Takomo Golf 101 Irons Review

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This is the Takomo Golf 101 Irons review.

For some, the popular TaylorMade P790 can at times be too light or too big of an investment. But, I found a very reliable alternative for it, and guess what? It’s more affordable, more forgiving, and also extremely well-made!

Introducing Takomo Golf’s 101 Irons, a ridiculously affordable, premium quality, and crazy forgiving golf iron set. To us, this iron set is one of the best for beginners, high-handicappers, and mid-handicappers and by far has one of the best 4-iron and 5-iron I’ve ever used.

takomo golf 101 irons review

I’m so excited to cover this iron set! One reason being that it’s a brand that not many of you have heard of yet! That’s why in this article, I’ll break it all down from how it feels, sounds, its key performance, features, specs, and why you should get it. You name it, I’m covering it all here.

Let’s begin!

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Takomo 101 Irons: What to Expect Out of the Bag

The set comes with a 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9-iron, and a Pitching Wedge (PW).

Key Features
  • Plays just like the P790, but slightly heavier
  • A blade iron that has the forgiveness of a cavity-back iron
  • Very affordable for an amazing iron set
  • Awesome 4-iron and 5-iron
Best For These Golfers
  • Beginners (Somewhat)
  • High-Handicap Golfers
  • Mid-Handicap Golfers
Reconsider If
  • You’re a Low Handicap Golfer
  • Forgiveness is not what you’re looking for in an iron set
  • You have a natural draw tendency with your golf swing

About Takomo Golf

Takomo Golf is an emerging golf brand coming out of Scandinavia. They’ve gotten rather popular lately with their 101 and 101T irons for their ease to play and design. According to Takomo, “quality and durability without compromising on style” is the motto they go by and it is clear that they’ve spent a lot of time to make something excellent. In this article, we’re going through it’s famous 101 Irons.

Performance & Features

takomo 101 irons review

The Takomo Golf 101 Irons feels like a slightly heavier TaylorMade P790. I can’t explain it enough, but they really do play well. If you’ve tried the P790s and want something slightly heavier on the head and something much more affordable (without sacrificing quality), Takomo Golf’s 101 Irons will hit the sweet spot for you.

One of the key things I noticed with the Iron 101 from Takomo is how easy it is to play with. Seriously, for an emerging golf brand, they balanced high launch, low spin, and stronger lofts extremely well, and nailed the face’s MOI perfectly. Shots off the 101 irons were very straight and carried low spin, making the ball roll much more when it landed. Shots off the toe weren’t that bad too, in fact, they stay relatively straight, sometimes even drawing inwards. I can proudly say that during my three-range session with the 101, I have never had a shank with the 101 Irons.

Shots on the center of the club face were satisfying and created a crisp sound and blade-like feel. The ball flew extremely far and it did so so consistently that it just makes you want to stay at the range forever.

Plus, one thing I loved the most about the Takomo 101s is their 4-iron and 5-iron. Usually, longer irons like these on other golf sets are so hard to hit with that they’re rarely ever practiced with on the range. This makes many golfers unprepared for longer par 4s or par 5s where they could really use a reliable long iron. They just hit so pure, and always seem to find the center!

Here are some of the additional features that make the Takomo Golf 101 Irons a good option for high-handicap golfers:

  • Hollow body design for upgraded forgiveness and higher MOI
  • Precision milled-thin face for excellent COR with high ball compression – high ball speed anywhere on the face
  • 431 carbon steel muscle-back irons with hollow body design promote forgiveness without sacrificing distance
  • Offsetted face preventing an open face of impact, creating a slight draw-bias
  • Ridiculously good 4-iron and 5-iron, one of the best I’ve ever used for sure

Spec Check for the Takomo Golf 101 Irons

Head Weight251259265272279289295
Shaft Length, steel38.5”38”37.5”37”36.5”36”35.5”
Shaft Length, Graphite39”38.5”38”37.5”37”36.5”36”

The stock shaft in the 101 Irons is the KBS Tour Lite shaft which is designed for players who are looking for tighter dispersion, higher trajectory, additional spin, and more precise control in a lightweight shaft. 

For the stock grip, it’s the Lamkin Crossline grip, which is comfortable but firm. It really helps with providing good feedback for the Takomo 101 Irons, allowing you to feel where you’re hitting on the face much better.

Iron Category: In between a Game Improvement and a Player’s Distance Irons

Sound and Feel

So far, my hands have never felt any pain or discomfort from using the 101 Irons. Maybe it’s the Lamkin Crossline and the 101 club head, the irons feel firm in your hands and you feel like you know where the club head is during your entire golf swing.

The sound when you find the center is crisp and satisfying and the blade-like design makes you feel like you can really accelerate your golf swing, but the heavier head still allows you to stay in control. 

On impact, it’s soft, addicting, and feels effortless. Mishits don’t put stress on your hands, which some people may not like as it affects their feel. But, for others like myself, I really appreciated it.

It’s Shiny Design

Clean, metally, and shiny. When I first received the Takomo Golf 101 Irons, two things popped into my head:

  1. Did I just buy an expensive bar of silver?
  2. Man, these remind me of the P790s

The 101 Irons were shiny! So shiny that I could almost see my reflection on the back of the club. Fortunately, Takomo didn’t make it a mirror, the metal is well-polished and still retains that metallic, almost matted look.

The topline is somewhat chunky and the face feels slightly bigger than the P790s, which is a bonus for newer golfers setting their club next to the golf ball. It’s a good confidence booster and more confidence helps!

The slick Takomo logo is etched at the back of the club head and I really like it. It gives it a rather sporty, clean design.

Something that was a little awkward looking is the black, circular dot/ port at the toe of the club head. It looks painted on, which I would say reduced the premium look of the club but you rarely ever see it so it doesn’t really matter.

2 Alternatives

1. TaylorMade P790 Irons
  • A lighter and smaller version of the 101 Irons
  • Much more expensive
2. Takomo Golf 101T Irons
  • A slightly less forgiving version of the 101 Irons
  • If you’re sold on trying Takomo Golf’s irons but want something slightly more for mid-handicap to low handicap golfers

Takomo Golf 101 Irons FAQ

1. Can Beginner Golfers Use the Takomo Golf 101 Irons?

Yes! If you’re sure you’re into golf and committed to reaching a mid-handicap, then the 101 Irons is something you should definitely get. It’s affordable and offers all the forgiveness in the world while looking like a top-class iron.

However, this iron set doesn’t come with a driver, putter, hybrid, or fairway wood. For beginners, I recommend them to settle with a beginner golf set as it’s even more forgiving and affordable for someone who isn’t so deep into the game.

With the 101 Irons, you’re only getting the iron set, so you’re gonna need to get your own driver, hybrid, putter, fairway wood, and wedge.

2. Where can I buy the 101 Irons?

Good news is that Takomo Golf ships globally! So you can buy the Takomo Golf 101 Irons anywhere in the world!

3. What do I want more from Takomo Golf’s 101 Irons?

Without a doubt, make the set offer a 2-iron and a 3-iron! Because MAN, the 4-iron and 5-iron plays so well. Regardless of which golf set I use, I’m considering swapping Takomo’s 4-iron and 5-iron over. It’s that good.

The Verdict: Takomo Golf 101 Irons Review

Takomo Golf’s 101 Irons is ideal for high-handicap to mid-handicap golfers. Being a younger golf brand, golfers have an opportunity to get an amazing iron set for an amazing bargain. If this iron set was released by any of the bigger golf brands, it’ll easily be sold for more than 1,500 dollars, yet you can get the 101 Irons now for a third of that price. If you’re looking for something premium, affordable, forgiving, and extremely fun to play with, then Takomo Golf’s 101 Irons is for you.

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