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Golf Leap’s in-depth Stix Golf Set Review (Complete Set of 14 Clubs).

I’ve been reviewing golf clubs for a long time and I am always surprised at how underrated golf clubs from some emerging but reputable golf brands can be. Stix is one of those golf brands that more beginners and high handicappers should know about. Their 14-piece Complete Golf Set is one of, if not the best set of clubs out there.

Stix Golf Set Review Landing Image

Although still a bargain, this golf set isn’t priced as low as your typical beginner golf set but for a good reason. Personally, I don’t see any 14-piece golf set coming close to rivaling Stix’s 14-club Complete Set in terms of quality, club composition, forgiveness, and design. This is the best you can get in terms of a full-packaged golf club set, so if you’re sure about stepping into golf, make sure to read this review all the way through.

Let’s begin!

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What to Expect Out of the Bag

Video of Mark testing the Stix Complete Golf Set at the Course

14-club Set Composition: x4 Wood Headcovers, Driver, 3W, 5W, 4H, 5-9 Iron, PW, AW, SW, LW, and Putter (Stix Golf Stand Bag Not Included)

Shaft Matieral: Graphite

Key Features
  • The most high-quality, worth-it, and all-in-one package beginners golf set that I have tested
  • High forgiveness clubs: straight, far, and forgiving on mishits
  • Great, well-balanced and heavy putter with good MOI
  • Easy to hit woods that sound powerful (loud but manageable)
  • Sexy matte black design
  • Clubs that will last a very long time even to a mid handicap
Best For These Golfers
  • Beginners and especially high handicap golfers
  • Mid handicappers looking for a great budget golf set
Reconsider If:
  • You’re a low-handicap player looking for more club feedback and playability
  • You don’t want too much attention in your clubs
  • Heavier clubs aren’t your cup of tea
  • You don’t slice your drivers, because this driver is only good for slicers

About Stix Golf

Stix Golf has become one of the most popular emerging golf brands that sell affordable, high-quality golf clubs directly to their customers. A golf brand from Chicago, Stix Golf is was introduced into the golfing world in 2019 with a mission to make golf not a sport just for the rich, but for everyone. With their release of the Stix Complete Set, the set has become a very popular recommendation by famous golf influences like Rick Shiels and Garrett Clark from gm_golf.

Performance & Features

Remember, we have 14 clubs in this set – Driver, 3 & 5 Wood, 4 Hybrid, 5 to 9 Irons, and 4 Wedges (PW, AW, SW, LW). With so many clubs in the bag, I’m breaking this section down for each club independently. Overall, I found the golf clubs to be excellent. In fact, the quality and performance of every club in this set are better than any beginner golf set I’ve ever tested.

The Stix Driver

Stix Driver Images

The driver in this set is a 10.5-degree driver at 460cc (standard head size). Personally, I found the driver challenging to hit but that’s because I’m not a beginner. For beginners it might be a good driver if you struggle with an open club face impact (creating a massive slice), however, they may need a few sessions at the range to get used to a 10.5-degrees driver. Usually, I recommend the driver to be 11-degrees at minimum for beginners, but guess what… I started with a 10.5 driver too so it’s definitely viable. In fact, using a 10.5-degree driver forced me to learn the right driving technique as I adjusted to my driver.

So is this driver forgiving? I mean, given that it’s a set made for beginners, the driver must still be somewhat forgiving. Good news, it is. The driver comes with a naturally closed face (a bit too much for me), which helps with closing the clubface more than your everyday 10.5-degrees driver. This lets the driver have a natural draw bias, reducing the likelihood of a slice that most golfers have a hard time avoiding. That doesn’t mean go all out on the driver, but rest assured you’ll be hitting pretty straight golf shots consistently. 

Distance-wise I was hitting slightly shorter than my 9.5-degrees driver, but that’s what I wanted to see – easier ball launch, straighter balls, anti-slice, and more consistency.

Overall, on its own, this driver is definitely a bargain given that it comes with the set. However, personally, the driver isn’t for me and would be the only club I’m taking out of the bag.

The 3 and 5-Fairway Wood

Stix 3 wood image

These are the clubs I’m most excited about in this set. Why? That’s because my fairway woods were my best friends off the tees when I was a beginner all the way till I reached a 20 handicap, and that’s what I think these clubs would do for you too. 

The 3-wood (16-degrees of loft) and 5-wood (19-degrees of loft) have a great loft setting for tee-offs. Maybe 17-degrees for the 3-wood would help beginners more, but 16 is still a great setting. That said, I have not sliced once with either club on the two occasions I’ve brought this set to the course. To be honest, I ended up using the fairway woods so much that they became the hottest clubs in the bag for me. 

Stix 5 Wood Image

Off the fairway, they’re also really good. No chunks, just pure strikes on the center of the face. Similar to the tee shot, these shots off the fairway created a low but crazy straight golf shot leading to a good amount of roll for some extra distance!

To wrap things up, shots from these clubs are pure and ridiculously straight. Not to mention I didn’t notice much if not any change in distance with the fairway woods in my own golf set. Forgiveness-wise, I’d give them a solid 9/10. I’d want to see an extra-degree with both fairway woods to make them even more forgiving but I think anyone using these clubs would have a great time. 

The Stix 4-Hybrid

Stix 4-Hybrid Image

Just like the fairway woods, the 4-hybrid (21-degrees of loft) works wonders and is the perfect rescue club. For the record, the 4-hybrid does not hit further than the 5-wood.

That said, I believe there’s not much more to talk about with the 4-Hybrid that I didn’t mention in the fairway woods. It hits straight, long, and is very easy to hit. Great for par 4s and a very versatile second club to use off the fairways on par 5s.

Iron Set

Stix Iron Images

One thing you’ll notice right away with these irons is the hollow ring design at the edges of the back of the clubs. This cavity design is Stix’s approach to improving the Moment of Inertia (MOI)  of their irons by distributing the weight of the face closer to the perimeter which reduces twisting of the clubface on mishits allowing the clubface to still be squared.

Overall, I really enjoyed the irons and they never gave me any major issues while in play. Nothing amazing but nothing bad either. They’re simply a very reliable set of game improvement irons that have a minimalistic design. 

Stix Iron Set Image

However, I did notice something different, and that’s with my slices. For those who don’t know, I play the P770s by TaylorMade and often I either hit amazing shots you see on TV or push a shot to the right edge of the green. With the Stix irons, my shots were either dead straight or slightly hooked but still in play. This is likely due to the offset of these irons that I’m not used to but is a great feature to prevent the clubface from staying opened on impact. 

On top of that, I gained an extra 10 yards with these irons compared to my P770s and that’s where I realized that the lofts were almost 3 to 5-degrees less than each of my P770 irons respectively! Extra distance is always beneficial for beginners and I think a great decision by Stix as it takes away the fear of not hitting far enough. This encourages less experienced golfers to focus more on their swing tempo and consistency instead of trying to hit the ball as far as possible

Fantastic Set of Wedges 

Stix Wedge Image

Alright, I know I said the fairway woods were my favorite. But the wedges in this set are absurd. I mean come on, you’ve got all the wedges you need in this set in matte black – a 45-degrees pitching wedge (image of the pitching wedge shown with the iron set above), a 52-degrees gap wedge, a 56-degrees sand wedge, and 60-degrees lob wedge.

I’m not sure what’s with the matte black design, but it made me feel exceptionally confident feel. On both occasions, I was particularly dialed in with every chip or bump when using these wedges. I was hitting great out of the bunkers, and everything was basically one putt from the hole (alright I 3-putted once). 
For beginners, I always recommend a golf set that comes with a sand wedge. This set has a sand wedge and a lob wedge! Every company should take note of how Stix makes their wedges because they are awesome.

Stix’s Mallet Putter

Stix Putter Image

The mallet putter in this set is high-quality and honestly beautiful. But we’re here to talk about its performance, looks and all can come later. 

Being a heavier putter, it was not my go-to choice, but for a beginner, heavier mallet putters are always preferred

That said, with a heavy mallet head and extremely grippy fat putting grip, the Stix putter was extremely easy to use and understand. What I mean by ‘understand’ is that you can quickly learn how the putter hits and how much strength you should put with each putt. This reassures a very important feature all beginning putters should have… and that’s learnability: a good beginner-friendly putter should allow players to feel the putting stroke. This putter does the job with its heavier head and symmetrical mallet design (New to putting? Learn How to Putt now!).

Stix Mallet Putter Grip Image

That said, with a heavy mallet head and extremely grippy fat putting grip, the Stix putter was extremely easy to use and understand. What I mean by ‘understand’ is that you can quickly learn how the putter hits and how much strength you should put with each putt. This reassures a very important feature all beginning putters should have… and that’s learnability: a good beginner-friendly putter should allow players to feel the putting stroke. This putter does the job with its heavier head and symmetrical mallet design (New to putting? Learn How to Putt now!).

On top of that, the distinct red marker at the tip of the putter really made it easy to guide the putter to the center of the ball, avoiding mishits. If you do miss the center of the face, do not worry, this mallet putter has a very high MOI which allows the face to remain relatively squared even if not hit off the center. As a result, this makes the golf ball still go relatively straight, but definitely better than it curving away from the hole!

Spec Check for the STIX Complete Set (14 Clubs)

Wood TypeDriver3-Wood5-Wood4-Hybrid 
Length (Standard)45″43″42″40″
Head Weight196g212g220g234g
Shaft Weight66g66g66g66g
Swing WeightD1 +/-2D1 +/-2D1 +/-2D1 +/-2
Iron Type5i6i7i8i9i
Length (Standard)38”37.5”37”36.5”36”
Head Weight259g264g272g279g287g
Shaft Weight64g64g64g64g64g
Swing WeightD1D1D1D1D1
Wedges & PutterPWGW (52°)SW (56°)LW (60°)Putter
Length (Standard)35.5”35.50″35.25″35.00″34″
Head Weight294g300g300g308g430g
Shaft Weight64g57g57g57gn/a
Swing WeightD2D3D3D3n/a

Sound and Feel

All Woods Including Hybrid (Sound): Quite loud and high pitched. Sound is in-between a graphite and steel head driver.

All Woods Including Hybrid (Feel): Every wood feels solid on the hands. The heads feel light, but slightly heavy enough to give you a really good idea of where the head is throughout the golf swing. I noticed that this really helped with my swing path control (could really get the feel of what an in-to-out swing plane felt like). On impact, they felt very good and powerful. 

Irons (Sound): The sound of these irons is crisp but nothing unique. To me, they sound like any other irons out there which isn’t a bad thing. Shots really anywhere on the club face sound satisfying, creating that compressed golf ball sound we all love.

Irons (Feel): Feel-wise, I don’t think the feedback from these irons is great as I wasn’t sure where I was hitting on the face. That said, for high handicappers and beginners this doesn’t really matter. The weight of the clubs is definitely on the heavier side.

Wedges (Sound): The wedges create a low-pitched chip sound one bump or chips. If you’re laying the ball up from 100 yards and in, then they sound similar to the irons.

Wedges (Feel): Like every club in this set, the heads are heavier than standard. I found this very beneficial with the wedges. Most people want their wedges to have a heavier head. It encourages them to hit deeper into the ball, making it super easy to get the ball out of the air. With these wedges, they are very easy to control. For reference, I was able to easily hit flop shots which is an indicator to me as to how well I was able to control the golf club.

Putter (Sound): High pitched. Sounded kind of like I was bumping a muted ceramic cup on the golf ball (not sure if that was the best way to describe it, but it’s quite hard trying to explain the sound you heard in words).

Putter (Feel): The head is on the heavier side which really allowed me to feel the mallet head glide over the floor throughout the putting stroke. Easy to control and directed my hands to the ball more than my hands were directing the putter, which is always what you want. Remember, let the club do the work.’

The Matte Black Design

Stix Design Red Line and Wedge Matte Black

“I’ve never seen those clubs, what are they?”

“Can I have a look at your wedges?”

Bringing this set onto the golf course will get some heads turning your way. The feedback I got from other, was that Stix’s choice of using a minimalistic matte black-ish grey finish on their wedges was fantastic.

The wedges look so good that a friend and I started calling them the ‘batman wedges’. Easily, these are the best wedges I have ever seen. They look like the wedges a millionaire pulls off to hit on their yacht. 

The Stix irons look decent. To me, it’s good that they made them matte black or else the irons may look a little dull. The topline of the irons is not too thick, but thick enough to not make it feel like you’re hitting a blade.  In terms of design, I’d say it’s generally the same for the putter, however, the shiny sole of the putter is a great touch.

As for the driver, I won’t say they look bad, but they are different. Though not for me, Shaun, my golf partner that day, praised it for its minimalist design. In other words, it’s definitely a go-to for those who like more of a minimalistic look instead of your typical flashy driver. 

One last thing, each Stix club is contrasted with a distinct, but soothing to the eye, red marker. For the wedges and irons, it’s a red line close to the heel of the club face and for the woods and putter, it’s a red dot or line on the top of the club head. I loved it and found the red indicators to be very useful for alignment. A great little detail by Stix.

Bonus: Stix’s Attention to Quality

Stix Out of the bag Full Set

The quality of these clubs must be addressed because it’s also one of the biggest reasons why I would be buying them if I were you.

The heads of the clubs are made from a combination of graphite, stainless steel, and titanium. This mixture of metals is only done by some of the top golf clubs sold at a premium price. Knowing this is good enough, but actually feeling it is different. You can tell that these clubs aren’t cheap. Most clubs in complete golf set dent or snap off with a few mishits to the ground or the crown of the club. I can promise you that that won’t happen with the clubs in this Stix golf set.

The putter and wedges are also extremely well-made. I would even suggest taking these clubs to your next set because they are that good and reliable. Something I’d rarely ever suggest with other full golf sets.

That said, the black matte paint will start to scuff after just a few rounds of playing. For me, I noticed the black paint gently wearing off after two sessions at the golf course.


What I Don’t Like About this Set

I have no complaints about the clubs but more with the other accessories (headcover and stand bag).

First off, the headcovers are definitely made with good quality material, but some of them are dreadful to put on. For instance, my 4-hybrid headcover was too tight. I had to wedge my hybrid out and back in with a good amount of force every time I wanted to use them. The headcover for the other woods felt fine, but I’m not sure if it’s just the headcover of the 4-Hybrid that’s this tight across all the sets Stix sells.

Another thing that must be addressed is how imbalanced the stand bag by Stix is while upright. I know it’s not a cart bag so I shouldn’t be standing it upright and this bag is not a part of the this Complete set, but it’s just something I want to point out in case you’re looking to get it. You might be better off buying a separate stand bag for a cheaper price. However, the entire set does look alot better with the stand bag holding the clubs.

Other Alternatives: Is it Worth the Money?

Personally, I don’t think any complete golf set like this exists. I am confident that every golfer who’s looking for a reliable set of golf clubs should get this set. Is it worth a-thousand bucks? Yes. However, there are other alternatives that I’d also recommend.Those are the:

  1. Takomo 101 Iron Set:
    • The Takomo 101 irons are my go-to iron set for beginners and high handicappers. They are extremely affordable and play just like any of your premium irons like the newest Taylormade P790.
    • Has a slightly heavier head than the irons in the Stix Set
    • Just an iron set (4-PW)
    • Check out our Full Review of the Takomo 101 Irons
  2. Callaway Strata Golf Set:
    • One of the most popular golf sets out there for beginners
    • Amazon’s best-seller
    • A lot more affordable than the Stix set but much lower quality
  3. Stix 11 Piece Golf Set:
    • More affordable and still a great option that comes with a Sand Wedge!
    • Does not include the 52-degrees (important) and 60-degrees (less important) wedges
    • Does not include the 3-Wood (somewhat important)

STIX Complete Set FAQ

1. Can I add more clubs to this golf set?

If you’re playing casually, yes. But If you’re playing in tournaments you’ll have to follow the 14-club limit set by the USGA. In other words, this 14-club set by Stix gives you all the clubs you need in your bag.

2. Which Shaft Flex Should I get on the Stix Set?

According to Stix, pick the shaft flex based on how far you’re able to drive the ball. Here’s their reference you should follow: 

  • Stiff Flex (S): for players who drive over 230 yards
  • Regular (R): for players who drive under 230 yards
  • Active: for players who driver under 200 yard

The Verdict: STIX Golf Set Review

And we’re down! I don’t think you’ll find a more in-depth review of the Stix Complete Golf Set (14 clubs) than what we have here. Hope you enjoyed this review and definitely do get this set if you’re a rookie golfer looking for a premium golf set that plays amazingly!

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