Golf Basics

Message from Mark: Hey there beginner! Want to learn more about the sport of golf? This section of Golf Leap is dedicated to cover all of the simplest to heavier golf concepts and rules. Spend some time reading a few of these blogs. If one of the posts gets too technical for you, shoot me a message! I’m happy to talk anything regarding golf and especially love helping beginners understand concepts! See ya and may the course be with you!

wrist action in the golf swing guide

Wrist Action in the Golf Swing

Wrist action plays a crucial role in the speed and striking quality of our golf swing. Read more if you’re struggling to square the face or create more lag.
Weight Transfer in the Golf Swing

Weight Transfer in the Golf Swing

Learning how to shift your weight properly during the golf swing will improve the power, consistency, and mobility of swing. It starts with a balanced golf setup all the way to 100% of your weight at your front foot at your finish!
How Long My Golf Clubs Should Be Featured

How Long Should My Golf Clubs Be?

Learn What Length Your Golf Clubs Should Be Today! Have you decided it’s time to upgrade your equipment? Whether the reason be your skill level has evolved to exceed your clubs’ potential, or you’ve just grown in height or size, deciding how long your golf clubs should be isn’t as simply answered as looking at … Read more
types of golf wedges

5 Types Of Golf Wedges – A Quick Golf Wedge Buying Guide

This is an article introducing the 5 types of golf wedges. The Pitching Wedge, The Gap/ Approach Wedge, The Sand Wedge, The Lob Wedge, The Golf Chipper (relatively new ‘wedge’)
how to play golf

How To Play Golf: Golf For Dummies

Learn how to play golf the right way in no time! You’ll learn the about the golf course, the rules, the equipment you need, your golf swing, golf terms, your handicap, how to tee a ball, etc.

Understanding Your Golf Club Distances

Chances are, you don’t know your own golf club distances. That’s nothing new, most golfers think they know how far they can hit but still fall short of their target every time.

What’s My Golf Handicap?

Understand what your handicap means and how the new 2020 World Handicap System by the USGA calculates your handicap.