7 Best Office Putting Sets [Say Goodbye To 3-Putts]

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7 best office putting sets

This is Golf Leap’s Top 7 Picks for the Best Office Putting Sets right now!

Quit waddling around your office during your lunch break when you can be playing golf at work! One way to get those brain cells pumping and have more fun in the office is to get yourself the PERFECT PRACTICE Putting Mat or any of the 7 office putting sets we recommend in this article.

If you’re looking to get rid of your 3-putts, play golf during the winter or anywhere indoors, and practice the game wherever you go, an office putting mat will easily do the trick; especially a portable one: simply roll it up, drive it back home, and continue putting indoors! Trust me, I was able to drop my handicap down to the upper single digits by practicing my putts on one of these indoor putting sets.

That said, this article is dedicated to showing you the best line of office putting sets on the market right now. There’s a large variety of them from large indoor putting greens to even golf-pong putting sets! Hope you’re excited! 

Let’s begin!

Our Top 7 Picks

Most Worth-It Office Putting Sets
  1. PERFECT PRACTICE Putting Mat (Best Quality Office Putting Set)
  2. PutterBall Golf Pong Game Set The Original (Most Enjoyable Putting Set with Co-workers)
  3. BOBURN Golf Putting Green (Best Putting Green For Large Offices)
Best Putting Set For Speed Control
  1. CHAMPKEY Professional 10 Ft Golf Putting (Most Dynamic Putting Mat)
  2. WellPutt Golf 13′ High-Speed Training Mat (Best Putting Set for Speed Control)
  3. SurePutt Practice Mat (Best All-in-One Putting Set)
Best Budget Putting Mat Set
  1. JEF World Of Golf Automatic Putting Cup (Most Affordable Office Putting Set)

The Best Overall


Best quality practice mat for most office sizes!

Editor’s Pick

PutterBall Golf Pong Game Set

Most fun and good for co-workers!

Most Effective

BOBURN Golf Putting Green Mat

Ideal for Big Offices to Get some serious practice!

Best Office Putting Sets Review: Most Worth-It Office Putting Sets

Below is our review for each of the 7 best office putting sets for this article. If you want to know the dimensions of these putting sets, we have a table listing each of their sizes after this section. Make sure to check that table out as it will ensure you buy the right putting set that will fit your office space.

1. PERFECT PRACTICE Putting Mat (Best Quality Office Putting Set)

  • Great putting aids with alignment and distance markers
  • High-quality surface for an amazing feel
  • Compact and portable
  • Unbiased design for both left and right-handed golfers
  • Stimpspeed from 10-14 depending on the mat you get
  • Slightly pricey, but it’s definitely worth it in our books

If you’re a golf fanatic and want to be playing golf during work, then the PERFECT PRACTICE Putting Mat (that’s right it’s fully capitalized) will give you all the fun, practice, and practicality you’ll need to play golf indoors.

After taking a few putts myself on this mat, the PERFECT PRACTICE putting mat stands out at the top in a couple of ways:

  1. The crystal velvet surface material gives it a really nice green-like feel when you putt.
  2. Its hassle-free ball return system is jam-free and allows you to putt indefinitely without moving one step!
  3. It’s got 2 putting holes with varying sizes for you to practice your putting accuracy in different scenarios.
  4. Clear guide and distance markers to aid you with your putting and stance alignment, while acting as a good way to practice your speed control.

One of the main reasons why this is one of Dustin Johnson’s favorite indoor putting sets is because of its compact and slim design. Fully extended at roughly 9’ 6” long, this putting mat sits flat on the floor which lets it adapt well to any office environment while providing you with enough length to enjoy your putts. If you want to take it back home, simply roll it up and you’re ready to go!

2. PutterBall Golf Pong Game Set The Original (Most Enjoyable Putting Set with Co-workers)

  • The most fun you’ll get out of any putting mat
  • Comes with two putters and two putting golf balls!
  • Great for creating a fun and engaging work environment
  • Still a good option for casual putting
  • Dense foam material making it very durable
  • Easy to fold and roll up for good portability
  • Not the best for practice, but more for fun

Creating a positive and fun working culture is one of the key successes of a motivated and successful team. And one of the best ways to achieve this is to have your coworkers putt off over a round with the PutterBall Golf Pong Game Set.

Designed with 6 holes on each side of the putting mat, the concept of the PutterBall mat is exactly the same as the game beer pong! Essentially, you’re facing off against someone else and see who manages to close up all 6 holes of their opponent where you close up a hole whenever your opponent puts into it. Once all the holes from one of the two ends are closed up, the player with holes still remaining wins! 

Feel-wise the PutterBall mat is above average, it’s not as smooth as the PERFECT PUTTING mat we mentioned above, but it’s durable and made of highly dense foam and is still an excellent choice for casual putting practice around the office. The two sections of the mat that contains the golf holes are slightly more elevated than the middle section, providing a slope for more challenge to the players. That said, this putting mat is aimed more at fun rather than an efficient putting practice in the office. 

3. BOBURN Golf Putting Green (Best Putting Green For Large Offices)

  • Heavy-duty material making it extremely durable and good to step on
  • Almost exactly like a putting green you’ll find at a practice range
  • 3 putting holes for different putting angles
  • Stimpmeter rating of 10
  • One of the best for practicing real-life putting
  • It’s on the more pricey end, but worth it if you want a large office putting set

If you’ve got more space to spare in your office, then instead of a putting mat why not bring an entire putting green with you? That’s where the BOBRUN Golf Putting Green becomes an excellent option.

It’s got 3 well-spread-out putting holes made of stainless steel to provide a list of different putting angles for you to practice on. On top of that, the green is made of heavy-duty material so you can stand on it and jump on it without damaging it. The green also has a stimp meter reading of 10 which is one of the most comfortable green surfaces for golfers as the green is not too fast and not too slow.

The entire green sits at 5ft x 10ft in size and they also added a generous amount of 35mm of artificial grass/ rough at the edges of the green, allowing you to practice greenside putts and chipping while preventing the golf ball from rolling off the green. If you’re a serious golfer, having this in the office will definitely improve your putting skills and lower your handicap.

Best Putting Set For Speed Control 

1. CHAMPKEY Professional 10 Ft Golf Putting (Most Dynamic Putting Mat)

  • Multiple tools to create custom putting experience
  • Slope wedge tool for slope alterations
  • Two putting speed surfaces on both ends (fast and slow) – 4 stimp speed options ranging from 7.5 to 13
  • Alignment and distance markers for speed control
  • Very Affordable
  • Some mentioned that the mat doesn’t sit completely flat

The CHAMPKEY Professional Putting Mat stands as one of the best putting mats that are fun, affordable, and one of the most dynamic putting mats to have in an office.

One of its main features is its slope wedge tool that allows you to lift certain sections of the mat to create custom slope conditions anywhere. Besides that, it also comes with alignment and distance markers along with four stimp speeds with one end that has a slower surface and another that’s faster.

The concept of the mat is to place the golf hole at the center of the mat and you can choose to practice from either the slower or faster section. That said, depending on where you’re putting from the mat, you can choose between 4 stimp speed options ranging from a stimp rating of 7.5 to 13.

Last but not least, the CHAMPKEY Professional putting mat also come with two ball bumpers to prevent your golf balls from rolling off the edges of the mat. However, there are no bumpers for the longer sides of the mat so that’s where you’ll see the ball rolling off the mat at times.

2. WellPutt Golf 13′ High-Speed Training Mat (Best Putting Set for Speed Control)

  • Comes with 54 exercises with its WellPutt training program app
  • Rolls at two different speeds from each end
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Easy to roll-up and store away
  • Quite pricey
  • Doesn’t have a putting hole

Another excellent golf mat we recommend to have in your office is the WellPutt Golf 13’ High-Speed Training Mat and it’s without a doubt the best-putting mat you can have for practicing speed control.

Like the CHAMPKEY putting mat, the WellPutt golf mat has varying speeds for you to work with. On one way, the putting green rolls at an 11.5 stimp speed, while the other rolls at a 10. This is ideal for learning your speed control that can be applied to most golf greens globally. 

On top of that, the WellPutt Golf training mat also comes with its own training program on the WellPutt mobile app. This program gives you a list of 54 putting exercises on three different levels for you to practice with on the training mat. What’s cool is that you can identify quite accurately what your training habits are and eliminate some bad putting habits through this app. Trust me, it really works!

If you’re serious about golf and don’t want to waste your office breaks, then adding the WellPut Golf High-Speed training mat into your office is a recipe for success!

3. SurePutt Practice Mat (Best All-in-One Putting Set)

  • Extremely high-quality material and easy to store
  • Mini mat allows for chipping practices along with same-level putting
  • A complete training package that will help you’re putting significantly
  • Very portable and comes with an alignment putting mirror
  • Feels like you’re putting on carpet according to some

One of the best quality putting mats that also comes in an all-in-one putting package is the SurePutt Practice Mat.

The SurePutt practice mat comes with the entire indoor putting package you can imagine: an eye alignment putting mirror, a golf cup, a SurePutt mat carrier, and a SurePutt mini mat. The mini mat is SurePutt’s solution to allow golfers to stand on the same surface level as their indoor putting mat. This removes any awkward position with your feet. On top of that, some people even use the mini mat for indoor chipping practices!

On top of that, the putting mat itself is very well-built and high-quality with all the standard alignment and distance markers in your every day putting mat. However, some mentioned that this tough but flexible putting mat has made the SurePutt Practice mat feel like you’re putting on carpet rather than your everyday practice mat or the green!

Best Budget Putting Mat Set

1. JEF World Of Golf Automatic Putting Cup (Most Affordable Office Putting Set)

  • Extremely affordable and effective for practicing your putts
  • Automatica ball return functionality
  • Putting cup size is standard for most putting holes
  • Easy to bring around and takes up very little space in the office
  • Not putting mat, golf ball, or putter
  • Requires carpeted floor to use efficiently with

If you’re looking for something simple, effective, and extremely affordable, the JEF World of Golf Automatic Putting Cup is a solid choice. 

It doesn’t come with a mat but just a hole device with an automatic ball return feature. Since it’s so small and light, this putting cup can be brought literally anywhere with ease. Simply pick it up and you’re on your way!

Why this putting cup is a good option for office putting because most offices are made of carpet which can act as a decent putting green. All you need is to place the JEF World of Golf Automatic Putting Cup anywhere on the carpet floor and you’re good to go for practice!

Office Putting Set Dimensions/ Sizes

Putting MatDimensions (Length x Width)
PERFECT PRACTICE Putting Mat9’ 6” x 1’5”
PutterBall Golf Pong Game Set The Original 12’ x 2’
BOBURN Golf Putting Green10’ x 5’
CHAMPKEY Professional 10 Ft Golf Putting10’ x 1’6”
WellPutt High-Speed Training Mat 13’ x 1’6”
SurePutt Practice Mat 10’ x 1’6
JEF World Of Golf Automatic Putting Cup9” x 7”

Buying Guide: What To Look For In An Office Putting Set

I’ve listed a handful of some of the best office putting sets on the market and it’s clear that they’ve each got their own set of qualities. However, to make sure that your putting sessions in between work breaks are as efficient, fun, and relaxing as possible, let’s take a dive into what makes the best office putting set for you.

Here are a few features you should consider before buying an office putting set.

The Ideal Size of the Putting Mat

As you can tell by now, we’ve got putting gear ranging from 1ft long all the way to 10ft. That said, the ideal size of the putting mat for your office is subjective. For most offices, a 10ft roll-up putting mat is perfect as it’s the best way to practice some of the most frequent putts you’ll encounter at the golf course, an 8-10 ft putt to the green. Definitely don’t want to be three-putting those! Fortunately, most of the putting mats we mentioned above are 10ft long.

On the other hand, if a putting green is what you’re looking for, then the BOBURN Golf Putting Green can be a good choice or even the Putter Ball Golf Pong Game Set. These indoor putting greens are great for creating an enjoyable work culture among co-workers.

Stimp Speed and Feel

The stimp speed is a measure of a golf ball’s velocity on a putting green. For the most part, a stimp speed between 10 to 14 is great for practicing your putts.

That said, the stimp speed and material of the mat really affect the feel you get during your practices. 

Not many golfers have ever heard of the stimp speed on a putting green. Here’s a good video by Golf Digest explaining how stimp speed is measured:

Maneuverability/ Portability

Sometimes, it’s best to have a putting mat that can simply blend in with the office and disappear at will. Or, if you’re someone who likes to carry a putting mat between your living room and your office, then a putting mat that can be rolled up is a great choice.

That said, some less-quality mats when rolled up may be prone to wrinkling. Over time, these mats may become less productive to putt with! Fortunately, for most of the mat above, that won’t be an issue. However, according to some, the CHAMPKEY Professional 10 Ft Golf Putting Mat does seem to wrinkle up near the edges after frequent roll-ups. 

The Best Overall


Best quality practice mat for most office sizes!

Editor’s Pick

PutterBall Golf Pong Game Set

Most fun and good for co-workers!

Most Effective

BOBURN Golf Putting Green Mat

Ideal for Big Offices to Get some serious practice!

FAQ – Office Putting Sets

What types of putting mats are there?

When it comes to putting mats and indoor putting greens, there are simply too many categories out there. Every practice putting mat/ green has its own speed, material, feel, and design.

The most common putting mat in the market is the 10ft long putting mat with the second most popular being the indoor putting green. The difference between the two is that a 10ft putting mat is designed more for speed control and straightforward putting, while indoor putting greens mimic more similarly to the greens you practice down at the golf course where you can practice your putts from different angles.

What’s the difference between an in-door putting set compared to the greens at a golf course?

Though owning a putting mat is a great way for you to practice your putts, at the end of the day, nothing beats practicing your putts on the greens of a golf course or driving range. In-door putting sets are more suited for general putting stroke practice and practicing your putter alignment and contact with the golf ball. 

If you want a real feel for the game, then the greens outdoors are your best bet. However, it’s without a doubt that practicing with a putting set at home will improve your putting down the course. For most, their confidence, roll, and speed control will improve significantly with an office putting set. Plus, if you’re living in an area where it’s 3ft of snow during winter, then having an in-door putting set at home and in the office is always a great way to make sure you don’t lose that ‘touch’ for your putts.

How should I grip my putter?

The most common putting grip used by most golfers is the reverse overlap grip. In this grip, take your regular overlap/ vardon golf grip like you would with your irons. From there, simply transition by taking the forefinger/ index finger of your left hand and sitting it on top of the fingers of your right hand. Make sure both your thumbs point downward and sit on the flat top of the grip, and that’s it!

There are a ton of putting grips out there. The reverse overlap grip might not be what works for you, and that’s fine! For me, it’s the alternative reverse overlap. If you’re looking to unlock your putting grip check out the 7 most popular putting grips used in the PGA Tour.

The Verdict: Best Office Putting Sets

The best office putting set has to be the PERFECT PRACTICE Putting Mat in our books as it easily checks off what most people look for in an office putting set. That said, don’t limit yourself! There are more styles of putting sets being released every year and they’re becoming more creative and fun! My personal favorite will be the PutterBall Golf Pong Game Set The Original, as I’d love to practice my putts while sharing that fun with my coworkers in the office!

Hope you enjoyed the read! If you liked this article, you may also like:

May the course be with you!

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