Hybrids and Fairway Woods

Just like the golf driver, the hybrid and fairway wood are part of the wood category and you should look to have one of each in your list of golf clubs to get. These clubs are essential for any golfer to bridge the distance gap between their driver and irons. In most cases, they are considered the best alternative to a driver for beginners. This is because they are easier to hit off the tee, more versatile (as they can also be used off the fairway on par-5s or longer par-4s), and carry the ball almost as far as a driver.

best hybrids for high handicappers

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs For High Handicappers In 2024

This is our review of the best hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers right now. Replacing your longer irons with hybrids are a great way to lower your golf score.
best beginner fairway woods

Best Fairway Woods For High Handicappers & Beginners In 2024

One of the best pieces of advice you can get as a high handicapper or beginner is to tee off with a fairway wood instead of a driver. Check out the best fairway woods in the market to do this.