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This is our review for the 2022 Callaway MAVRIK Irons.

The 2022 Callaway MAVRIK Irons were designed to generate maximum ball speed. In fact, Callaway’s untraditional approach to utilizing A.I. to come up with a set of irons that are much more strongly lofted than the standard irons in the game improvement category has made the MAVRIKs hit extremely long.

callaway mavrik irons

If you think that hitting longer means sacrificing the clubs forgiveness, you’re wrong! Callaway has innovated from their popular 2019 Callaway Rogues and used what they worked in those clubs along with the 2020 Callaway MAVRIK Irons to create a ‘hybrid’ version of the two in the 2022 Callaway MAVRIKs. 

What you end up with, is a set of clubs that will not only hit the ball further, but feels and sounds amazing, is extremely easy to hit with, and can work wonders for you for many years at the course.

Let’s dive deeper into the Callaway MAVRIK Irons.

Spec & Detail: Callaway MAVRIK Irons Set

Club TypeLoft AngleLie AngleTotal LengthOffset
4 Iron18°60.5°38.875’’7.2mm
5 Iron21°61.25°38.25’’6.9mm
6 Iron24°62°37.625’’6.6mm
7 Iron27°62.5°37’’6.3mm
8 Iron31.5°63°36.5’’5.8mm
9 Iron36°63.5°36’’5.3mm
GW 51°64°35.25’’3.7mm

The Break Down: Callaway MAVRIK Irons

The 2022 Callaway MAVRIK Irons are some of the best game improvement irons suitable for high-handicap to mid-handicap golfers. Newcomers to the sport, however, should probably try a different iron set like the TaylorMade SiM MAX Irons.

Our first glimpse of Callaway’s MAVRIK golf clubs was in January of 2020 and boy was it a special one as it was the first set of golf clubs Callaway successfully designed using Artificial Intelligence.

Does that mean your golf club would start talking in the middle of play? Hopefully not. 

Instead, with the help of A.I., you can expect the MAVRIK irons to be one of the most optimized and high-performing game improvement irons for distance, feel, sound, and consistency.

Out of the bag, the Callaway MAVRIK irons are exceptionally long. In fact, one feature that makes them this long is their loft settings, which are tuned to be much stronger (less loft) than your standard game improvement irons. Simply put, the Callaway MAVRIK irons won’t hit as high as the other game improvement irons, but if hit properly, they can deliver much more distance. 

Now, with Callaway releasing the 2022 version of the MAVRIKs, you just know that Callaway ensured that these clubs will perform just as well, and become just as desirable as its previous 2020 and 2021 models.

If you’re a high handicap or mid handicap golfer, looking for a set of irons that hit far, straight, and feels/ sounds amazing, the Callaway MAVRIKs is by far one of the best choices out there.


  • More distance than other game improvement irons while still forgiving
  • Specs on these irons are fine-tuned by Artificial Intelligence
  • Soft and smooth feel
  • A great option for high handicap to mid handicappers golfers
  • The 2022 version is slightly more forgiving now for beginners to have as their first set of golf clubs
  • High-quality and more affordable


  • Beginners looking for a higher launch may struggle with the MAVRIKs due it is stronger lofts
  • Chrome finish more prone to scuffs

Callaway MAVRIK Varieties


  • Standard Callaway MAVRIKS
  • Game Improvement Irons
  • Everything mentioned in this article
Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Pro Iron Set (Set of 7 Clubs: 4 iron - PW, Right Hand, Steel, Stiff)


  • Player distance irons
  • The lofts of the PRO are not as strong as the standard irons
  • Better shot shaping abilities
Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Iron Set (Set of 7 Clubs:5 Iron - PW, AW, Right Hand, Steel, Regular)


  • Most Suited For Beginners
  • Bigger face, broader topline, and sole
  • Good draw bias for a more anti-slice effect

Features: A Deeper Dive into the 2022 Callaway MAVRIK Irons

Callaway invested a lot of time into making sure that each iron within the 2022 Callaway MAVRIK Irons set is optimized for its specific role.

To do this, they use Artificial intelligence and their years of golf manufacturing experience to fine-tune the ideal club head for every iron. Below, are all the features that Callaway made sure to make specifically for each of their golf clubs in this set.

Flash Face Architecture

Newly tuned Flash Face architecture optimizes high ball speed with an increase in consistency and forgiveness. 

Detailed A.I. Designed Club Faces

A.I. was used to customize the ideal size and look of each iron. This ensures that you get the right amount of MOI specific for each type of iron.

*MOI stands for Moment of Inertia. Generally, the higher the MOI the more forgiveness there is. A higher MOI means the more off-centered you hit the golf ball, the more resilient the club face is to twisting. High MOI golf clubs help in hitting straighter shots. Hence, irons like the MAVRIK are good options for high handicappers and mid handicappers who often still struggle to find the center of the face consistently.

Face Cup Design

We mentioned that the Callaway MAVRIKs was designed with the goal of generating maximum ball speed. The Face Cup design of the club face makes the club head extremely flexible, leading to more energy being generated on the golf ball on impact.

Strongly Lofted Clubs

Callaway has always been willing to test the boundaries with their golf clubs. Like the Rogues, the Callaway MAVRIK Irons are also lofted more strongly compared to your standard game improvement irons.

This means shots off the MAVRIKS will carry much farther, which is beneficial for any golfer. Who doesn’t want to hit the ball further? 

However, when you do get these clubs, just take some time in the practice range to get used to the additional carry and roll you’ll experience with these golf irons. Especially the wedges, as they would have slightly more spin than your typical golf wedges in another iron set, but don’t worry, the wedges are still great!

Tungsten Energy Core

Each MAVRIK iron is fitted with its own tungsten weight that allows for an easier launch. This compensates for the stronger lofted faces, making the Callaway MAVRIK Irons still a very forgiving game improvement iron.

Urethane Microspheres

Urethane microspheres were popularized by Callaway’s Rogue series. It includes placing a pocket of a specially created urethane that is touched by the back of the face and infused with roughly 500,000 minuscule “microspheres.”

The 2022 Callaway MAVRIK Irons also have these microspheres. Essentially, these microspheres help to enhance feel and give it that butterly smoothness during the golf swing and on impact without sacrificing any club head speed.

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Performance: Callaway MAVRIK Irons

Distance: The MAVRIKs Hit Far!

The MAVRIKs were designed with ball speed in mind. With the combination of the Face Cup Design, Flash Face Architecture, and the stronger than usual lofts, Callaway insists that thanks to their complex A.I. configured irons, stronger lofts are the new way to deliver optimal trajectory.

When using the longer to mid-length iron in the Callaway MAVRIK irons set, you will notice a 5 to 10-yard increase compared to your usual game improvement irons! And, this benefit is most pronounced for those with a slower swing speed which are most high handicap golfers.

Forgiveness: Them Being Less Forgiving is a MYTH!

That’s right, don’t think that just because the lofts on these clubs are much steeper than your regular game improvement irons, that they’re much harder to hit with.

Callaway made sure to not sacrifice much forgiveness with the additional distance you get from these golf clubs. The face of the 22 MAVRIKs is still on the larger side, so hitting the ball will still be just the same as your other game improvement irons.

The positioning of the Tungsten Energy Core is also suggested by A.I. In fact, the tungsten weights are placed in specific locations for each club. This allows for an easier launching ability for each golf club even with their untraditional loft designs.

Finally, the Cup Face Technology helps to offset that stronger loft by adding at leasts a degree of dynamic loft at impact. This means, realistically, your shots will still be lower and carry farther, but it’s also just as easy to hit as your standard game improvement irons.


Callaway made it clear that having a standard 27° 7-iron is inefficient and an outdated concept. By combining a stronger loft with the it’s technology, you can generate much more energy at the ball at a more suitable angle of impact. This creates more distance without the need of sacrificing forgiveness.

Straightness & Consistency: Low Trajectory, But Easy to Hit Straight

High MOI, stronger loft, and bigger club face makes the Callaway MAVRIK Irons hit consistently straight. As a result, slices and hooks become rarer while your ball flight will have a much lower trajectory compared to your standard game improvement irons.

Feel/ Sound: Butterly Smooth and Sounds Crisp

You’ve probably heard of the famous Callaway Rogues irons. Back in their release in early 2019, these clubs were everything Callaway fans were looking for except for one aspect. And that was, the feel. Specifically, the feel of the club wasn’t as smooth, as they sometimes felt hard on the hands on mishits.

Callaway improved this in the MAVRIKs with the urethane microspheres. These microspheres rest at the back of the club and absorb unwanted vibrations from mishits, giving the club that butterly smoothness.

Diverstiy: Anyone Can Benefit From The 2022 Callaway MAVRIK Irons

To be fair, the 2022 Callaway MAVRIK Irons can really be the golf clubs made for any golfer. We’ve covered forgiveness, distance, straightness, consistency, and feel. From what we’re seeing, every aspect of the Callaway MAVRIK Irons just seems ideal for beginner, high handicap, and mid handicap golfers to use.

It’s got the whole package. The long irons are made for launch and maximized ball speed, the mid irons specialize in control to give consistent ball speed and spin for straighter shots, and the wedges still generate an impressive amount of spin to promote great accuracy for pitching and chipping.

If you’re looking for something different, and don’t want just another everyday game improvement iron, then the 22 Callaway MAVRIK Irons may be the new exciting option!

3 Best Alternatives To The Callaway MAVRIK Irons

1. TaylorMade SiM MAX Irons (If You’re Looking for High Trajectory with High Forgiveness)

  • The Best Clubs for Options for Beginners
  • Super Game-Improvement Irons
  • More loft than the Callaway MAVRIK Irons
  • More forgiving option than the MAVRIKs

2. Titleist T300 2021 Irons (Similar Performance to the Callaway MAVRIK Irons but different brand)

  • Performs similarly to the 22 Callaway MAVRIK Irons
  • Like the MAVRIK, it’s a popular game improvement iron
  • Can be slightly more pricey
  • If you prefer a more minimalistic look

3. TaylorMade P790 Irons (If You Prefer a Player Distance Iron)

  • The best irons player distance irons in the market
  • Excellent quality
  • Quite expensive
  • Hits farther if struck correctly
  • Suited more for mid to low handicappers

The Verdict

If you were a fan of the Callaway Rogues, then the 2022 Callaway MAVRIK Irons is its much improved younger brother. In fact, any golfer within the mid handicap or higher range can benefit from the reliability provided by these iron sets.

The improved distance, control, and forgiveness from the already impressive 2020 MAVRIKs, makes the 2022 Callaway MAVRIK Irons one of the best and most popular golf clubs in the market right now.

Convinced? Awesome! Just remember to take some time at the golf range when you’ve gotten the MAVRIKs to get used to the newer flight trajectory and additional carry. For more articles like this, check out: best irons for a 10 handicap or best irons for beginners.

May the course be with you ⛳️

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