7 Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers in 2024

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This is our review of the best golf drivers for mid handicappers in 2023.

Congratulations on reaching a mid-handicap. Now is one of the best chances for you to consider swapping over to a more advanced golf set.

That said, finding a better-performing driver for more intermediate players should be your priority as the driver is such a big element in almost every hole you play and maybe the golf club that constitutes most of your mistakes at the golf course.

best golf drivers for mid handicappers

We’ve run the extra mile to pull the 7 best golf drivers for mid handicappers for you to choose from but found the PING G425 MAX Driver to be the best golf driver for mid handicappers so far. Altogether, however, every driver here is likely to help you hit further, feel better with your golf swing, and become more consistent off the tees.

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Our Top 7 Picks

  1. PING G425 MAX Driver (Winner: The Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers) 
  2. Callaway Golf Rogue ST MAX Driver (Runner-Up: The Best Driver for 10 Handicap Golfers)
  3. TaylorMade SiM 2 MAX Driver (Runner-Up 2)
  4. Titleist TSi2 Driver (Best Driver For Low Scoring Mid-Handicappers)
  5. Cobra RadSpeed XB Driver (Best Weight Adjusting Driver)
  6. Srixon ZX5 Driver (Best Driver for Mid-Handicappers Struggling from With Hitting the Toe) 
  7. Callaway MAVRIK Drivers (Most Affordable Mid-Handicap Driver)

Answering the Big Question: Are You a Mid-Handicapper?

Before actually jumping into our review, note that a mid-handicap golfer plays at roughly an 10 to 20 handicap. There’s actually no official level, but in the golfing community, that’s usually the range we go with.

Also, let’s make it clear that if you’re a beginner, we’d suggest you check our breakdown of the best drivers for beginners instead.

You may notice that some drivers in this post may overlap with what we recommended in our drivers for beginners article. But, in terms of the shaft options, loft preferences, and other specifications, a mid-handicap golfer would require different specifications even with the same driver type. We’ll provide you with a more thorough buying guide after our top 7 driver breakdown below!

7 Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

1. PING G425 MAX Driver (Winner: The Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers) 

  • Arguably the straightest hitting golf driver in the world 
  • The best golf driver for mid handicapper 
  • Hits just as far as your other drivers and is much more consistent 
  • Many adjustable features (eight adjustable lofts and good rear sliding weight)
  • Well-designed with a matte black finish 
  • Arccos Caddie Smart Grip compatible for live swing analysis 
  • Arccos Caddie Smart Grip requires a subscription to use 
  • Can sometimes go out of stock due to the high demand 

When you’ve reached a mid-handicap you should get into the mindset that it’s no longer an option for you not to have your golf ball on the fairway after the majority of your tee shots. Hitting the ball out of bounce or into the water is a quick way to rack up shots quickly.  

For tee shots to always get onto the fairway, you’ll need one of the straightest hitting drivers in the world and that driver is the PING G425 MAX. 

Go check out any review online, and the PING G425 is going to be one of the most recommended drivers for high handicap to mid handicap golfers. Sheesh, even for low handicappers if you really want to go there! 

The PING G425 MAX is the anti-slice or more forgiving option of the incredible G425 series. The main game-changer of the G425 MAX is that even with the same loft and specs as some of the other drivers on this list, the ball launches off the face like a bullet. Shots from the G425 MAX are higher than the standard G425 but almost impossible not to hit straight. Besides that,  this driver is crazy long given that it hits the ball so damn straight.  

Usually, clubs that offer more loft and straightness sacrifice a substantial amount of carry. We’re talking 15-20 yards! However, for the G425 MAX, you’ll at most see a drop-off of 5-yards. For us, the yardages stayed the same with most of the drivers we tried in this list, yet the amount of fairways we get with this driver is substantially more than every driver we’ve ever tested. 

Adjustability-wise, this driver has a single tungsten sliding weight that’s placed a the back of the driver to make it easier to hit up from different angles. Finally, the loft can be tweaked to eight different options to change the steepness of the ball flight. The lower loft option you can get while hitting consistently, the better.

The safest and most satisfying driver for mid-handicapper to have in their bags is the PING G425 MAX. It offers all the specifications and performance for a rather high-performance golfer like a mid-handicapper. If you’re currently playing the PING G410, the G425 will be a noticeable jump in consistency and carry, so definitely do get it if you want better results.

2. Callaway Golf Rogue ST MAX (Runner-Up: The Best Driver for 10 handicap Golfer) 

  • High quality and performs exceedingly well
  • High forgiveness with good draw bias and low CG
  • Designed with A.I. and equipped with all of Callaway’s proudest golf-tech
  • Probably the most stable driver in the market
  • Looks amazing with its golf and matte black combination
  • Mishits are often still playable due to good draw-bias
  • Doesn’t sound as satisfying as its older brother, the MAVRIK driver

The best 2022-made driver for mid-handicappers is by far the Callaway Golf Rogue ST MAX driver. The drivers in the Rogue series by Callaway Golf have been some of the most successful drivers ever designed by Callaway. 

This is Callaway’s fastest and most stable driver to date with the emphasis on stability which gives you a tighter shot dispersion without sacrificing really any distance.

In fact, slices off this driver are rare due to its anti-slice design. Even if it does slice out, misses are often still playable.

Tech-wise, you can expect the Callaway Rogue ST MAX driver to be one of the fanciest drivers in the market right now. Here are a couple of its advanced specifications:

  • Jail Break Speed Frame: provides additional stability while allowing for more speed across the driver
  • Tungsten Speed Cartridge: a 26-gram tungsten weight is placed low and deep in the head to increase forgiveness and give it a better MOI
  • A.I. Designed Flash Face: reduces ball spin and increases the forgiveness of the driver. The face is also thinner which helps with the launch and lets the ball travel faster off the face.
  • Precision Unibody Frame Construction: the frame of the Rogue ST MAX is made of titanium while the crown and sole are made of proprietary Triaxial Carbon. This saves the overall weight of the driver and allows Callaway to distribute the weight elsewhere in the clubhead to improve its forgiveness, launch, and gives the Rogue ST MAX a slight draw bias.

Launch of the Rogue ST MAX is medium to high but some say the sound doesn’t sound as good as the 22 Callaway MAVRIK driver. However, if a new, top-of-the-line, long, and playable driver appeals, go for the Callaway Rogue ST MAX

To be fair, the Callaway Rogue ST MAX driver is good enough to become to number 1 driver on this list. However, since the driver was just released this year, we’re going to give it some more time to prove itself.

3) TaylorMade SiM 2 MAX (Runner-Up 2)

  • Better feel and workability from the 2020 SiM MAX model 
  • Spec’ed out with all of TaylorMade’s top-level technology 
  • High forgiveness and very easy to launch 
  • Increases swing speed for most golfers 
  • Easy to play with even if you have a slower golf swing 
  • Not as expensive as before but can still be rather pricey 
  • Besides feel, performance isn’t that different from the SiM MAX driver  

The SiM 2 MAX driver by TaylorMade needs no introduction. Every year, TaylorMade comes out on top of the most desired drivers on the market. With the SiM 2 MAX driver easily stationed as one of the most popular drivers in 2021 along with the PING G425 driver. 

With the SiM 2 MAX you can expect one of the best drivers that offer forgiveness, accuracy, and distance. This driver lives up to its name as being really an excellent driver with the SiM 2 driver commonly used on tour even with the new Stealth release from TaylorMade!  

The Inertia Generator technology helps with the aerodynamics of the driver. This driver feels fast and you can really feel the club head smoothly gliding through the air throughout your golf swing. Somehow, TaylorMade has managed to make their 2021 model very well-suited for golfers of really any swing speed. In fact, if you’re a mid-handicap golfer without the fastest golf swing, the SiM 2 MAX is still a really good option to use. 

How this driver is better than the 2020 SiM MAX driver is the improvement of its overall feel. Feedback from the SiM 2 MAX and the driver’s overall workability took a big leap forward due to its fitted Forged Ring Construction.  

If you’re a mid-handicapper who’s a fan of TaylorMade drivers, go with the SiM 2 MAX instead of the newer Stealth models. After some testing, we noticed that the Stealth drivers are just not the best for mid-handicap golfers but are more suitable for low-handicappers.  

4. Titleist TSi2 (Best Driver for Low Scoring Mid-Handicappers)

  • Shot workability is amazing if you can do well with it 
  • Great feedback 
  • Carries the ball much farther than most drivers if hit correctly
  • Produces low spin golf shots 
  • Extremely high quality and durable 
  • Can be used even when you’ve reached a low handicap 
  • Not the most forgiving golf driver
  • Priced at the top of the market 

TSi drivers by Titleist are some of the most played drivers on the PGA Tour. That said, Titleist’s TSi2 driver is made specifically with mid-handicappers in mind. However, if you’ve just reached a mid handicap, the TSi2 may not be the best choice because the TSi2 is ideal for golfers who preferably have been at a mid-handicap for some time and are looking for a more competitive option to approach the low-handicap range.

This premium driver offers the looks, performance, and feel for any golfer to appreciate.  

Look-wise, the TSi2 is completed with a matte black finish. On address, the design of the club head makes it look slightly smaller than some other drivers on this list. For some golfers, the club head size of the TSi 2 makes it feel slightly in-between the 3-wood and a regular driver, which some may prefer. 

In terms of performance, the TSi2 has got decent forgiveness with a low center of gravity and most of all great hitting power. Unlike the PING G425 MAX, this driver generates super low spin, allowing the ball to roll much further on landing and giving it more total distance traveled on the fairway. This, along with Titleist’s aerodynamic crown design, makes the driver swing extremely fast, generating more club head speed than most drivers leading to even more carry. 

Feel-wise, this driver is lightweight and offers excellent feedback which not many drivers do well at. Feedback helps you to identify where you’ve hit the club on impact and allows you to play with a better feel to eventually hit certain shots like a draw or fade at will. Drivers that offer plenty of feedback are ultimately what even the pros on Tour tend to go for.

That said, unlike the PING G425 MAX, not every mid-handicapper will find the TSi2 amazing right out of the bag. It’s probably the least forgiving driver on this list given the fact that it’s close to a PGA tour caliber driver. That said, if you’re willing to get used to a top-level driver then go for it. A mid-handicapper is right at the edge in terms of skillset to try out such a high-end but exciting driver! 

5. Cobra RadSpeed XB (Best Weight Adjusting Driver)

  • Lighter crown generating more natural club head speed
  • One of the best drivers that can switch between a low-handicap and mid-handicap driver
  • Excellent weight adjusting technology
  • Absurdly forgiving when the weight is placed at the back of the club without sacrificing much distance at all
  • Not good for shot shaping and doesn’t provide much feedback

Cobra has done well in the past decade to stand on top with TaylorMade and Callaway as one of the top golf driver manufacturers in the world.

Even Bryson Dechambeau’s go-to golf driver in 2021 was the RadSpeed by Cobra. 

What catches the eye of golfers who use the RadSpeed XB is definitely the driver’s adjustability. Unlike most drivers, every adjustment on the RadSpeed XB is significantly obvious.

This is particularly true when it comes to shifting its weight plates. With the weight plate in front, the driver produces significantly less spin and improves in its total carry. However, the driver then turns more into a low-handicap driver as it becomes slightly harder to hit and easier to slice with.

On the other hand, placing the weight plates at the rear of the club generates much more spin and suddenly becomes one of the easiest drivers to hit straight with. 

Feel-wise, either location felt similar with the weight at the front making the club feel slightly faster during the golf swing. 

If you’re a Dechambeau fan and love to have a driver that can play multiple roles, the Cobra RadSpeed XB driver is a clear winner.

6. Srixon ZX5 (Best Driver for Mid-Handicappers Struggling from With Hitting the Toe) 

  • Almost identical in every way to the tour-equivalent ZX7 driver
  • Rebound Frame technology for better stability and power
  • One of the better feedback drivers for mid-handicappers
  • A great driver for those who hit the toe of the driver frequently
  • Crown is simple and clean
  • Some may not like the design being too simple

The Srixon ZX5 is the mid-handicap version of the tour-level Srixon ZX7 driver. Made from the same manufacturers as Cleveland, Srixon drivers are not really the most popular golf club brands out there.  

However, if you’re looking for one of the most tour-like drivers that are made for mid-handicappers, the ZX5 is for you. 

Look-wise the ZX5 is a twin to the ZX7, the only difference is that the ZX5 driver is slightly bigger. This helps make the ZX5 more forgiving, generates slightly more spin, and has a higher launch. Many golfers love this because the driver looks so professional yet hits so well off the tees for mid-handicap players.

Tech-wise, the ZX5 shares many of the same features as its brother, specifically the ZX5 has a larger carbon crown and is also equipped with Srixon’s Rebound Frame. This allows the ZX5 to reach optimal stability and power with its smartly configured weight distribution, giving you the confidence to swing faster and transfer more energy into the golf ball on impact. 

When it comes to adjustability, the ZX5 is also similar to the ZX7 driver in that it is adjustable at the hosel and has a single rear weight. As there is only one rear weight for the ZX5, golfers can alter the swing weight and feel but not as much as the shot shape. 

Feedback from this driver is one of the best in this mid-handicap category. Specifically, you’re able to tell quite noticeably where you made contact with the golf ball. And finally, we noticed that shots of the toe actually go further and sometimes just as straight as if you hit the club centered, making the ZX5 one of the best drivers for golfers who tend to toe the golf ball frequently off the tees.

7. Callaway MAVRIK Drivers (Most Affordable Mid-Handicap Driver)

  • Smartly designed by Artificial Intelligence for optimal specifications 
  • Jailbreak technology for high MOI and forgiveness 
  • Long driver with good forgiveness 
  • Wide sweet spot to improve consistency 
  • Very affordable compared to the other drivers on this list
  • Not the most adjustable driver, it only has an adjustable hosel 

The new 2022 Callaway’s MAVRIK drivers have been released in 2020 and have made slight changes every year since. With the new 2022 Callaway MAVRIK drivers, you can expect some of the most forgiving drivers available on the market. 

Fitted with an FS2S titanium face, the 2022 Callaway MAVRIK driver is light and powerful. The lower weight on the front of the club head allows the driver’s center of gravity to work more efficiently to really aid in golfers struggling to hit up on the ball. Combined, you get more loft and also more distance, due to the better energy transfer from the club face, which leads to excellent results for really any golfer out there. 

The MAVRIKs are designed with a cyclone aero-like shape which helps the club head travel much faster through the air, leading to an impressive amount of club head speed. Along with their famous Jailbreak technology, two jailbreak bars sit directly behind the face of the club, each placed closer to the edges of the face to improve the Moment of Inertia (MOI) of the driver for a significant improvement in forgiveness on off-center hits. 

Finally, for those looking for a more affordable mid-handicap-ready driver, the 22 Callaway MAVRIK driver is an ideal option that still performs at the premium driver range.

The Ultimate Buying Guide: Selecting the Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

Congratulations on reaching a mid-handicap. At this point, your attempts to reach a lower handicap will be much harder as compared to when you were trying to escape a high handicap. 

The drivers in this list will play a huge role in making your transition to a lower handicap smoother, or even maintaining a consistent mid-handicap! For that, we are going to tell you what’s important to consider in a mid-handicap qualified driver.

Forgiveness is Still Key

One of the biggest questions you may be asking yourself is whether you still need to consider forgiveness in your golf clubs as a mid-handicapper. Without a doubt, you’re definitely a far better golfer than you were a year ago, and the clubs you’re using right now are what got you to a mid-handicap in the first place.

That said, maybe your next set of irons for a mid-handicapper won’t need to be as forgiving as irons are often easier to hit with compared to drivers. However, your next driver will ideally still consider forgiveness yet offer better performance.

Mid-handicap level drivers should still have good forgiveness when it comes to off-center mishits. At times, going with an anti-slice option is still preferred as every mid-handicap golfer’s goal off the tees is to get the ball as far as they can while in the fairway.

Loft and Shaft 

Every mid-handicapper is different, whether that is in the speed of their swing speed to the type of club they’re particularly better at over the other.

Take me for instance, between me and my dad we’re both averaging a handicap between 73 to 76. Yet, off the tees, I’ve got the advantage when it comes to hitting the ball farther. Whereas my dad’s touch with his wedges and putter makes him consistently get the ball on the green on his 3rd shot and 4th putt into the hole on almost any par 4 we play. 

The moral of the story is that the club, in our case the driver, you use is likely to be completely different from the driver another golfer of the same skill level as you is using.

In terms of the golf shaft, however, for the purpose of simplicity, most mid-handicap golfers will want to have a Stiff Flex shaft paired with their driver. That’s because most mid-handicappers will be on the younger side (20s to 50s), and thus swing faster than beginners and senior golfers.

For the loft, upgrading to a 10.5 degrees driver is an excellent start to improve your driving gradually. A 10.5-degree loft offers just enough forgiveness and distance. More than 10.5-degrees and the driver carries the ball too short, less than 10.5 degrees, and the driver becomes slightly too unforgiving to hit with.

Feel and Sound

How the driver feels in your hands to how the driver sounds on impact play a profound role in your confidence and surprisingly, your consistency off the tees.

Out of all the golf clubs, the driver provides the least amount of feel. Experienced golfers can quickly identify where on the club face on an iron they’ve made contact with. However, with the driver, it’s not as simple mainly because the design of a driver naturally delivers less feedback compared to your typical irons.

Sound on impact also contributes to the feel of the golf club. We can use sound to identify what type of impact we’ve made with the golf ball, providing us more clarity as to the type of shot we made while allowing us to adjust accordingly after each hit. A good sound also makes the overall golf shot more comfortable giving the golfer more confidence to hit better golf shots.

We made sure that the drivers that made this list provide an excellent feel and some even deliver excellent feedback. In terms of sound, they all have they’re all unique which will suit the majority of golfers. But using words to help you understand how it sounds is rather difficult. We recommend you listen to how each of these drivers sound on Youtube! They all have their own unique sound, so really pick the one you would like most. Once you’re done, come back! We’ve still got more to tell ya!

Look at Address/ Design

We’ve mentioned how important confidence plays in the quality of your golf shot. The more confident you are during your setup for your golf shot, the more smooth and natural your golf swing would be. 

Besides considering the sound and feel of the driver, you shouldn’t ignore its design. Let’s face it, you’re more likely to pick a driver that looks the best on this list rather than the already sexy PING G425 MAX which is the best golf driver we recommend for mid-handicappers. That’s not wrong per se, because you’ll be surprised how the looks alone may help you excel better than the best driver on this list just from the confidence it provides you on each swing! 

Keep in mind, every driver that made this list are excellent drivers in their own way. In fact, the 7th driver in this list isn’t necessarily that far off from the PING G425 MAX. Therefore, don’t stress it if you pick the best-looking driver on this list, it will still be an excellent option. That said, in our opinion, all the drivers here are also some of the best-looking drivers available anyway,

Make Sure They’re Adjustable!

Adjustable drivers are a must-have feature in any modern driver. These features are particularly beneficial for normal golfers as a driver is often a rather expensive investment for most. Having a driver that has adjustable lofts and weights right out of the bag is extremely valuable.

Think about it, let’s say you buy yourself one of these drivers and the first thing you notice is that you’re hitting more thinned shots than you usually would. With a non-adjustable driver, you’ve probably just wasted hundreds of dollars on a driver that ends up not fitting you. However, with an adjustable driver, you can have a driver that’s equivalent to multiple drivers in one package!


Should I get Fitted for the Driver?

Ideally, if you can get a fitting session in before buying your next set of golf clubs, the better. However, finding a good fitter may take some time and can often cost upwards of 100 to 200 dollars to obtain a good fitting session with a driver.

To be honest, most drivers off the rack are good enough for you to hit with and the 7 drivers in this list will likely do better than the driver you’re currently using. Stick with a Regular or Stiff Shaft and a 10.5-degree loft driver will be your safest bet.

Is There a Difference Between a Beginner and a Mid-handicap Driver?

If you’ve read our post on the best driver for beginners you may notice that many of the drivers we recommend in that post match the drivers in this post. 

So, what are the differences? The differences lie mainly in the specification we want you to buy in a mid-handicap driver. For instance, beginners should stick with an 11- to 13-degree driver instead of a 10.5-degree driver.

Flex-wise, beginners are almost never going to want a Stiff flex driver which is what most mid-handicap golfers may prefer. Beginner golfers may find Senior flex to Regular flex drivers to be ideal.

How Do I Determine the Right Shaft Length for My Golf Driver?

Average height golfers who are usually between 5’6’’ to 6’1’’ would typically go for ‘standard’ shaft length. Golfers shorter or taller than that range may want to look for a fitting session to determine their shaft length. However, if you don’t want a fitting session and your height is not within that range then simply use the standard shaft length for a 5’6’’ to 6’1’’ golfer as a reliable benchmark.

Best Driver for 10 Handicap Golfers vs. Best Driver for Mid Handicappers

The Callaway Rogue ST MAX is the go-to driver for 10 handicap golfers. But, isn’t a 10 handicap the same as a mid handicap?

Recall that a mid handicap golfer is someone who has an approximate handicap index of 10 to 20.

So yes, a golfer with a 10 handicap is considered a mid handicapper. However, it’s fair to say that a 10 handicap player is far more skilled than a 20 mid handicap golfer.

That said, this post establishes the PING G425 MAX as the best driver for all mid handicappers within that range mentioned above. Whereas if you’re at a 10 or 11 handicap, then a more playable yet still forgiving (but slightly less than the G425) Callaway Rogue ST MAX may be a better call.

The Verdict: Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

As a mid-handicapper, it’s the best time for your to swap out your old driver. No more using the driver your grandpa handed to you from his attic, you’ll be surprised how big of a disadvantage you’re playing with!

That said, the driver that took our hearts for the best golf drivers for mid handicappers will be the PING G425 ST MAX. With the Callaway Rogue ST MAX coming a close second but we’re going to give it another year or two to see what the public thinks of it while.

Picked up your driver? Now, get yourself a set of mid-handicap irons to prepare yourself to reach a low handicap as smoothly as possible.

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