8 Best Golf Shoes for Flat Feet Players

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As a golfer who’s been playing the game since my pre-teen years with extremely flat feet, I know firsthand how badly your “dogs can bark” after playing a round in the wrong golf shoes. Heck, I’ve tried dozens of different brands and styles to find the right fit, and it only cost me years of painful rounds and foot massages!

Posture, balance, and stability are three of the most crucial aspects of the golf swing that are poorly influenced by having flat feet. Thankfully for you, I’ve spent the time and money to create a list of the 8 best golf shoes for flat feet that have personally helped me eliminate foot pain while golfing, reduce my risk of injuring myself, and play my best golf!

7 Best Golf Shoes for Flat Feet

Posture, balance, and stability are three of the most crucial aspects of the golf swing that are poorly influenced by having flat feet. Thankfully for you, I’ve spent the time and money to test each of these golf shoes that have personally helped me eliminate foot pain while golfing, reduce my risk of injuring myself, and play my best golf!

Let’s begin!

Top 8 Picks

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for the best golf shoes for flat feet players:

  1. FootJoy Traditions Golf Shoes (Top Pick: Best Spiked Golf Shoes For Flat Feet)
  2. Skechers Max 2 Arch Fit (Best Spikeless Golf Shoes For Flat Feet)
  3. Adidas Tech Response Spikeless 3.0 (Highly Affordable & Comfortable Spikeless Shoes)
  4. New Balance Fresh Foam Contend (Best Golf Shoes for Walking with Flat Feets)
  5. FootJoy Originals Golf Shoes (Most Stylish Golf Shoes for Flat Feet)
  6. FootJoy Flex Golf Shoes (Perfect for Golfers That Hate Changing Shoes)
  7. PUMA Ignite Fasten8 (Shoe Technology Focused on Comfort)
  8. Nike Air Max 270 G (Most “Street Shoe” Pick On Our List)

There’s no perfect golf shot for a flat-footed golfer, pick which style works best for you! Personally, I’ve been using the FootJoy Traditions since the start of 2023 and am loving them!

1. FootJoy Traditions Golf Shoes (Top Pick: Best Spiked Golf Shoes for Flat Feet)

  • Comfortable & Stylish
  • Fully Waterproof
  • “Medium” or “Wide” Widths Available
  • 8 Colorways + “Design My Own” Feature
  • Tom’s Go-To Shoes For Flat Feet Players
  • Accenting Color Cleats Are Bright/Vibrant

The FootJoy Traditions were the first spiked golf shoes I’ve ever played in that didn’t cause my feet to feel uncomfortable after walking 18 holes. FootJoy, known for their “#1 Shoe in Golf / #1 Glove in Golf” catchphrase, truly delivers in every aspect of comfort and style with the Tradition line. 

For starters, these shoes feel great on my incredibly flat feet thanks to the combination of the extra cushioned foam underfoot (the area between the cleats and the shoe), the molded high-density “EVA Fit-Bed” that feels like memory foam on your feet, and the built-in Achilles pad that keeps your shoe from slipping or causing blisters while walking. 

On top of that, the Traditions are made of fashionable and highly durable full grain leather, they’re guaranteed under FJ warranty to be fully waterproof, and they’re available in “Medium” or “Wide” widths to make sure you find a comfortable fit. 

Another great thing about the FootJoy Traditions is that they come in 8 standard colorways, or you can use their “Design My Own” feature that lets golfers customize their new favorite shoe!

One Reviewer Wrote: “The shoes are good and the spikes are soft. My foot felt better than my earlier FJ which were originals again. Comfortable shoes and waterproof in pretty wet and soggy conditions. Amazon sent it repackaged in their own box. The product looked new and unused hence did not see an issue”

2. Skechers Max 2 Arch Fit (Best Spikeless Golf Shoes for Flat Feet)

  • Podiatrist-Designed Shape
  • Podiatrist-Certified Arch Support
  • Removable Insole
  • “Ortholite” Comfort Foam Insole
  • Shoelaces may be a little short for some

Skechers golf shoes have exploded in popularity since their PGA sponsored athlete, Matt Fitzpatrick, wore their shoes to claim his first Major victory at the 2022 U.S. Open. 

Skechers are known for designing their shoes for comfort above everything else. The Skechers Max 2 Arch Fit spikeless golf shoes were designed by Podiatrists using over 20 years of data and 120,000 weighted foot scans to make sure they feel great and provide the traction you need to play your best. 

If you have collapsed-arches (like me) you’ll love the Podiatrist-certified arch support and the removable insole that molds to your foot shape to reduce shock and increase weight dispersion. 

On top of those great features, the Max 2 Arch Fit shoes are lightweight (thanks to Skechers “Ultra Flight” cushioning material), they’re guaranteed under warranty to be waterproof, and the “Ortholite” comfort foam insole layer is breathable to avoid sweaty feet.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Love these shoes. Ordered the “wide” size – and they are comfortably wider than normal sizes. Very stylish. Looks like a top-tier product. Minor complaint. The shoe laces are about 6 inches too short. You can barely tie a knot with these short laces!”

3. Adidas Tech Response Spikeless 3.0 (Highly Affordable & Comfortable Spikeless Shoes)

  • No Waterproof Aspect

Adidas set out with the goal of blending “step-in comfort with the support you need to push your game,” and they’ve done just that with their Tech Response spikeless 3.0 golf shoes. The Tech Responses is not only the most affordable golf shoes available are some of the most “street shoe-feeling” golf shoes I’ve ever worn.

The Tech Response 3.0s were designed with an easy-walking flex “X-Traxion outsole” (the tread pattern Adidas found provides the most stability/traction/grip) and “Bounce Cushioning” soles (taken from the highly comfortable Adidas Bounce street shoes). 

The extra-thick Bounce cushioning feels soft on your feet and the X-Traxion pattern helps avoid the slippage we’re used to expecting from spikeless golf shoe options. This makes the Tech Responses great for a full-day at the golf course. 

If that weren’t enough, every pair of Tech Response golf shoes are made of at least 50% recycled material so golfers can feel happy they’re helping end plastic waste with their purchase!

One Reviewer Wrote: “Shoes are comfortable and provide good traction. However, they are not very water resistant which is the reason I don’t wear them very often. In Fl where there is a lot of standing rainwater or dew on the courses they aren’t ideal.”

4. New Balance Fresh Foam Contend (Best Golf Shoes for Walking with Flat Feets)

  • 2-Year Waterproof Warranty
  • “Standard”/”Wide”/”X-Wide” Widths
  • Breathable
  • Extra Thick & Soft Midsole Feels Great
  • Affordable
  • Limited Color Options Available

New Balance created their Fresh Foam Contend spikeless golf shoes to be the “ultimate walking shoe” for golfers that love to walk the golf course. 

The Fresh Foam Contend uses innovative 10mm thick “New Balance Fresh Foam” in its midsole that provides superior arch and heel support (compared to previous New Balance golf shoes) to promote proper alignment and stability while walking or taking swings. As you might’ve noticed from their photo above, the “Smart Rubber” spikeless sole has pressure mapping colors to highlight key areas that have been reinforced with more grip for added durability. 
A molded “CUSH+” insole combines with the thicker midsole for ultra-soft, all-day comfort. Lastly, even though the Fresh Foams are highly breathable, they’re guaranteed to be waterproof for 2 years thanks to the “water-guard” built into the bottom of the shoe for extra protection.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Almost like wearing spikes except way more comfortable. Highly recommend.”

5. FootJoy Originals Golf Shoes (Most Stylish Golf Shoes for Flat Feet)

  • Enhanced Grip/Traction Design
  • Wide Toe Box and Mid-Foot Section
  • Classic/Timeless Shape and Aesthetic
  • “Medium”/”Wide”/”Extra Wide” Widths Available
  • Only 4 Colors Available

The FootJoy Originals are by-far the most “classic” and “timeless-looking” golf shoes on our list of the best golf shoes for flat feet. Their look is extremely similar to golf shoes of many years ago and can be worn with essentially every outfit. 

For starters, the Originals are extra grippy to the ground thanks to their heavily textured “DuraMax” rubber outsole and their use of “Fast Twist cleats” that are not only easy to replace, but lock into place for more consistent traction. 

Like most FootJoy shoes, the Originals have an “EVA Fit-Bed” cushioning underfoot. “EVA” (ethyl vinyl acetate) doesn’t take a shape, so the cushioning will remain the same for the life of the shoe. 

Lastly, the Originals are available in “Medium,” “Wide,” and “Extra Wide” widths, and were built using the “Austin Last” footshape, which FootJoy says is their most rounded toe and fullest fit across the heel, instep, and forefoot, making them ideal for flat-footed golfers. 

One Reviewer Wrote: “These shoes are amazing. Fit as expected and beyond comfortable!! Fast shipping. Highly recommend these shoes.”

6. FootJoy Flex Golf Shoes (Perfect for Golfers That Hate Changing Shoes)

  • Designed for On/Off Course Performance
  • Highly Breathable
  • Available in “Medium” & “Wide” Widths
  • 5 Color Variations
  • Not All That Stylish

The FootJoy Flex spikeless golf shoes were designed to help golfers feel incredibly comfortable wearing them both on and off the course. 

For starters, the FJ Flexes are super lightweight and use FootJoy’s “All-Day Performance Mesh” to keep your feet comfortable and dry thanks to its high level of breathability. Like the “Traditions” and “Originals,” the Flexes have the same soft EVA midsole that is extra cushioning and enhances your comfort and stability at the same time. 

The FootJoy Flexes separate themselves from other FJ spikeless golf shoes because they have “VersaTrax” treading that was engineered to maximize traction during your swing and while walking on the golf course. 

Lastly, the Flexes feel great on my particularly flat feet because of their large and rounded toe section and the slightly narrower heel design that keeps a snug fit while you’re wearing them.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I have several FootJoy golf shoes. I don’t particularly like this style. However, these shoes are lightweight, stable, and comfortable. I rated this style five stars for the features I mentioned.”

7. PUMA Ignite Fasten8 (Shoe Technology Focused on Comfort)

  • Affordable
  • Stylish
  • Many Color Variations
  • Available in “Wide” Widths
  • Highly Tech-Focused Design for Comfort
  • They Run ½ Size Too Large

The PUMA Ignite Fasten8 golf shoes are some of the most technologically advanced golf shoes on our list today. 

For starters, nylon straps sit just beneath the laces to wrap the foot for an extra secure and confident fit. An ultra-thin “PWRFRAME” was strategically put in high stress areas of the shoe to increase stability and reduce wear and tear. “Ignite Foam” (PUMA’s proprietary midsole material) returns energy from steps and is highly cushioning and comfortable on flatter feet.

Our favorite features of the PUMA Ignite Fasten8 shoes has to be the sticky, spikeless traction you feel thanks to the heavy circular tread, and the fact this tread is covered in PUMA’s “Sole Shield” that adds durability and makes dirt and debris easily fall off. 

On top of all that, the outside of the Ignite Fasten8s is made from easy to clean, non-stretch waterproof, and breathable mesh. 

One Reviewer Wrote: “I really liked these shoes. I suffer from neuropathy and require a wide size to accommodate my feet to avoid discomfort. These really fit great and allowed room. Needing a wide fit can be hard to find shoes that dont feel to big. These fit exactly as needed.”

8. Nike Air Max 270 G (Most “Street Shoe” Pick On Our List)

  • Tons of Color Options
  • Most “Street Shoe” Look On Our List
  • Extra Cushioned Thanks to “Nike Air Heel”
  • Easy-to-Clean & Waterproof
  • Sole Design Makes Players 1.5-2 Inches Taller
  • May need to get a 1/2 size larger
  • Higher Price Point

The original Nike Air Max 270s became an instant fan-favorite due to its extra-cushioned feel and “street shoe” appearance. Nike listened to golfers around the world wanting to stand out from the crowd on the course and released the “Air Max 270 G,” the “G” standing for “Golf.” 

Besides the look, Nike kept one crucial feature exactly the same from the original Air Max 270s – the “Nike Air Heel.” This pressurized air cavity sits underneath golfers’ feet to compress during impact and spring back to its original shape for a very comfortable feel for walking rounds. 

Don’t think you’re only getting a street shoe with a different name. Nike has redesigned specific key aspects of the shoe to help golfers reach their best performance. 
Nike added a mesh overlay to the upper part of the shoe to help players clean their 270s easier and effectively waterproof the shoe. On top of that, the perimeter of the bottom sole features beefy “Hybrid Traction” that supports rotational and twisting motions in the golf swing.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Great looking shoe and very comfortable. BUT get the next size up, they are for narrow feet. I’m a size 12 with all my Nikes, but had to go to 13.”

Flat Feet Golf Shoes Buying Guide: What Features We Care About Most

FootBed, Sole, & Arch Support

Us flat-footed golfers are at a significant disadvantage when we aren’t wearing shoes that cater toward our arch and sole flaws. 

Thankfully for you, every pick on our list of the best golf shoes for flat feet has beefed-up support in one or multiple of these areas to help our feet feel and work the best in our golf swings!

Traction & Stability

Being flat-footed means your feet don’t balance themselves and your body as well as feet with strong arches. 

To help us maintain greater traction and stability during our swings, golf shoe designers have added wider toe and mid-foot boxes along with enhanced grip on their soles to reduce slippage and help our feet feel better while playing. 

3 Tips From Tom On How to Help Flat Feet Pain

  1. Make sure you’re buying the right golf shoe size. I know this seems like common sense advice, but I had no clue I was buying golf shoes a half size too large until I tried every size that was around what I believed to be my size. 
  1. Get orthopedic insoles to support the areas of your feet that cause pain. I’ve had great success with Dr. Scholl’s “Prevent Pain” insoles.
  1. Use golf balls to massage your feet pre- and post-round. I take my socks off and put a golf ball underneath my arches (or lack thereof) and use my body weight to apply pressure while rotating my feet in circular patterns. This not only increases blood circulation to these areas, but it works great at eliminating achey feet!

Spiked or Spikeless Shoes: Which is Better for Flat Feet?

In reality, neither spiked or spikeless shoes are guaranteed “better” for flat feet. As we’ve demonstrated with our list above, plenty of spiked golf shoe options are very comfortable, and the increased traction and stability from the spikes can help eliminate some of the slippage us flat footed golfers can experience when playing in non-spiked golf shoes. 

At the same time, spikeless golf shoes are *generally* very comfortable to walk in because of their “street/running shoe tread” and they’re usually made using more “tennis shoe style” breathable and stretchy material rather than rigid leather. 

Regardless of the style you choose, our list has great options in every category. 

FAQ for Golfers with Flat feet

What golf shoes work the best for flat feet? 

In our opinion, the best golf shoes for flat feet are options that have increased padding/cushioning as well as those with multiple widths (as flat feet are usually wider than average). 

Can I play golf with flat feet?

Since the author of this post has the flattest feet he’s ever seen and has been playing golf for decades, absolutely! You just have to make sure you find shoes that support your feet so you don’t feel pain during or after your rounds (our list only has those types of options!)

The Verdict

As you’ve seen from our list, there are many golf shoes that help us players with flat feet have a more enjoyable experience while playing. 

Speaking from experience, the sooner you help your feet feel their best, the sooner you’ll play your best golf. 

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