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Nailing your swing set-up puts you in a comfortable and confident position to try your very best.

Our breakdown will explain our favorite golf swing set-up drills that you can incorporate into your practice or pre-shot routine to make you feel like a beast every swing! 

Our favorite part about these drills is that you can practice each one of them indoors, so rain, cold, or any other obstacle can’t stop you from getting better!

The 5 Best Golf Set-Up Drills

Perfect Posture Drill

This drill emphasizes finding your ideal golf posture and the perfect distance to stand away from the golf ball.

  1. Using any club in your bag, form your normal stance with a slight amount of knee bend.
  1. Extend your arms and position your club where the shaft is parallel with the ground.
  1. Hinge forward at your waist until your club reaches the ground.

The Chair / Golf Bag Drill

Having issues with slices due to moving towards the golf ball during your swing? (A.K.A. “early extension”)

This drill encourages you to maintain your spine angle (maintaining posture) through your swing for more consistency and better use of the ground for more power!

The Chair Drill Explained

  1. Take a chair or your golf bag and position it so that it’s touching your backside while making your stance.
  1. Take a practice swing while making sure you maintain contact with the object behind you during your backswing, at impact, and during your follow through. 

“Roll the Egg” Drill

This is a favorite drill of Nelly Korda, Justin Thomas, and countless other elite level ball-strikers because it focuses on creating a consistent and patient beginning to your backswing.

The “Roll the Egg” Drill also encourages your takeaway to remain on your swing plane and puts your golf club in a perfect position to make an “on plane” swing for straighter golf shots.

  1. Take your standard golf stance while setting up to a ball and position another ball directly behind your club head. 
  1. Make your backswing while pushing the golf ball in a perfectly backwards direction that remains on your target line. 

Coin Under Iron Drill

It’s easy to doom your swing from the get-go by positioning the club head at the wrong angle when addressing the ball.

Place a coin on the toe side of a golf ball while creating your stance. 

  • If you can start your backswing without moving the coin, you’re in a perfect position. 
  • If the coin slides backwards, you know your iron is too flush with the ground at setup. 

“Coin on Putter Head” Drill

A favorite drill of Hideki Matsuyama and other great putters is the “coin on the putter head” drill. This drill establishes a comfortable and balanced tempo and rhythm to your putting stroke.

  • Taking your normal putting stance, balance a moderately large coin on the back side of your putter head. 
  • Your goal is to complete your stroke without the coin falling off your putter.

Want to take this drill up a notch? Balance the coin on the toe side of your putter head. 

  • If the coin falls backwards during your through-stroke, you know your through-stroke is too quick. 
  • If the coin falls forwards during your backstroke, you know your backstroke is too quick!

Summary of The Best Golf Set-Up Drills

Improving your golf swing set-up is crucial for better performance, and these indoor-friendly drills can help. The “Perfect Ball Position and Posture Drill” focuses on the ideal golf posture and distance from the ball. The “Chair / Golf Bag Drill” combats slices by maintaining spine angle. The “Roll the Egg Drill” encourages a patient backswing. The “Coin Under Iron Drill” ensures correct clubhead positioning. Lastly, the “Coin on Putter Head Drill” enhances putting tempo and balance. Incorporate these drills into your practice routine to boost your golf game and feel more confident on the course.

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