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The golf grip size plays a giant role in the quality of your golf shots. Golfers who play clubs off the shelf are at risk of injury /and are limiting their playing potential. Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve got the wrong grip size paired with your hands, and fixing this part of your golf grip will power up your golf feel, consistency, and power significantly.

Let’s dive in!

Why Grip Size Matters To The Golf Swing

Hitting a good golf shot starts with the right golf grip, and the grip doesn’t end just by gripping the golf club correctly but also by having the right-sized grip for your hands.

Finding the proper grip size for your hands will significantly determine the optimal club head speed you can generate and how well your hands are involved in the golf swing.

The topic of golf grips is so underrated to golfers, that I am almost certain that you’re not even aware if you’re using the right grip for your hands. In fact, I can bet almost half of you reading this are using the wrong grip size.

Types of Golf Grip Sizes by Category

Golf grips come in four categories: Junior/ Undersized, Standard, Midsize, and Jumbo/Oversize. With the Standard size being the benchmark for every other grip type category based on. For your reference:

Grip CategoryGrip Size
Junior/ UndersizedGenerally – 1/8 inch smaller than standard
Standard (Baseline)Around an inch in diameter
MidsizeGenerally + 1/8 inch larger than standard
Jumbo/ OversizeGenerally + 3/8 inch larger than standard

How Do You Measure the Right Grip Size For Your Hand?

Determining the ideal grip size starts with a simple measurement:

  • Method 1: Measure from the wrist crease to the tip of the middle finger. Based on this:
    • Less than 5 inches: Junior
    • 5 inches to 7 inches: Undersize
    • 7 inches to 7.9 inches: Standard
    • 8 inches to 9.25 inches: Midsize
    • Longer than 9.25  inches: Jumbo/Oversize
  • Method 2: Based on your golf glove size:
    • Men’s Small, Women’s Medium or Small: Undersized Grip
    • Men’s Medium, Women’s Large: Standard Grip
    • Men’s Large: Midsize Grip
    • Men’s Extra Large: Jumbo/Oversized Grip

If you’re not sure if the grip size you ended up with is right for you, you can always double-check with a professional golf club fitter who can find the best grip size for you! However, remember that ultimately what matters most is which grip size makes you feel most comfortable and which gives you the most consistent results. That means, just because a standard grip is designed best for your hands if you prefer a larger grip and play better with it then go for it.

Problems With a Small Golf Grip

Generally speaking, grips that are too large for you will significantly take away the ‘feel’ of the club face. Grips too large will ‘numb’ your hands during the golf swing, making you lose control of the club face and unable to generate power in your swing. Ultimately reducing the consistency and distance of your golf shots.

Problems With a Large Golf Grip

Similarly, grips too small can encourage too much wrist action, creating an over-dominant right hand resulting in a push-slice. On top of that, you’ll notice the club twisting in your hands which can cause blisters in your hands! Ouch!

Golf Grips for Those with Arthritis

For players with arthritis or related conditions, certain grips can provide relief:

  • Arthritic Grips: These are generally larger, softer, and tackier. They reduce stress on hand joints by enabling a lighter grip, especially beneficial over a full 18-hole game.
  • Oversized Golf Grips with Softer Material: Generally speaking, oversized grips that come with softer textures are the go-to alternative for those with Arthritis because the larger the grip, the less pressure you on the golf club need when it comes to holding the golf club.

Note: This is not a one-size fits all solution. Players with pain symptoms should consult a healthcare professional before engaging in golf. We are not health experts and are just providing the most popular alternatives for golfers with arthritis.

Grip Size Popularity

What is the most popular golf grip? From a survey, we asked 100 random adult golfers, the most popular golf grip size was the midsize golf grip at 43%. However, from my experience working as a golf retailer, I know that the standard is just as if not more popular.

Junior grips were not accounted for in this survey.

Grip TypePercent of Golfers 
Jumbo/ Midsized21%

Summary Golf Grip Size

The best way to measure the right grip size for your hands is either through a fitter or match the grip size to the measurement between the crease of your wrist to the tip of your middle finger. Trying out grip sizes that don’t match your hands will result in poor shot quality, consistency, and injury.

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