7 Best Low Compression Golf Balls

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Here are the 7 Best Low Compression Golf Balls. 

While most amateur and recreational golfers will use any random golf ball they find in the woods or walking along a hazard, most of them don’t know they’re sacrificing control, distance, feel, and their best performance by doing so. 

If you are a mid to slower swinging golfer you should take advantage of golf balls that are designed to help you get the most out of your game!

Our breakdown below talks about the 7 best low compression golf balls that are on the golf market right now, how they can benefit your golf game, and what players we think should use which type of ball! 

best low compression golf balls

Want a quick sneak peek? Our top pick for the best low compression golf ball on the market is the Bridgestone e12 CONTACT for its adaptive cover that provides long distance off the tee and ample spin around the greens, along with their incredibly affordable price!

Shop The Best Low Compression Golf Balls

In a hurry? Here are our top picks for the best low compression golf balls right now: 

  1. Bridgestone E12 CONTACT (Designed with Straight Distance in Mind) 
  2. Wilson DUO SOFT+ (Affordable “World’s Softest Golf Ball”) 
  3. Callaway Supersoft (Budget Friendly Soft & Straight Golf Ball) 
  4. Srixon Soft Feel (Inexpensive Ball for Medium Swing Speeds)
  5. TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe (Great Performance from Tee to Green) 
  6. Titleist Tour Soft (Premium Low Compression Ball for Mid Swing Speed Golfers) 
  7. Vice Pro Soft (Faster Ball Speeds and Affordable Bulk Pricing for Premium Golf Balls)

7 Best Low Compression Golf Balls

You might be asking yourself, “What does a low compression golf ball mean?

To keep it as simple as possible, low compression golf balls are designed to be softer in both their core and overall feeling off the club face. Lower compression golf balls compress easier to maximize distance and performance for slower to moderate swing speeds. 

Also, don’t confuse compression with straightness. How straight a golf ball flies is determined more by its design and material. We covered all the straightest golf balls as well!

1. Bridgestone E12 CONTACT (Designed with Straight Distance in Mind)

  • New FLEXATIV Cover is Straighter Off the Tee and Spins Around the Greens
  • Dimples Slow Sidespin
  • Soft Feel off Putter
  • Multiple Color Offerings
  • Medium Tier Price

The newly updated Bridgestone e12 CONTACT is one of our top choices for golfers wanting a low compression golf ball that helps them hit straighter shots with more distance.

The fourth generation e12 CONTACT features a new “FLEXATIV” Surlyn cover that was designed to create 46 percent more surface contact with the clubface at impact. This adaptive cover modifies based on the amount of force you apply at strike, meaning straighter, faster speed for drives and higher spin rates on shorter shots. 

Golfers looking to reduce the severity of their misses will love the fact each dimple on the e12 features a raised center and higher outer ridges that slow sidespin and add more short game spin. 

Compression Rating: 46

Color Options: White, Matte Red, Matte Yellow, Matte Green

Construction Type: Three Piece 

One Reviewer Wrote: “This is a great all-around ball. It provides plenty of distance and a nice touch around the green. I prefer the red color as it is easy to pick up against the sky and grass.”

2. Wilson DUO SOFT+ (Affordable “World’s Softest Golf Ball”)

  • Highly Affordable 
  • Wilson says “World’s Softest Golf Ball”
  • Velocity Boosting Additive in Core for Max Distance
  • Aerodynamics designed for Straighter Ball Flights
  • Mid-Tier Short Game Spin 

Whether you’ve heard about them from @ManoloTeachesGolf on Instagram, or their “World’s Softest Golf Ball” claims, the redesigned Wilson DUO SOFT+ will fly straighter and farther than what you’re currently using!

The updated core of the DUO SOFT now features a velocity boosting additive for maximum energy return, meaning a higher launch and more distance with less effort. 

A low compression core combined with a mid-hardness cover creates an incredibly soft feel, while optimized aerodynamics reduce driver spin for long carry, straighter shots, and more fairways hit. 

Compression Rating: 35

Color Options: White, Yellow, Green, Orange, Red

Construction Type: Two Piece 

One Reviewer Wrote: “These have a great soft feel and fly where you aim them. They are not as long as others but I still will give up some distance for accuracy”

3. Callaway Supersoft (Budget Friendly Soft & Straight Golf Ball)

  • New HyperElastic SoftFast Core designed for faster speed and soft feel around the greens 
  • Cover is More Durable and Softer than previous models 
  • Hex Aerodynamics reduces drag and heightens launch
  • SuperSoft Alignment Line is bigger and bolder
  • 30-Day “Performance Guarantee” 
  • Moderate to Faster Swing Speeds won’t benefit

Well known as one of the most popular balls in golf, the Callaway Supersoft has been revamped while still focusing on delivering long, straight distance with a “super soft feel. 

The new “HyperElastic SoftFast” core delivers increased ball speed over previous SuperSoft models with the same pillowy feel you expect around the greens. 

A new hybrid cover delivers low spin on long shots and enhanced sound and feel on short game shots with even better durability. The famous Callaway “Hex Aerodynamic” dimple pattern helps balls fly higher and farther, and the enhanced SuperSoft Alignment Aid helps make sure your putts are aimed perfectly. 

Compression Rating: 38

Color Options: White, Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Pink

Construction Type: Two Piece

One Reviewer Wrote: “Great purchase! I’ve been using these golf balls every time I play and I love the feel of the golf club.”

4. Srixon Soft Feel (Inexpensive Ball for Medium Swing Speeds)

  • Softest Srixon Core to-date.
  • Tested Longer than Titleist TruSoft, Callaway SuperSoft, and Bridgestone e12 Soft
  • Proprietary 338 Speed Dimple pattern straightens ball flight and reduces side spin
  • Enhanced Alignment Line
  • Highly Affordable
  • Very Slow or Very Fast Swing Speeds May Need Something Different 

The 13th generation of Srixon Soft Feel golf balls is one of our favorite options for medium swing speed golfers that are looking for an affordable low compression ball. 

The updated “FastLayer” core is mushy-soft in the middle and increasingly firm toward the perimeter, resulting in a ball that feels and reacts soft on shorter shots while rebounding quickly for long distance on tee shots. 

Arguably best of all, Srixon’s proprietary 338 “Speed Dimple” pattern improves overall flight aerodynamics for better performance with drivers, woods, and irons, and the bolded “SoftFeel” Alignment line leads to confident and faster aiming on the greens. 

Compression Rating: 60

Color Options: White, Yellow, Brite Red, Brite Orange, Brite Green, “Personalize Your Own” 

Construction Type: Two Piece 

5. TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe (Great Performance from Tee to Green) 

  • Advanced Alignment Technology (Displays spin and Putting Roll quality)
  • New “Tour Flight Dimple Pattern” promotes max carry distance
  • 100% Urethane cover adds spin and provides better feeling 
  • 3 Layer Construction boosts ball speed
  • Many Color Variations
  • Relatively Expensive 

The TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe is a great pick for golfers wanting a premium lower compression ball that focuses on helping them achieve their best performance from the tee all the way to the greens.

As you likely noticed, 360° “ClearPath Alignment” was engineered to help you aim putts faster and more consistently while also displaying your spin on chip shots

The Tour Response’s 3-piece construction style centered around maximizing energy transfer for faster ball speeds and its 100% urethane cover adds to the already great spin and feel on all shots. 

Compression Rating: 70

Color Options: White/Yellow, White/Orange, White/Blue, White/Red, Blue/Pink

Construction Type: Three Piece 

One Reviewer Wrote: “Typical Taylor made. Good construction, soft enough on greens yet consistently long. Absolutely great to line up tee shots and puts.”

6. Titleist Tour Soft (Premium Low Compression Ball for Mid Swing Speed Golfers)

  • Newly redesigned aerodynamics for more consistent flight
  • Soft Feel
  • Reliable Short Game Control
  • Longer Off the Tee than Previous Models
  • Mid-Tier Price Point

The Titleist Tour Soft is a fantastic choice for golfers that want a premium feeling golf ball from a trusted brand that’s designed to perform for slower swing speeds. 

A new, larger core with an extra thin cover produces exceptional ball speed and a soft feeling off the clubface. 

A redesigned aerodynamic dimple design combined with the larger core creates more distance than all previous Tour Soft models. Titleist calls the Tour Soft their softest feeling golf ball, and if a soft feel and ample greenside spin could help your game, this is the right choice!

Compression Rating: 67

Color Options: White, Yellow 

Construction Type: Two Piece

One Reviewer Wrote: “I’ve tried many balls lately and this is the best blend of distance and feel around the green.”

7. Vice Pro Soft (Faster Ball Speeds and Affordable Bulk Pricing for Premium Golf Balls)

  • Low compression for soft feel and great feedback for low swing speeds
  • Increased Short Game Spin over previous models
  • Optimized Alignment Lines 
  • Lower prices in bulk buying options
  • Medium Tier Price Point for single dozen

While Vice Golf doesn’t have the longstanding golf ball reputation of a ball-maker like Titleist, their direct-to-consumer model, premium construction materials and manufacturing processes make them one o f the best golf ball manufacturers on the market!

The low compression Vice Pro Soft features a new, size-increased “High Energy Speed Core” to boost ball speeds for slower swingers. 

The larger 318 dimple design combined with an ultra-thin cast urethane cover increases short game spin and feel for maximum control around the greens. The patented Vice alignment line is sharp and arrow-straight so you can aim your putts with confidence

Compression Rating: 65

Color Options: White, Lime, Red, White/Pink, Pink/Pink, Blue/Pink

Construction Type: Three Piece 

One Reviewer Wrote: “I’ve tried many balls lately and this is the best blend of distance and feel around the green.”

Buying Guide: Best Low Compression Golf Balls

Now that you know our top picks for the best low compression golf balls on the market, we thought it’d be helpful to talk about the features that we feel are most important to finding the perfect golf ball for your game

Compression Rating vs. Swing Speed Explained:

If you’re in the market for a lower compression golf ball, you’ve likely come to terms with the fact your swing speed isn’t rivaling most high level golfers. 

Faster swing speeds (>105 MPH) will want a higher compression golf ball so they can maximize their energy transfer for as much distance, accuracy, and control as possible. 

Average swing speeds (90-105 MPH) have some options with their golf ball choices. If you’re looking for more control, consider a slightly higher low compression golf ball (as they spin less). If you’re looking for more distance, consider a lower compression golf ball that will compress easier with your moderate swing speed for as much distance as possible.

Slower swing speed (<85 MPH) high handicappers and senior golfers will love low compression golf balls because they maximize length with less force put on the ball at impact.

Layers / Construction Style Explained: 

If you’re trying to learn more about a specific type of golf ball, one of the most common things you’ll see listed is the “Construction Style” of the ball, or how many layers it is made using. 

Two Piece Golf Balls are perfect for beginners and higher handicappers with slower swing speeds. These golf balls are also the most affordable to make for manufacturers, and they pass those savings on to consumers with lower retail prices. (If you’re losing a lot of golf balls during a round, these cost-saving measures will add-up quickly!)

Three Piece Golf Balls are slightly more costly to make but generally provide a more “premium” feel and performance for slightly faster swinging players. Due to slightly more difficult and involved construction methods, these golf balls usually retail for a higher price point. 

Golf Ball NameLayers in Construction
Wilson DUO SOFT+Two Piece
Callaway SuperSoftTwo Piece
Bridgestone e12 CONTACTThree Piece
Srixon Soft FeelTwo Piece
Vice Pro Soft Three Piece
Titleist Tour SoftTwo Piece
TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe Three Piece

Cover Material Explained: 

One of the last differentiators we look at when buying low compression golf balls is the material used to construct its outer cover. 

The three primary materials used include: Urethane, Surlyn, and Ionomer

Urethane cover golf balls carry the highest price point and the most premium feeling off the club face. Urethane is the least durable material of the three but also provides the most spin and control. Lower handicap golfers and professional players rely on the feel, feedback, and command of a urethane cover. 

Surlyn cover golf balls are arguably the most durable on the market and offer more distance with less spin. Golfers concerned with their golf balls lasting a long time before showing signs of wear (maybe you hit in bunkers a lot), or those most concerned with straighter distance should focus on this category. 

Ionomer cover golf balls are made using a polymer to cover the ball. This polymer is much harder and more durable than urethane but offers less feel and spin on all shots. Many golfers find ionomer cover golf balls to be more forgiving off the tee because they don’t spin as much horizontally as other materials. 

Low Compression Golf Ball Chart:

Here’s all the golf balls on our list in order of lowest compression to highest.

Golf Ball NameCompression RatingRecommended Swing Speed
Wilson DUO SOFT+35<85 MPH
Callaway SuperSoft38<85 MPH
Bridgestone e12 CONTACT46<85 MPH
Srixon Soft Feel6085 – 105 MPH
Vice Pro Soft 6585 – 105 MPH
Titleist Tour Soft6785 – 105 MPH
TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe 7085 – 105 MPH

Online Golf Ball Fitting Resources

If you’re partial to a particular golf ball manufacturing brand or you’re wondering if the golf ball you play is actually right for your style of game, many of the leading golf ball makers have online “golf ball fitting tools” that ask you questions to make sure you’re playing the best possible version of their product for your greatest performance! 

Best Low Compression Golf Balls FAQ: 

What are the benefits of low compression golf balls? 

Low compression golf balls provide a lot of benefits that aren’t often talked about for slower to moderate swing speed golfers. 

For example, low compression golf balls help reduce the amount of ball speed lost on mis-hit strikes and help slower swinging golfers get better performance with all shots they encounter. 

Softer golf balls naturally launch higher for softer landings into greens and more carry distance. 

Low compression golf balls provide a ton of spin on shorter wedge shots and feel incredibly soft and responsive off partial shots and the putter face for enhanced control and feel with short game! 

What swing speed suits low compression golf balls? 

As we discussed earlier, very low compression golf balls (we’ll define those as <60 Compression Rating) are generally suited for golfers with swing speeds of lower than 85 MPH.

Moderately low compression golf balls (60-75 Compression Rating) are best suited for average swing speed golfers (between 85 and 105 MPH).

How do I find the compression rating of my golf ball? 

The best way to find the compression rating of your golf ball is to look at the specific manufacturer’s website or consult our “Low Compression Golf Ball Chart” above!

What type of golfers will benefit most from low compression golf balls? 

Golfers with slower to moderate swing speeds (mid-to-higher handicap golfers and senior players) will love the added distance, control, spin, and height advantages of lower compression golf balls. 

Are ProV1s hard or soft? 

Despite their very soft feel with wedges and putters, ProV1’s technically have a much higher compression rating (100) than any low compression golf ball on our list. 

This soft feeling yet higher compression rating is achieved by a “Gradient Core” that’s wrapped in an extremely thin and soft urethane cover, creating the premium performance low handicap golfers and professionals expect. 

Best Low Compression Golf Balls Summary

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my decades spent playing golf, it’s that the right equipment for your golf game will help improve your performance immensely!

We were sure to provide golf ball options for every swing speed, style of player, and every budget so no low compression golf ball-seeker feels left out!
While we’re confident all players will love at least one selection from our list, it’s hard to compete with the Bridgestone e12 CONTACT for its highly affordable price, ample color options, and three piece construction that aids golfers from their tee shots all the way to shorter chips and putting.

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