Different Golf Shot Techniques

Message from Mark: It’s easy to hit full-swing golf shots at the driving range. After smashing 100 balls, you go to the course and realize that you’re completely not prepared to handle anything the course throws at you.

Golf is all about control and how low you can score on the golf course. My goal with Golf Leap is for you to get the ball rolling and become course-ready ASAP. To do that, it’s time to go beyond your knowledge of a regular golf swing and understand every style of golf shot there is to play your perfect round of golf consistently. Enjoy and see ya!

The Thai Spinner Golf Shot

The Famous Thai Spinner Golf Shot Made Simple

The Thai Spinner golf shot was made famous in Thailand where it became the perfect chipping technique for grainier grass. It’s a low but high spin shot that makes chipping on grainy conditions easy.
How to hit a 3-wood off the fairway

How to Hit a 3 Wood off the fairway

Hate hitting a 3 wood off the fairway? The pros make it look so easy, and the truth is that it is a tough shot but we are making it easier for you here.
How to hit out of a Fairway Bunker

How to Hit Out of Fairway Bunkers (Step-By-Step Guide)

Fairway bunkers are common hazards on a golf course. So, learning how to hit out of fairway bunkers is essential and requires a different set of techniques.
The Bump and Run Golf Shot

The Bump and Run Golf Shot – A Short Game Cheat Code

Master the useful bump and run golf shot and take control around the green. Learn how to chip and run like a pro with our expert tips.
Chipping Vs Pitching in Golf

Difference Between Chipping vs Pitching in Golf: Short Game Guide

Confused about Chipping vs Pitching in Golf? Learn the Difference Between These Short Game Shots and How to Get Them Right.
how to putt like a pro

How To Putt Like A Pro [Expert’s Advice]

Learn how to putt like a Pro today! Get your stroke, posture, stance, ball positioning, and routine in check. Pick up drills from Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, etc.

How To Hit A Bunker Shot Consistently

Not sure how to hit a bunker shot? We’ve got you covered.

Let’s Hit Bombs – How To Hit A Driver Far

You’d think the sweet spot of the driver is located at the center of the clubface. But the real sweet spot is located slightly towards the toe and slightly up from the center of the face. Hitting here creates a winning ball pattern with low spin, high launch, and a slight draw. What’s can be better than that?