-Firm Flex True Temper Steel Shafts that are available in 1 inch longer than standard configurations.

Further demonstrating their dedication to excellent quality craftsmanship, Precise’s included Hybrid Stand Bag features a heavily built hard rubber protector around its bottom to avoid scratching or sliding in the golf cart, and the same durable material is used on the bag’s handles for easier pick-up and removal from vehicles, storage, or anywhere. 

In more precise detail (Get the pun?), here’s everything included with your purchase of the Precise 18 Piece Oversized Men’s Complete Golf Club Set:

  • Full Titanium Driver with Large Sweet Spot for Easier Distance
  • Highly Forgiving 3 and 5 Woods
  • 4 Hybrid as 3-4 Iron Substitute
  • 5 Iron through Sand Wedge Include Enhanced Perimeter Weighting for More Forgiveness
  • Lightweight Blade Putter features Alignment Line and Face Insert for More Consistent Roll and Reliable Vibrational Feedback to Players Hands
  • Quality Hybrid Stand Bag with Enhanced Rubber Handles and Bottom

Set Includes: Titanium Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Wood, 4 Hybrid, 5 Iron through Sand Wedge, Lightweight Blade Putter, Durable Stand Bag

5. Precise Golf High-Class Men’s Complete Set (Affordable / Budget Friendly Selection For Tall Men)

  • Designed for Players 6’1” – 6’4”
  • Deluxe Stand Bag
  • Premium Shafts in Every Club
  • No Putter Headcover

We understand that purchasing an entire set of clubs at once can be a large investment for some players. For this reason, we found the highly affordable Precise High Class Men’s Complete Set that provides every tool players 6’1” – 6’4” need to perform well on the golf course without breaking the bank.

For a fraction of the price of other premium sets, the High Class Set includes a 460cc 10.5° Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Wood, 4 Hybrid, 5 Iron through Sand Wedge, and the same Blade Style Putter with a face insert that the other Precise set on our list features.

A fantastic option for taller beginners, the Driver in the set features a “Superlite” premium graphite shaft that’s designed to boost swing speed naturally for greater distance. Additionally, the irons in the High Class set feature True Temper Steel shafts (a favorite amongst PGA Tour Professionals).

Even though you’re not paying a lavish price, every Precise Golf Complete Set of Clubs comes with a durably-built Deluxe Stand Bag and four bonus headcovers to keep your purchase protected and performing its best for the duration of your time together. 

Set Includes: 460cc Driver (10.5°), 3 Wood, 5 Wood, 4 Hybrid, 5 Iron through Sand Wedge, Blade Style Putter with Face Insert, Deluxe Stand Bag, 4 Head Covers 

6. PXG 0211 Z Tactical 10 Set + Bag (Luxury / Premium Pick For Tall Golfers)

  • Easy To Hit Set for Beginners and Occasional Players
  • High Lofted Driver = Easy Launch
  • Hybrid Irons are Effortless to Hit
  • Incredibly High-Quality Set Accessories
  • Very High Price Point

The PXG 0211 Z Tactical 10 Golf Set PLUS Bag is a higher-end option on our list designed to make beginner and occasional taller golfers have an easier time launching the ball high and straight with the boosted lofts in this set. 

Each club in the Tactical 10 Set (besides the HellCat Putter) features the player’s choice of incredibly high-quality Regular or Senior Flex graphite shafts that were designed to launch easily and consistently.

Keeping with the “beginner and occasional player” theme, the 0211 Z Tactical 10 Set irons are actually a “Hybrid-Iron” and feature extra large and forgiving sole for smoother turf interaction and hollow bodies for more distance. The driver features 16 degrees of loft (essentially unheard of) so users can never fear their tee shot won’t have effortless launch and high trajectory.

Here’s everything that’s included with the purchase of a PXG 0211 Z Tactical 10 Set Plus Bag:

  • 16 Degree Driver Designed for Easier Tee-Box Performance and Large Sweetspot
  • 4 Wood and 5 Hybrid Bridge Yardage Gap to Irons Seamlessly
  • 6 Hybrid-Iron through Sand Wedge
  • Blade-Style 0211 HellCat Putter
  • 4 High Quality and Durable Headcovers
  • 1 PXG Hat
  • Lightweight PXG Carry Stand Bag

Set Includes: Driver (16°), 4 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6 Iron through Sand Wedge, Milled HellCat Putter, 4 Quality Head Covers, 1 PXG Hat, Nice Lightweight PXG Bag

Golf Clubs for Tall Men Buying Guide

Now that you’ve seen our choices for the Best Sets of Clubs for Tall Men, you might be curious about the distinct differences to look for when making your selection. Down below we’ve broken down some key distinctions that should be made between the club buying categories and answer some of our reader’s most frequently asked questions about clubs for taller men.

Golf Bag Composition (Buying a Set vs. Buying Individually)

As you likely noticed, every selection on our list of the best clubs for taller men is a “Complete Club Set.” 

While complete club sets don’t offer as much customization from club to club, purchasing a pre-formulated set of clubs is a literal fraction of the price of trying to purchase them custom or individually. 

We understand that the ultimate goal with purchasing golf clubs is finding something playable and affordable, but please don’t confuse the budget-friendly picks on our list as lesser options for many taller players!

We were sure to include options for True Beginners, Occasional Players, and High Handicaps all the way to Lower Handicap Golfers. 

Shaft Length / Grip Size

The primary differences between clubs for standard heights versus taller heights are the Shaft Length and Grip Size. 

Depending on your height, you may need the extended-length shafts. Shafts are usually extended in half-inch increments but can be extended up to 2 or more inches depending on the specific user’s height. 

Below we’ve included some measurements for taller golfers to take of themselves to see if they need taller clubs and what specific length range they may fit into. 

It’s also important to learn how to grip a golf club the right way too. Chances are if you’ve been using clubs that are too short for you, you may be adjusting your golf grip incorrectly to compensate for that shorter club!

The Distance From Your Wrist to the Ground: Wrist to Floor Measurements

One of the initial measurements made when starting a custom club fitting is a golfer’s “Wrist to Floor Measurement.”

To determine your own “Wrist to Floor Measurement,” begin by standing with proper posture on a hard surface with your arms hanging in a relaxed position at your sides. 

From this stance, use a Yard/Meter Stick or Tape Measure (with the help of someone else) to measure the distance between the ground and where your hand meets your wrist (referred to as your “Wrist Crease”). 

Our included chart below gives players an idea of how their height will affect what their Driver and 5 Irons shaft lengths should be.

Wrist to FloorDriver Length5-iron Length
27” to 29”42”36 1/2”
29+” to 32”42 3/4”37”
32+” to 34”43 1/2”37 1/2”
34+” to 36”44”38”
36+” to 37”44 1/4”38 1/4”
37+” to 38”44 1/2”38 1/2”
38+” to 39”44 3/4”38 3/4”
39+” to 40”45”39”
40+” to 41”45 1/4”39 1/4”
41+” to 42”45 1/2”39 1/2”
42+”46+”39 3/4+”

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Diagnose if Your Clubs Are Too Short

There are a few key things to look for to self-diagnose if your golf clubs are too short for your height.

Besides inconsistencies in ball contact that aren’t explicitly the player’s fault, other common ways to tell if your clubs are too short include your posture looking hunched or bent over at address, the Toe of your club sits on the ground at address, or you often make contact with the heel of the club face. 

To check your posture, you’ll likely need the help of a camera, phone, or knowledgable golfing friend, but checking how your club face sits behind the ball and where you make contact are things fully within the player’s control.

Taller golfers often have the Toe of their clubs angled too far down since their shafts aren’t long enough, leading to heel strikes, slices, and unpredictable or frustrating results.

Problems That Arise From Using Too Short of Golf Clubs?

If you don’t correct these issues in a hurry, you could develop bad habits or potentially even hurt yourself. 

Besides the poor contact and slicing effect that we mentioned above, golfers using clubs too short are developing the wrong idea in their minds as correct posture, swing mechanics, and a whole host of problems that will cause further issues once the player actually gets the correct length of clubs. 

Having incorrect posture at address (from using too short of golf clubs or not) puts excess strain on players’ lower backs and knees

As a prime example of incorrect posture damaging a high-level professional golfer’s body, look no further than Will Zalatoris herniating two disks in his lower back at the end of 2022.

What Clubs Fit for My Specific Height?

The best and only true way to determine which club lengths will match your specific height is to use your Wrist to Floor Measurement in alignment with our Wrist to Floor Club Length Chart above. 

If you’re unable to formulate these measurements, you’ll never know with 100% certainty you are using clubs that are the proper fit for your specific height. That being said, we understand that some players aren’t able to get these measurements, and as a general rule of thumb we recommend golfers of heights 6’2” and above consider at a minimum of 1-inch shaft extensions.

The Verdict

Taller golfers should no longer fear equipment isn’t being made for their heights. We were sure to include options designed for every skill level and varying ranges of budget.

If you’re still not sure which selection will be the best, we’d go with the Wilson Men’s Tall Profile SGI Complete Golf Club Set.

While you’re here, make sure to check out our other pieces that would be helpful to all tall golfers. 

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