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This is a review of the best golf drivers of all time as of 2022.

Every year, golf manufacturers are constantly updating the market with the newest driver from their arsenal. With the big driver brands like TaylorMade and Callaway dominating the driver market every year, we’re finally starting to see some other great drivers from other companies that you should also consider.

best golf drivers of all time

That said, coming into 2022 we still believe TaylorMade Stealth PLUS Driver is the best option for any golfer until the new Stealth and Rogue ST driver is released for us to provide a review.

In this post, you’ll be getting our 11 top picks for the best golf drivers of all time in 2022. Afterward, we’ll break down what features and performance to expect from the best drivers on the market. 

Keep in mind: For a driver to make this list, we made sure they had to come with the most modern technology, have an adjustable hosel (except for the PGX offset driver), and be the top-performing driver in their own respective category.

Our Top 7 Picks

  1. TaylorMade Stealth PLUS Driver 2022 (Winner: Best Golf Driver of All Time)
  2. Callaway Rogue ST MAX Driver 2022 (Runner-Up)
  3. TaylorMade SiM 2 MAX Driver (Runner-Up 2: Best Golf Driver of All Time in 2021)
  4. Callaway Epic Max Driver (Most Consistent Driver)
  5. Cobra RADSpeed Driver (Most Adjustable Driver)
  6. TaylorMade SiM MAX Driver (Best Driver from 2020)
  7. PING G425 MAX Driver (Best Straight Hitting Driver)
  8. Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver (Runner Up: Best Feedback + Distance Combo)
  9. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver (Most Forgiving Driver)
  10. Mizuno ST-Z Driver (Best Looking Driver)
  11. Pinemeadow PGX Offset Golf Driver (Best Value Driver)

11 Best Golf Drivers Of All Time So Far

1. TaylorMade Stealth PLUS Driver 2022 (Winner: Best Golf Driver of All Time)

  • The first carbon face driver on the market
  • Used by Tiger Woods in the PNC 2021 Championship
  • 60X Carbon Twist Face Tech for better COR
  • Reduces spin rate, carrying the ball farther by roughly 5 yards than previous SIM series
  • Spec’ed out in all of TaylorMades top-notch technology like the Thru-Slot Speed Pockets
  • Lighter weight and bigger head than SIM drivers
  • Very adjustable and has a horizontal slider weight
  • Feels and sounds powerful and solid
  • A larger face to reduce your chances of missing the ball
  • Premium price
  • Carbon face is more prone to damage
  • Some may not the like dark red color of the face

You’ve probably heard the Stealth driver buzzing around the golf community ever since the start of 2022. At first, we were a bit skeptical regarding the new carbon face design they went with this year. It is the first driver to use a carbon-fiber face instead of titanium after all.

However, TaylorMade claims that their design, by stacking 60 thin layers of this material together, otherwise known as the 60X Carbon Twist Face, leads to a higher COR and ball speed. In simpler terms, this means the Stealth driver is able to transfer more energy efficiency to the golf ball, propelling it farther.

In fact, according to multiple tests and reviews by golfers like Tiger Woods (who used this driver in the 2021 PNC Championship with his son, Charlie) and other larger golf channels, it seems the new carbon-fiber face from the Stealth driver actually does carry the ball slightly farther while reducing the spin rate of the ball, letting it roll more as it lands on the fairway (this is when compared to previous SIM models). However, this isn’t going to give you that 10 yards extra carry than the previous SIM drivers.

Feel wise, the Stealth driver is slightly higher pitched than the previous SIM MAX 2, and it feels and sounds more powerful and solid. The larger club face along with its unique red-colored design makes it harder to miss the ball, and an easier time to aim the ball towards the sweet spot on impact.

One aspect we’re concerned with is the carbon face, without any protection it’s going to damage quicker than the traditional titanium face. That said, this driver will still last you a long time, but just keep that in mind.

Versions: Besides the Stealth PLUS, there’s also the Stealth HD (draw-bias option), Stealth (more forgiveness option), and Stealth HD Women’s models. We still recommend the PLUS as it’s the only one with a horizontally sliding weight.

2. Callaway Rogue ST MAX Driver 2022 (Runner-Up)

  • One of the best-looking drivers out there
  • Mark’s next go-to club
  • Quieter sound than EPIC Max – much straighter ball flight
  • Rear tungsten weight for improved stability and MOI
  • Extremely stable club
  • High forgiveness
  • Priced like a brand new premium driver like the Stealth
  • May not hit as far as the Stealth

With one of Callaway’s best-selling drivers being the 2018 Callaway Rogue, Callaway’s release of the Rogue ST (Speed Tuned) driver was an evolution over the 2018 Rogue drivers but not a replacement of the 2021 Epic Speed but more of the 2020 Callaway Mavrik.

This driver looks amazing and from what we are hearing and seeing so far, it’s going to play amazing too. We’re excited for this driver to hit the market as it may become the next best driver for beginners due to Callaway’s focus on developing a line of drivers that produces more distance and stability for a mix of golfers.

Furthermore, if you’ve been a fan of Callaway’s approach of using A.I. to design and construct the Epic Flash or Mavrik, then you can expect the Rogue ST to be even more forgiving.

What’s interesting with the line of Rogue ST is that no four versions come with an adjustable weight. Yet, Callaway still manages to make sure that each version of the driver is unique in such a big way.

Versions: Besides the Rogue ST MAX, the Rogue ST series comes with the ST Max D (draw bias model), Rogue ST MAX LS (low spinning model), and the Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS (a more compact, low spin model with a slight fade bias).

3. TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX Driver (Runner-Up 2:Best Golf Driver of All Time in 2021)

  • Speed Injected Twist Face Technology
  • Known for its forgiveness and high performance
  • Has a pure forged ring construction which improves its durability and reduces its weight
  • Great feedback
  • Good for all-skill levels
  • Best driver for beginners
  • Can still be considered somewhat expensive

The SIM 2 MAX driver by TaylorMade was the winner for the best driver for beginners and unsurprisingly is also considered the best driver in 2021. 

Performance-wise, this driver is famous for its powerful feel and COR while noticeably more forgiving than the 2020 SIM driver.

It is one of the most high-tech drivers still and doesn’t lose to its younger brother, the newer 2022 Stealth driver. TaylorMade managed to slap its Twist Face Technology, Speed Pockets, and Inertia Generator to allow for a faster club head speed, high COR, and a very high MOI.

In other words, if you’re looking for a premium driver at a good price with some of the best performances and forgiveness right now, the SIM 2 MAX is still one of the best golf drivers of all time.

4. Callaway Epic Max Driver (Most Consistent Driver)

  • Extremely forgiving
  • Easy to find the fairway off the tee box
  • Very good sliding weight that works well to change the bias of the club
  • Lightweight driver
  • Can still hit really far
  • Not the best looking driver (looks quite simple)
  • Still somewhat expensive

“Artificial Intelligence to engineer a new formula for speed. It’s built on a simple equation: max ball speed (with the new Jailbreaker A.I. Speed Frame) + maximum forgiveness (with high MOI and adjustable weighting) = the ultimate max driver.”  

– Callaway in 2021

When we think of Callaway, the first thing most of us think of is its long-hitting drivers.

The Epic Max was the first Callaway driver to be fitted with their newer Jailbreak A.I. Speed Frame which essentially generates power on the golf ball to send it flying.

The Epic Max has a larger club head, which many golfers prefer for that extra bit of head control, and is known to be the most forgiving driver out of all the other Epic models since 2017.

What you’ll notice right away is how straight this driver hits. Generating more spin than most of the drivers, you’re sacrificing roughly 5 yards for a better time off the tees, which we believe is what most beginners and high handicappers would rather have.

It’s also fitted with a 17g sliding weight at the rear of the club, which works to create a draw and fade-bias. This works in unison with the hosel to allow for at least 20 yards of shot-shaping correction.

5. Cobra RADSpeed Driver (Most Adjustable Driver)

  • Pairs with ACCROS grip technology
  • High Forgiveness
  • CNC Milled Infinity Face
  • Can adjust the club for distance or forgiveness with the two 12g weights
  • More Forgiving than the SIM MAX 2 and 2021 Callaway Drivers
  • Some prefer a sliding weight rather than what the RADSpeed offers

With TaylorMade and Callaway dominating the driver charts every year, we can’t forget about Cobra, another huge driver manufacturer that is up there with the top two.

The RADSpeed Driver was Cobra’s 2021 best driver where the RAD stands for its Radius of Gyration technology. To keep things simple, this meant that Cobra managed to re-design the weight distribution in the driver so that the space between the center of gravity and weight location is different. By doing so, the feel delivered from RADspeed becomes more natural for most golfers, directly improving the smoothness and forgiveness.

Another stand-out with this driver is its unique two-weight system. With the RADSpeed, you’re given two 12g weights where you can fit one of each in either the front or rear of the head. By placing the weight at the front, you’re encouraging less spin while placing the weight at the back, you’ll get more forgiveness with launching the ball. 

Cobra was also the first to partner with ACCROS to fit their swing tracker device in the grip of the driver. With ACCROS, you’re able to pair your driver with your phone and analyze your swing performance.

6. TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver (Best Driver from 2020)

  • Still a competitive driver
  • Similar to the SIM 2 MAX
  • Up there in terms of forgiveness and great swing feel
  • Easy to hit up with
  • Much more affordable now than ever
  • Slightly less forgiving than the SIM 2 MAX

In 2020, it was quite clear the SIM MAX was in practically every golf bag in the PGA Tour.

With the popular release of the M6 in 2019, TaylorMade managed to create almost the perfect driver in 2020 with their first SIM MAX line of drivers.

Where do we start? Even to this day, the SIM MAX is going to be in most golfers’ bags because it’s the driver that emulates most to the SIM 2 MAX. 

Tech-wise, this driver comes with everything from TaylorMade, such as the Speed Injected Twist Face for that famous high MOI while being able to still swing this club fast and meet the sweet spot of the face. That Interia Generator technology which places the weight of the driver lower-and-back allows you to naturally hit up on the ball better.

If you’re looking for a premium driver that will still perform just as great as many of the drivers in 2021 or even 2022, then TaylorMade’s SIM MAX driver is your best bet. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the SIM 2 MAX is slightly more forgiving than the SIM MAX.

7. PING G425 MAX Driver (Best Straight Hitting Driver)

  • One of the straightest drivers out there
  • Very well-design and definitely stands out in your bag
  • Matte black finish
  • Draw and fade bias with the 26g tungsten weight
  • ARCCOS technology to give you live performance from your phone
  • Feels similar to the Epic Max from Callaway
  • Quite expensive
  • Not the farthest-hitting driver but definitely can still hit some bombs

PING released the G425 in 2021 with three drivers in the line-up: the G425 MAX (more forgiveness version), G425 SFT (anti-slice option), and the G425 LST (the driver best for fast swingers).

When the G425 was released, it caught many people’s eyes due to how amazing yet simple it looked. Those who’ve used the G425 MAX driver are stunned as to how consistently straight they can produce on each shot.

Much of this consistency comes from its heavy 26g tungsten weight fitted at the rear-edge of the driver which you can move either more midline of the club or closer to the toe or heel. When the weight is at the center, the club feels really well-balanced and that’s where you get the straight consistency. Placing the weight closer to the heel creates a draw bias and the opposite for the toe.

Finally, like the Cobra the grip, the G425 comes with ARCCOS technology, which is a smart grip that is paired with the phone. Essentially, it’ll give you live stats on everytime you use this driver to help you improve on each shot during your practice. 

Distance-wise, we’ll be honest it’s not substantially longer than its previous models (the G410), so don’t buy this driver expecting a big yardage jump.

8. Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver (Best Feedback + Distance Combo)

  • Hits far while providing extremely good feedback
  • Interchangeable sliding weight for draw or fade bias
  • Low spin and low launch for an extremely long total distance
  • Great for mid to low handicappers
  • Decent for beginners, but more suited for lower-handicappers

Though released in 2019, when we talk about the best golf drivers of all time, we’ve got to bring Callaway’s Epic Flash Sub Zero driver into the conversation.

One of the best features of this driver is how incredibly long it is. And we mean, long. This driver will bomb balls off the tee like it’s nothing. But that’s not what makes it stand out, as almost every driver on this list can hit extremely far. What really sets this driver apart is how much feedback it provides while being one of the longest drivers in the market.

For any low handicappers or professionals, they’ll easily sacrifice a few yards just to get more feedback as it leads to more consistency over time.

This driver is also fitted with a 12 gram, interchangeable sliding weight. This means you can simply slide the weight to the heel or toe of the club to change the draw or fade-bias whenever you’d wish.

Finally, the Jailbreak Technology of the Epic Flash Sub Zero allows for lower spin and lower launching shots, giving your golf ball more roll as it lands.

9. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver (Most Forgiving Driver)

  • Very forgiving
  • Design by Artificial Intelligence
  • TA- 15 Titanium face 
  • Large Club Head
  • Creates a powerful loud sound
  • Slightly Pricey

The Big Bertha series of drivers started in 1991 and is still proud line of drivers released by Callaway to this day.

When the B21 was released in 2020, it became a close rival to the SIM MAX and was one of the more sought-after drivers compared to the Callaway Mavrik released in the same year.

The Big Bertha B21 comes with a larger club head and delivers a powerful strike at the golf ball. It’s also a club that you can surely find the fairway almost always with its highly-controlled spin and easy launch ability.

Its face was designed by A.I. and is made of TA- 15 titanium, which makes a loud sound after contact. This face also generates one of the lowest spin rates from off-center shots in any driver. For beginners, this means your hooks and slices won’t be as severe.

10. Mizuno ST-Z Driver (Best Looking Driver)

  • Good for those who tend to hit the lower end of the driver’s sweet spot
  • Well-balanced and provides good feedback
  • Accurate driver
  • Looks amazing
  • Not suited for beginners

Mizuno has been rocking the iron market for the past few years with some dedicated fans for their blade irons. With such a high demand for them to come out with a driver, Mizuno released the ST-Z driver in 2021.

The driver comes with a slick, black design (similar to the G425) that appeals to most golfers and provides a good stable feel throughout the swing and during your set up. 

With a well-balanced toe and heel carbon composite, you’re really able to feel the face during your swing and feel the weight of the club gliding across the ball.

If you’re able to hit the ball on the lower end of the sweet spot consistently, you might want to look into this driver as Mizuno has boosted the performance by allowing more ball speed with its Multi-thickness CORTECH and Optimized Wave Sole Plate. Essentially, these features generate more COR from lower hits which allows more energy to be transferred on the golf ball.

11. Pinemeadow PGX Offset Golf Driver (Best Value Driver)

  • Very affordable
  • Anti-slice
  • Larger sweet spot than most drivers
  • High forgiveness
  • Offset design
  • Sacrifices distance and feedback
  • Only club in this list with no adjustable features
Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver (Men's, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular)

Pinemeadow has always been a superb golf manufacturer that offers budget-friendly golf clubs.

With the PGX Offset driver, they intentionally made more of an offset to make it easier for us to square the club through impact. Also, the driver has a larger sweet spot compared to most drivers meaning you won’t be getting as worse of a result from a hit that’s closer to the toe or heel than you would with other drivers.

Looking at its price, don’t underestimate this driver just because it’s on the cheaper end. It’s actually a great driver for those who’re looking for a more affordable option that can help them fix a golf slice and find the sweet spot at the same time. 

That said, this driver won’t be the farther hitting driver and offers less feedback, therefore, it’s great for those who just want an easier time off the tees without dumping too much money into the big stick.

Keep in mind, this is the only driver in this list that has no adjustable features at all.

Buying Guide for the Best Golf Drivers of All Time

Now that you know what the best golf drivers are in 2022, you’re probably wondering how we came up with this list. 

There are many things to consider when we’re looking into a good driver, and since we’re talking about the ‘best’ not every driver on this list is the most budget-friendly option. Rather, it comes down to the drivers that are at the top of the line when it comes to golf technology, quality, forgiveness, and performance.

It’s also important to know that your age, gender, and skill level play a huge role in determining what works best for you. For instance, a driver with features that are suitable for lower-handicappers will most likely not be the best driver for beginners. We’ll cover more on the specifics later, just keep this in mind as you read.

To focus more on what’s important, let us show you the specific features that you should look for to make your best golf driver. There are many things to cover, so let’s begin.

Best Shaft Flex For You

Like all clubs, pairing the driver head with the right shaft is crucial. For the driver shaft, what golfers should consider the most is the flexibility or ‘flex’ of the driver.

With every golfer swinging the driver at a different speed, shaft flex was created primarily to tailor the driver to fit better for each golfer.

In most cases, a stiffer shaft on a driver is best suited for those with a faster golf swing and a flexible shaft is for the opposite. 

Why is flexibility so important? Well, it’s to allow clubs to create that ‘lag’ effect by flexing the shaft during the swing and before impact. When done correctly, this creates more club head speed and thus hits the ball farther. However, too much flexibility can lead to inconsistent release points as the club may fall behind when your hands reach impact, leading to a whole bunch of problems like an open club face. 

There are five shaft options available on a driver, these flexes are (from stiffest to softest) – Extra Stiff (X), Stiff (S), Regular (R), Seniors (A), and Ladies (L).

For more advanced golfers, you’re likely using a Stiff or Extra Stiff, but this may also depend on your age. If you’re an ex-pro who can’t swing as fast as you could a Regular may be what’s best for you.

For beginners, the Regular is your best bet as it’s the benchmark to go off from. If the Regular is still too stiff, try the Senior flex.

For female golfers, we recommend you get fitted for your shaft. What we noticed is that less than 20% of female golfers play well with a standard Ladies shaft. We’ve seen many female golfers use Regular to even Extra Stiff shafts. In fact, most mid to low handicap female golfers use a Regular or Stiff flex on their drivers.

Driver Head Size and Weight

Although most driver heads come in a standard 460 cc (cubic centimeters) size, it’s good to know that not every 460 cc driver looks the same. Some 460 cc drivers look extremely big compared to other 460 cc.

You may be wondering if golfers who struggle to find the sweet spot should look for a larger club head with their driver. Though a larger club head is often better suited for beginners, due to the confidence it provides and larger face which allows the golfer to find the face more consistently, club head sizes have little correlation with hitting the sweet spot consistently.

In terms of weight, it really depends on the material used to build that driver. Most drivers today come in stainless steel, titanium, or graphite. Titanium, being the most common material used on modern drivers, is light and durable, allowing golf manufacturers to make the head size even larger while staying within the legal head size (460 cc) established by the USGA.

Finally, most drivers today are extremely lightweight. If they’re too lightweight for you (you’re swinging too fast and out-of-tempo), consider pairing the driver with a heavier shaft to compensate for the lack of weight.


Unlike the drivers from back in the day, drivers today are fitted with a ton of fancy technology and adjustable features to provide a more customizable experience for each golfer.

With the driver, most would look if it comes with an adjustable hosel. The hosel is a relatively new feature that has become the common standard for almost every driver. What it does is that it allows you to switch between different loft options on one driver. 

This is a game-changer and particularly helpful for beginners who’re still figuring out which loft option on their drivers fit them best. This also allows the driver to stay in your bag longer as you can simply change to a different loft instead of buying a brand new driver which was what you had to do in the past!


We’ve talked about this a lot in our other posts, particularly when we’re recommending the best golf clubs or beginners. 

Unlike drivers in the 90s, modern drivers are fitted with amazing features that make the club extremely forgiving. In fact, Tour golfers are shooting lower than ever due to just how forgiving and easy it is to hit with these newer clubs.

That said, you can feel a big change when you swap from a driver taken from your grandpa’s attic into one of the drivers shown on this list. You’ll notice how much lighter the club is and how much straighter and farther the ball carries! This, along with other features like an improved MOI prevents your club from twisting on you when you hit the ball off-center.


You’ve probably heard this a lot, but in truth, drivers haven’t had a huge advancement ever since 2018. In terms of yardage, a 2018 driver maybe just slightly shorter than a 2021 or 2022 driver but it shouldn’t be your main reason to get a brand new driver. 

Instead, you should only be getting a new driver if your current driver isn’t fitting you or if the driver is slightly too old compared to the newest driver (roughly 4 to 5 years apart). 

New drivers do offer benefits such as improved forgiveness, durability, and feel, which we believe is what every golfer should consider more instead of yardage. It’s actually quite noticeable when it comes to how much easier it is for us to control the club head through impact and land the ball on the fairway more consistently with each new driver that arrives each year. That’s why we say you should only hold onto a driver for no more than 5 years.  

FAQ For the Best Golf Drivers of All Time

What’s the difference between a Senior (A) and a Ladies (L) shaft flex?

Both Senior and Ladies shaft flexes are relatively similar. Both are soft shafts with the latter slightly more soft than the former. 

The main difference between both shafts is actually the weight. Senior shafts are slightly heavier than Ladies shafts. Therefore, if a Regular shaft is too hard for you, then to pick between the two, it’ll depend if you think your driver head is too light or heavy. 

If the head is too light, then go with a Seniors shaft and vice versa.

That said, just because you’re a female beginner, doesn’t mean the Ladies shaft is your automatic go-to and the same is true if you’re a senior, don’t assume the Senior shaft is the best shaft for you. Definitely try both shafts out at a store, or better, get fitted at a PGA store!

What are the best driver manufacturers to buy from?

The top manufacturers that often create the best drivers are TaylorMade, Callaway, Cobra, and Mizuno. 

Should I use stock shafts by the manufacturers?

Stock shafts today are much better quality than they were before. In our opinion, unless the flex of the shaft doesn’t fit you, it’s fine to use the stock shaft that comes with the driver for the time being.

What driver did Tiger Woods and Charlie Woods use in the 2020 and 2021 PNC Championship?

In 2020 PNC Championship:

In the 2021 PNC Championship:

Our Conclusion: The Best Golf Drivers of all Time

TaylorMade and Callaway are still two of the best golf manufacturers out there and it seems that won’t be changing for quite some time. Regardless, just because everyone is using a TaylorMade or Callaway driver does not mean you should too, it’s solely based on feel and preference.

In our honest opinion, most drivers since 2018 aren’t that different from the drivers today. Yardage-wise, modern drivers may be roughly 5 to 10 yards longer but the main difference is probably forgiveness as drivers seem to be hitting straighter each year.

That said, if you’re looking for the best driver today, then the TaylorMade Stealth PLUS driver is your best bet.

We hope you learned more about drivers after this post. After getting a driver, you may also want to check out other relevant posts such as how to hit a driver, the best driver for beginners, or the best golf set for beginners to further improve your game. Good luck with your practices!

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