8 Best Golf Swing Trainers

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Here are the 8 Best Golf Swing Trainers you should get!

We remember what it felt like to make the same mistake with our golf swing over and over again. While there are no substitutes for hard work and time spent “digging it out of the dirt” at the driving range (as Tiger Woods calls it), there are ways to make our valuable time spent practicing more beneficial to your golf game.

7 best golf swing trainers (www.www.golfleap.com)

The best golf swing trainers give us a head-start on practice, give more detailed feedback while we’re practicing, and help us reach our goals faster. The problem with the golf swing trainer market is that most of the products are garbage!

Thankfully, we have decades of experience testing these products, and have selected the specific swing trainers that helped us drop our handicaps the fastest for this very list!

Heck, our favorite swing trainer, the SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Warm-Up Stick, helps prevent injuries, develop our “golf swing muscles,” groove in a solid tempo, and help keep your swing “on plane” for straighter shots, all at the same time

Let’s begin!

Shop The Best Golf Swing Trainers

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for the best golf swing trainers:

  1. Best Pre-Round Swing Trainer: SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer Warm-Up Stick
  2. Best Golf Swing Plane Trainer: ANDINGO Golf Swing Trainer with 3 Alignment Sticks Portable Golf Training Aid
  3. Best for Fixing Chunky and Thinned Shots: Divot Board Low Point and Swing Path Trainer
  4. Best Swing Trainer for Alignment and Staying Connected: SWINGALIGN Swing Align Golf Training Aid Bundle
  5. Best Swing Trainer for Golfers with Limited Practice Time: SKLZ Golf Grip, Swing Speed, and Club Path Trainer
  6. Best Training Aid for Beginner Golfers: Sheftic Golf Swing Pressure Board
  7. Best Backswing Mechanics/Fundamentals Training Aid: Callaway Swing Easy Golf Swing Trainer Aid
  8. Prevents Early Head Lift & Trains Swing Path: WINNER SPIRIT Real Swing 300

Even though we use various training aids to drill different areas of our swing, we’ve broken this guide down into different sub-categories of products that should help every golfer reading our list, no matter your swing goals!

1. SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer Warm-Up Stick (Best Pre-Round Swing Trainer)

  • Inexpensive
  • Needs No Instruction
  • Works on 3 Major Aspects of the Golf Swing (Fitness, Swing Plane, Tempo)
  • Popular Choice Among PGA Tour Pros
  • Eye-Catching / Flashy Design

The SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer is likely the most well-recognized selection on our list. There have been countless infomercials about this product, and it has been commonly found in PGA Tour golfer’s bags on the driving range to warm up with since its inception many years ago!

The SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer focuses on three things that are crucial to your golf swing performing it’s best:

  • Golf Fitness (Strength, Flexibility, Mobility)
  • Your Golf Swing Plane (the angle your club moves during the backswing and downswing)
  • Your Golf Swing’s Tempo

Arguably the best features of the SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer is the fact that it requires little to no instruction to get to work on your swing, and it isn’t seen as a spare “club,” so it can be kept in your bag at all times without breaking any rules! This weighted and flexible “club-adjacent” swing trainer immediately starts stretching and loosening our “golf swing specific muscles,” like our shoulders, obliques, hips, and back after the first few swings. 

Secondly, due to the SKLZ Trainer’s heavier weight, it forces our swing plane to become more “flat” which helps eliminate slices and pulled shots. When swung in a repetitive and non-stop motion 15-20 times like the creators intended, you’re grooving in a solid and repeatable tempo while also adding some muscular endurance to your “golf muscles” that will both pay massive dividends to your golf swing on the course.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Product is easy to use. After swinging 5-10 minutes a day, my driver drops right into the slot. I’m hitting straighter and farther 4han I was before I got this. I’m hoping with continued use I can work on getting a little longer off the tee.”

2. ANDINGO Golf Swing Trainer with 3 Alignment Sticks Portable Golf Training Aid (Runner-Up: Best Golf Swing Plane Trainer)

  • Small and Easily-Portable
  • Lightweight Yet Very Durable Design
  • Includes Three 46.5 Inch Alignment Sticks
  • Favorite of Tommy Fleetwood
  • Slightly more expensive

Find yourself struggling with consistent hooks or slices and think your golf swing’s plane could be to blame? Have you spent hours at the driving range tinkering with your swing plane and feeling like you’re going nowhere?

Luckily for you, the ANDIGO Swing Plane Trainer is here to give you precise and immediate feedback on your swing plane and will train you to have your backswing and follow-through on the same plane for straighter shots! On top of receiving the ANDIGO Swing Plane Training apparatus, users receive three 46.5 inch alignment sticks that work with your device for more accurate feedback. 

Taking your 7 iron, adjust the backswing angle to 60° for your initial reference value. Take a few swings at half speed to judge whether the club head is “outside” (above) the backswing angle or “inside” (below) the backswing angle. 

The ultimate goal with this training aid is for our backswing and downswing to trace this angle we’ve created without making contact with the alignment stick on either part of our swing. If achieved, golfers will be left with a fully “on-plane” golf swing that results in straighter golf shots and less hooks or slices!

One Reviewer Wrote: “I’ve purchased a few swing training aids in the $100 price range and this one is my favorite and most used. There are many different ways to use it. Excellent swing path trainer to create good muscle memory. Helps prevent coming over the top, or even prevents being too inside out. Just change the position of the ball and alignment sticks based on whatever you’re working on.”

3. Divot Board Low Point and Swing Path Trainer (Best for Fixing Chunky and Thinned Shots)

  • Provides instant feedback on swing path
  • Lightweight Yet Highly Durable
  • Includes Clip for Easy Transportation
  • Trains Contact and Swing Path in 1 Device
  • Right or Left-Handed Golfers Can Use Accurately
  • Rather durable, but polyester surface does wear after some use

Tired of hitting chunky shots short or thinning shots over the green? Equally annoyed with shots ending up the perfect yardage just left or right of your target? The Divot Board Low Point and Swing Path Trainer will help you diagnose and fix these problems with ease!

This swing training tool focuses on a few critical aspects of our golf swings, including:

  • Improving the “low-point” of our golf swing (the moment of impact and position of our club relating to the golf ball).
  • Identifying the center of our stance and strike with our swing (with the helpful alignment tools). 
  • Checking our swing path to see if we’re toe-dominant, heel-dominant, or making solid center contact.

Featuring a lightweight yet highly durable construction style, the Divot Board is designed to be clipped to your golf bag and taken anywhere, whether it be the driving range (mat or grass) or the actual golf course! Thanks to the Divot Board’s dual-colored polyester surface, golfers receive immediate feedback on the precise angle of approach your golf club has to the golf ball so you can correct your swing after each shot! 

After aligning your golf ball to the center circle, make your normal golf swing. Once your divot stays inside the perimeter yellow lines and starts just after the center circle, you’ve made perfect contact! Continue using the Divot Board until this type of contact becomes effortless!

One Reviewer Wrote: “Just like most beginners, I have trouble getting compression and hitting the ball first. I finally caved and got this, cost be damned! And… it works! Hallelujah! My first outing with this was maddening at first. But with patience and persistence, I eventually got it. It was like one of those hidden 3d pictures that were popular in the 90’s. Now I use it to warm up, and find myself needing it less and less. On the surface, it seems expensive. But man, totally worth it.”

4. SWINGALIGN Swing Align Golf Training Aid Bundle (Best Swing Trainer for Alignment and staying Connected)

  • Not your typical swing trainer, but works
  • Compliments almost every swing trainer on this list
  • Great for teaching arm structure
  • High quality and easy to take around
  • Some struggle to put the training aid on.

Looking for a swing trainer that can complement well with any of the other training aids on this list? The Swing Align Golf Training Aid will teach you the proper swing alignment for each stage of the golf swing. If you’re someone who’s struggling with turning your body on the backswing, setting properly to the ball and your target line, or has an out-of-sync golf swing (one way to tell is if your hands are always ahead or behind your body on impact), then definitely get your hands on this.

Simply slide your arms into the arm sleeves and position the sleeves right above your elbow. From there, set up your golf ball and work the green alignment stick sitting across your arms to make them parallel and aligned to the second alignment stick on the floor (check here for a more in-depth guide).

This swing trainer is useful to almost every golfer. Especially, if you’re a self-taught golfer or someone whose hands are frequently slower than his body on the downswing. This trainer will help fix your takeaway by teaching you great arm structure between your arms and your body so that you stay connected throughout your entire swing.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Excellent feedback for set up, body position, rotation and connection. Looking forward to seeing more training videos for use in chipping, pitching, full swing and putting.”

5. SKLZ Golf Grip, Speed, and Path Trainer (Best Swing Trainer for Golfers with Limited Practice Time)

  • Small Enough for Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Trains Swing Path/Grip/Swing Speed in 1 Device
  • Removable Weights for Varying Swing Feels
  • Inexpensive Price
  • Right-handed golfers only

Do you have a busy schedule that limits the amount of time you have to practice your golf swing? You’re not alone. Thankfully, SKLZ has developed a golf swing trainer that helps you solidify a great grip, build some more swing speed, and help develop a swing path that produces power draws, all in one device. 

To begin, the SKLZ 3-in-1 trainer is only 2.5 feet long, so it’s ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. Featuring a grip-handle that forces your hands in the “perfect gripping position,” this SKLZ swing trainer immediately starts working on an aspect of our swing upon holding it. (We even hold the grip without swinging to reinforce a great grip.) 

Designed with removable weights in its heavy faux-head, the SKLZ 3-in-1 trainer can simulate slightly heavier iron and driver swings. It also works to loosen and strengthen golf swing-specific muscles, and clubs will feel lighter by comparison, so you’ll swing faster effortlessly. 

Lastly, the SKLZ 3-in-1 swing trainer features a slight bend in the shaft near the weighted head. This slight bend forces users’ swing path to be slightly “in-to-out” (resulting in a Draw flight pattern). This is a god-send for habitual slicers of the golf ball. 

One Reviewer Wrote: “Glad I have another one of these, this is a great training aid, helps me get my grip right again, along with tempo training. Helps to know that with the weight out it is the same weight as a driver so I can feel the swing weight, and put the weight back in for irons.”

6. Sheftic Golf Swing Pressure Board (Best Training Aid for Beginner Golfers)

  • Designed for Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Trains Lateral Weight Shift, Trains Balance
  • Grooves in Proper Weight Shift Sequence (Usually Requires Paid Lessons)
  • Relatively Heavy (7.8lbs)

“My main thought (with the downswing) is to push down into the ground.” – Tiger Woods

Golfers of every skill level have struggled with “creating ground force” at some point in their playing career. While most amateur and recreational golfers think their power comes from the torque we make in the backswing, it actually comes from the ground. 

One of the first lessons that should be taught to every new golfer is feeling your weight transfer towards your front leg/side during the downswing and through impact to our follow-through. The problem with this advice is most golfers are left wondering things like, “What is the correct amount?” or “What’s the proper timing of a pressure shift?” 

The Sheftic Golf Swing Pressure Board primarily works through balance. Once over 50% of a golfer’s weight is on their trailing side, the board will shift to an “upright” position. At the top of the backswing (if you’re shifting your weight correctly) the board should tilt downward so the majority of your weight is now on your lead side, and the trailing side of the board is now up. 

We love the Sheftic Golf Swing Pressure Board because it doesn’t work properly unless you’re making the correct weight shift. If 70+% of your weight isn’t on your leading side for the downswing and follow-through, the board won’t work correctly and you’ll be able to feel it in your feet right away. 

One Reviewer Wrote: “Great product. The best way to teach the use of ground forces in the golf swing using footwork and lower body.”

7. Callaway Swing Easy Golf Swing Trainer Aid (Best Backswing Mechanics/Fundamentals Training Aid)

  • Works with Right or Left-Handed Golfers
  • Most Inexpensive Training Aid on Our List
  • Focuses on Backswing Mechanics
  • Rolls to Size of Wallet and Weighs Little to Nothing
  • Focuses on Singular Aspect of the Golf Swing

Do you feel your arms become “disconnected” from your body during your backswing? Have you watched your swing on film before and thought, “Man, that doesn’t look like the pros at all!”

The Callaway Swing Easy Golf Swing Trainer is designed to force users to have perfect “one-piece backswing” mechanics and fundamentals to set their golf swing up for success from the very beginning!

The Callaway Swing Trainer forces our arms and chest/upper body to move at the same speed and stay “in sync” during the backswing. This makes it easier to square the clubface at impact for more consistency and makes sure our backswing never gets too long (causing more inconsistency of strike-quality and distance). 

The Callaway Swing Easy Golf Swing Trainer has a convenient “one-size-fits-all” design and works perfectly for right or left-handed golfers. If you’d like a little more advice and helpful hints for your backswing, check out Golf Leap’s guide for “How to Execute a Godly Backswing.”

One Reviewer Wrote: “Easy to use, and fits great. Keeps my arms in and helped my swing tremendously. I keep it in the bag and use this every other range trip just to stay in the habit of keeping my arms in the correct position. Highly recommend.”

8. WINNER SPIRIT Real Swing 300 (Prevents Early Head Lift & Trains Swing Path)

  • Small Design Can Be Used Anywhere
  • Left or Right-Handed Golfer Applicable
  • Immediate Feedback on Swing Path
  • Can Feel Golf Balls Being Hit for Better Practice/Feedback
  • Some say not useful for training the driver

“Keep your head down!” Advice we’ve all heard countless times, but still remains one of the hardest things to listen to. Doesn’t everybody want to know where the ball is going?!

With help from the WINNER SPIRIT Real Swing 300, golfers can practice their swing anywhere and know if they hooked it, sliced it, or hit the ball straight without lifting their head to check, thanks to Real Swing’s “golf swing circle trainer” design!

Featuring three adjustable ball height levels and a “no-battery-required” construction style, the Real Swing 300 trainer effectively gives golfers an at-home driving range in one, easy-to-transport device. Users can practice iron shots, fairway wood shots, and driver shots, both from a tee or fairway height, and with limited space since the product is so small! 

Right or left-handed golfers should set up to the practice ball on the Real Swing 300 just like a normal golf shot. After making a swing and connecting with the ball, users should focus on the direction the practice ball is spinning without lifting their head. A straight shot will result in the practice ball spinning in a perfect vertical circle. Hooked shots will spin towards the right, and sliced shots will spin towards the left (for right-handed golfers). 

One Review Wrote: “I hesitated to purchase this one because of some reviews below, but the quality is way better than my expectation! Basically, I can practice all the clubs, irons, wood, and driver at home. It is helpful to warm up, and check my swing before I go to the field.”

What To Look For When Shopping For Golf Swing Trainers: Variations of The Golf Swing Trainers

Golf Tempo Trainers

Developing a reliable, repeatable, and smooth tempo is one of the most overlooked aspects of the golf swing for most amateur golfers. Funnily enough, tempo is something that more skilled golfers depend on each time they tee it up. 

Poor swing mechanics can be masked and even fixed (to a certain degree) by having a reliable tempo. These reasons are why we’re particularly drawn toward training aids that focus on the development of a good tempo.

Tempo is also an aspect of the golf swing that can easily fall out of rhythm (if not trained regularly), making a tempo-focused training aid essential to golfers that are just beginning or routinely struggle with this swing characteristic.

On top of training tempo, training aids like the SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer also loosen, as well as work to strengthen golf swing specific muscles for injury prevention and less fatigue during your following rounds. 

Golf Swing Speed Trainers

While we used to believe golfers were either “born with speed” or they were not, we now understand that we can train our swing and body to generate more swing speed for greater distance with all our swings. 

There are a few ways to tackle “speed training:” 

  1. Swing speed training devices (SKLZ 3-in-1 Trainer)
  2. Increase our mobility and flexibility (SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer & SKLZ 3-in-1 Trainer)

Here at Golf Leap, we’ve found the best results by focusing on both of the above speed training categories, with the majority of our attention on being consistent with the training we do. None of the training aids on our list are designed to be a “one time-use” type device, which reminds us of our favorite quote: 

“Look at a stonecutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet, at the hundred and first blow, it will split in two, and I know it was not the last blow that did it, but all that had gone before.”

Additionally, many golfers have reported injuries from over-doing speed training. Weighted training aids like we’ve suggested in our list don’t allow us to swing at our fullest capacity, so you’ll be less likely to injure yourself if you use one of those. 

Golf Swing Path/Plane Trainers

“Swing Path” and “Swing Plane” (different words for the same thing) relating to the golf swing are very trendy to talk about these days. 

Professional golfers like Matt Wolff and Jim Furyk made unique “home-grown” swing planes popular, and while we hoped the swing plane focus would be left behind, if anything, the path/plane talk has gotten more of the limelight in recent years!

What is the “Swing Path” / “Swing Plane”?

  • Most simply put, your golf swing plane/path is the angle and “path” your club head travels during the backswing and through impact to the follow-through. 

As you hopefully interpreted from the incredibly unorthodox swingers we mentioned, every golfer’s swing path/plane is unique to their individual swing, and the best swing path trainers will help you find and practice your ideal swing path. 

Tools like the ANDIGO Swing Plane Trainer and the WINNER SPIRIT Real Swing 300 let golfers train their swing path with immediate feedback and enable us to develop the proper muscle memory to “groove in” a more repeatable swing path. 

FAQ: Best Golf Swing Trainers

Do golf swing trainers work?

Without a doubt, the proper golf swing trainers for your golf swing will help you reach your goals faster. 

We like comparing golf swing trainers to having a “Fast-Pass” at an amusement park. You’ll get to by-pass a lot of the learning curve (waiting-times) with the golf swing by equipping yourself with the right training aids!

What is the “best” golf swing trainer?

While the answer to this question is tricky to answer (since every golfer will have different swing trainer needs), we still believe the best tool on our list is the SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer. Being able to work on key fundamentals like flexibility, mobility, tempo, swing plane, and “golf muscle” strength with one tool is a god-send to most golfers. 

What golf swing trainers do the pros use? 

Pros use TONS of training aids, but the most popular ones we see at events or in the bags/hands of PGA Tour pros are the SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer and tools like the ANDIGO Swing Plane Trainer. If you think about it, these tools totally make sense for a high level professional golfer, because they focus on the two aspects of the golf swing that are the easiest to get out of sync– tempo and swing path.

Tommy Fleetwood went viral a few weeks ago for combining a swing plane trainer with a small block on the driving range, leaving little to no room for error while he practiced on the range.

The Verdict: Best Golf Swing Trainers

If you’re looking to improve your game and tired of aimlessly practicing without seeing any results, one of the best golf swing trainers on our list should help you reach your goals. 

We feel that the SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer is the best golf swing trainer because it does so many things at once, including loosening our muscles pre-round, strengthening our “golf swing specific muscles” for greater endurance in the future, helps “flatten” your swing plane to reduce slices, and grooves in a consistent and repeatable tempo. 

That being said, don’t be afraid to experiment or even combine multiple training aids from our list. We have found great success combining the Divot Board with Swing Plane Trainer so we can get immediate feedback on the quality of our swing plane and turf-interaction at the same time!

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