Best Budget Golf Launch Monitors

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Here are the 7 Best Budget Golf Launch Monitors. 

Technology has never been a bigger part of the game of golf. If you watch any PGA Tour event, you’ll often see professional golfers carrying their launch monitor with them to the driving range that costs anywhere from a few thousand to multiple tens of thousands of dollars!

While advanced golf technology has seeped into the lower levels for us amateur players, the pro athlete bankroll has not, making our list of the best budget golf launch monitors perfect for every golfer looking to take their performance to the next level without breaking the bank!

Best Budget Golf Launch Monitors

Our top pick for the best budget golf launch monitor is the Garmin Approach R10 for its advanced data metrics that far exceed its price, premium virtual golf abilities, and virtual tournaments and driving ranges that are just as entertaining as they are helpful!

Shop The Best Budget Golf Launch Monitors

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for the best affordable golf launch monitors right now:

  1. Garmin Approach R10 Portable Golf Launch Monitor (Top Pick: Best Budget Golf Launch Monitor)
  2. PRGR Black Pocket Launch Monitor HS-130A (Perfect Basic Golf Launch Monitor)
  3. Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (Affordable SmartPhone Based Launch Monitor)
  4. Rapsodo MLM2PRO (Arguably the Most High-Tech Budget Launch Monitor)
  5. FlightScope MEVO (Advanced Data Tracking for Budget-Friendly Price)
  6. Voice Caddie Swing Caddie Swing Trainer SC300i (Pocket-Sized Launch Monitor)
  7. Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors (“Golf’s #1 On-Course Tracking System”)

Any of these launch monitors are also perfect for pairing with a swing net that you can install at home, a great combo for you to practice golf at home 24/7! Now that’s the life.

7 Best Budget Golf Launch Monitors 

What’s the purpose of a golf launch monitor?” you might be asking yourself. 

To keep it brief, launch monitors capture our golf swing’s data and provide us with in-depth information like our carry yardages, spin rates, amount of ball curvature, club head speed, and much more to help us identify our strengths and weaknesses to get better at the game faster! Plus, they are the perfect add-ons for your practices at the driving range or if you’re practicing your golf swing at home!

P.S. If you’re in the market for an affordable rangefinder, check out our guide on the 8 Best Cheap Rangefinders!

1. Garmin Approach R10 Portable Golf Launch Monitor (Top Pick: Best Budget Golf Launch Monitor)

  • 10 hr battery life
  • Includes golf bag phone mount to interact with Garmin Golf App easily
  • Garmin App tracks advanced stats like “Strokes-Gained” 
  • Fun virtual tournaments with real cash prizes!
  • “LifeTime Stats” for advanced swing analyzation
  • Requires Premium Garmin Golf App Subscription for advanced features like “Green Contour Data” and virtual golf courses

The Garmin Approach R10 is taking the golf industry by storm for being super affordable, highly accurate, and chock-full of advanced features that many more-expensive competitors don’t even offer!

The Garmin Approach R10 combines high-definition recordings of your swing with precise Doppler radar to track more than a dozen golf swing metrics. Not only do you receive the data that more expensive models offer, you also have access to play virtual golf, virtual tournaments, and virtual practice challenges that make the value from this purchase unbelievable!

On top of setting up in literally a moment’s notice (both indoors and outside), the Garmin Approach R10 gives users access to data like Club Path, Face-to-Path, and Attack Angle, which is incredibly helpful to both golf coaches and your own personal golf swing knowledge!

Key Features: 

  • Measures: Club Path, Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Launch Direction, Launch Angle, Ball Speed, Ball Spin, Carry Distance, Total Distance
  • Combines Video with Radar for supreme accuracy
  • Portable and Lightweight design
  • 42,000+ worldwide virtual golf courses 
  • Rechargeable
  • Compatible with virtual golf course creators E6, Awesome Golf, and TGC for hundreds of thousands of virtual courses

One Reviewer Wrote: “Have been using for a couple of months. Pretty dang close to accurate distance wise. Love that it can automatically take swing videos too. No more shifting through long videos trying to figure out which shots were good and which were bad.”

2. PRGR Black Pocket Launch Monitor HS-130A (Perfect Basic Golf Launch Monitor)

  • Highly portable design
  • Very affordable
  • 100% Money-Back 1 Year Warranty
  • Switch between Yards and Meters
  • Limited data compared to other models

One of the least expensive models of golf launch monitor on our list is the PRGR Black Pocket Launch Monitor. This Doppler radar based launch monitor is slim enough to fit in your pocket and provides all the crucial info golfers need to start tracking their swing performance seriously. 

While the design is somewhat basic, I love the fact the PRGR is incredibly simple to operate with only the push of a few buttons. This revamped version of the PRGR sports improved accuracy, a larger, clearer display, and improved wedge measurements along with the essential info you need like Club Head Speed, Ball Speed, Carry/Total Distance, and Smash Factor. 

Key Features: 

  • Measures: Swing Speed, Ball Speed, Carry Distance, Total Distance, Smash Factor
  • Multi-Sport Capabilities (Tennis, Soccer, Baseball) 
  • Can read in MPH or Kilometers 
  • “Club Indicator” with shot history for in-depth analysis

One Reviewer Wrote: This launch monitor is awesome. It’s easy to use and measures baseball swing speeds and pitches. Has bold numbers so it’s easy to see. A couple hundred dollars is a lot to spend on pretty much anything but this was clearly an investment that I would make again without a thought. There’s a saying you can’t manage what you can’t measure and now I can measure aspects of my golf swing and identify areas I need to improve through cause and effect. You can buy launch monitors for a whole lot more money but I don’t see the need to when this is available.

3. Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (Affordable SmartPhone Based Launch Monitor)

  • Provides detailed Club Gapping and Shot Dispersion Data
  • Lifetime Stats History
  • Access to Award-Winning Rapsodo Combines
  • Easily Rechargeable 
  • Tiny in size (5 inches x 3 inches)
  • Premium Membership required for all data 

If you’re the type of golfer that isn’t looking for another difficult-to-operate piece of golf equipment, the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is likely the perfect pick for you.

Combining with your iPhone or iPad, the Rapsodo takes your smart-device’s camera and pairs it with Doppler radar for precise swing data including Carry, Smash Factor, Total Distance, Side Carry, Club Head, and Ball Speed, plus much more with a subscription to “MLM Premium.” 

If that weren’t enough, users receive swing replay video with stats and shot tracer overlays, precise club gapping and shot dispersion with each club, and “Rapsodo Insights” including an estimated handicap through their Award-Winning Rapsodo Combine

Key Features: 

  • Measures: Carry Distance, Total Distance, Launch Angle, Launch Direction, Side Carry, Smash Factor, Club Head and Ball Speed
  • Turns your iPhone or iPad into a golf launch monitor
  • Swing Replay with Shot Tracer
  • #1 Rated Personal Launch Monitor under $500
  • Indoor or Outdoor capability

One Reviewer Wrote: “This really transforms the driving range experience for beginners. You get analytics, stats, swing videos, and insights. I look forward to seeing how Rapsodo adds even more insights and coaching-type functionality into its software in the future. The device itself is super mobile and easy to set up and use. Very intuitive. Strong value at the current lower discounted price.”

4. Rapsodo MLM2PRO (Arguably the Most High-Tech Budget Launch Monitor)

  • Fully functional indoors and outdoors
  • “Rapsodo Combine” provides fantastic measurable practice 
  • Apple and Android compatible
  • Won Golf Digest’s “Official Personal Launch Monitor” 
  • Highest price on our list
  • Requires MLM2PRO Premium Membership for full features (1 year free included) 

The Rapsodo MLM2PRO is Rapsodo’s newest and most advanced golf launch monitor they’ve ever created. Realizing the golf market’s need for an affordable launch monitor that provides accuracy and highly-detailed swing data, the MLM2PRO is here to save the day!

Combining a 240-fps “Impact Vision” camera with a wide-angle “Shot Vision” camera and Doppler radar creates the perfect device to accurately track 13 golf swing metrics including Carry, Spin Rate, Spin Axis, Side Carry, Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Launch Direction, Descent Angle, Total Distance, Apex Height, Club Speed, Shot Type, and Smash Factor. 

If that weren’t enough, the Rapsodo MLM2Pro is also a golf simulator that lets users play on more than 30,000 virtual courses, has a virtual combine to let you dial in your performance, and the Rapsodo App stores 10,000 swing videos plus all your swing data for further analysis!

Key Features: 

  • Measures: 13 total metrics with Premium Membership
  • Combines Camera and Radar Processing for precision and accuracy
  • “Shot Vision” and “Impact Vision” for multi-option replay
  • Simulation at 30,000+ golf courses

One Reviewer Wrote: I am an owner of the original Rapsodo MLM and it was (and is) great. But the extra info from the MLM2PRO has literally changed my game! From the impact camera recording, I found that my contact for the driver (even for a hit that LOOKED pretty good) was off center near the toe. Working to improve this has given me an extra 20-30 yards! And, while I wasn’t particularly interested in simulations, I found them really fun!

5. FlightScope MEVO (Advanced Data Tracking for Budget-Friendly Price)

  • No Subscription Required
  • FlightScope PGA & LPGA Challenges Included
  • FlightScope “Long Drive Competition” and “Range Competition” Included
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Aluminum Stickers for golf balls (indoor use only) are relatively expensive

The FlightScope MEVO is one of the most well-known budget portable golf launch monitors on the market because it’s accurate, easy to use, and awesome built-in bonus features are near-impossible to beat!

For starters, the MEVO has an incredibly durable exterior and is easy to use at the range, on the course, or at home with full video and data on every shot thanks to the FlightScope Golf App! The free and fully customizable FS App automatically records your golf swing and provides you access to 8 highly-accurate swing data parameters

If that weren’t enough, the FlightScope App comes with free skills challenges that let you compare your stats to the latest PGA/LPGA averages along with driving range competitions that help golfers practice smarter, not harder!

Key Features: 

  • Measures: Carry Distance, Spin Rate, Club Speed, Ball Speed, Vertical Launch, Smash Factor, Apex Height, Flight Time
  • FlightScope’s most affordable portable launch monitor
  • Indoor and Outdoor capability
  • Learn precise Club-Gapping 

One Reviewer Wrote: “I was looking for something that would help with my golf game, and I sincerely believe I found it with the FlightScope Mevo! I can’t stay off the range. It tells you your launch pattern. This made me change the setting on my driver. Now I am hitting the driver 10 yards further than a week ago after those adjustments.”

6. Voice Caddie Swing Caddie Swing Trainer SC300i (Pocket-Sized Launch Monitor)

  • Rechargeable (no batteries required) 
  • Control by Remote Control 
  • Audible Readings for Hands-Free Practice
  • Very Simple to Use
  • Measures between 10-370 yards
  • Spin data only available in App

Voice Caddie’s newest Swing Caddie SC300i is a fantastic choice for golfers that don’t like their practice to be interrupted by having to stop and look at their swing data. The SC300i audibly reads your most crucial data while syncing to your smartphone through the MySwingCaddie V2 App to provide more in-depth analysis and the ability to track your swing on video. 

On top of providing golfers their Carry/Total Distance, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, Swing Speed, Peak Apex Height, and Ball Speed, the MySwingCaddie V2 App allows golfers to overlay their stats on slow motion video of their golf swing and has built-in practice modes that’ll track your stats and give you ways to know if your game is improving!

Key Features: 

  • Measures: Carry/Total Distance, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, Swing Speed, Apex, Ball Speed
  • Voice Caddie’s latest portable golf launch monitor
  • Voice Output of Distance
  • Easy-to-Read LCD Display
  • Adjustable Club/Loft Angles
  • MySwingCaddie V2 App stores swing data and video for further analyzation

One Reviewer Wrote: “Wow what can I say? I just got this launch monitor to help improve my accuracy and dial in my new PXG irons and driver. Amazing tech! I get launch angle, spin, and apex for under $500. Cannot be beat. Extremely accurate over other launch monitors I’ve tried. Highly recommend the Swing Caddie SC300i. I like the case and battery combo that came with it too. 10/10”

7. Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors (“Golf’s #1 On-Course Tracking System”)

  • Automatic shot tracking
  • Smart club distances with personalized caddie advice
  • A.I. powered rangefinder
  • Advanced “Strokes-Gained” analytics post-round
  • Not a physical “launch monitor” more a built-in launch monitor in every club!

If you’re like me and lose belongings on the golf course from time to time, how does a launch monitor and personal caddie built into every golf club in your bag sound?

The Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors work by screwing into the grip of each club. By pairing the sensors with the Arccos Caddie App, you’ll receive automatic shot tracking with tracer views of every hole at any golf course you play!

After the virtual caddie develops an understanding for your carry distances and tendencies of shot shape with every club (roughly 9 holes), you’ll receive personalized caddie advice of which club to hit next. The Arccos Caddie also features an A.I. powered rangefinder that automatically adjusts for slope and wind, and on average, users drop 5 shots their first year using Arccos! 

Key Features: 

  • Accurately track on-course shot data with every club
  • Designed to help you lower scores immediately
  • Pairs with Smartphone or Apple Watch to act as on-course caddie

One Reviewer Wrote: “The best golf product I have purchased to date. Data is captured by the club sensors pretty seamlessly. The data analytics are first rate. They help you understand where you are losing strokes in comparison to the golf you want to be. The insights help you focus on improvements that are truly going to lower your score. Worth every dollar you spend on it.”

Buying Guide: Best Budget Golf Launch Monitors 

Here are the features and characteristics of a budget golf launch monitor that we pay the most critical attention to when buying!


Of course, the accuracy of your device is one of the most important parts of the purchase. Every launch monitor on our list ensures their accuracy with a fully refundable-guarantee! 

While uber premium models like the TrackMan or GCQuad are usually what these devices are measured against in percentage of accuracy, our lists’ more affordable prices and near-equal levels of accuracy + enhanced bonus features make the purchase a no-brainer!

Data Points Measured 

The more golf swing data points you’re looking to receive, the more you should expect to pay. 

For example, our highly affordable options (PRGR Black Pocket and Voice Caddie SC300i) track the basic golf swing metrics you’d look for like Swing Speed, Ball Speed, Carry/Total Distance, and Smash Factor. 

We firmly believe the most important metric any amateur golfer should know is their carry distances with each golf club in their bag. 

Our other budget options have more advanced data like club path, shot dispersion, spin rates, and other metrics that more advanced golfers and coaches appreciate!


The last thing we need is another heavy thing to lug around the golf course that isn’t our golf bag. Thankfully for you, we made sure to include only highly portable launch monitor options that either fit in your pocket or easily slide into a pocket in your bag without much added weight!

Camera or Radar or Both? 

There are two main styles of golf launch monitor. 

Some operate using only Doppler radar to track the flight of the golf ball. The radar waves reflect off the golf ball and track the data sending it to the device for your review. 

Camera-based launch monitors use high-definition cameras to capture swing, impact, and ball flight data. 

Premium models (like the Garmin Approach R10 and Rapsodo MLM2Pro) offer both camera and Doppler radar shot tracking for highly precise swing metrics!

Ease of Use

I don’t like a golf product that’s hard to operate and adds time to my practice or golf rounds. (Who does?) 

Thankfully, every budget golf launch monitor on our list is super simple to set up and use, with the PRGR or Arccos Smart Sensors likely being the most “simple-to-operate” devices and the Rapsodo MLM2Pro or Garmin Approach R10 being the most “advanced.” 

Indoor/Outdoor Use

I personally love having a way to hit balls when the weather is bad outside. 

A few options on our list (Garmin Approach R10, Rapsodo MLM2Pro, Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor, and FlightScope MEVO) all offer virtual driving ranges and access to tens of thousands of virtual golf courses to let you work on your golf game from anywhere!


Depending on what features you’re looking for / how in-depth of data you’re after, you might not need to spend the premium price-tag some golf launch monitors are asking for. 

Every launch monitor on our list is between $100 and $700, while extremely high-end launch monitors you see PGA Tour pros carrying with them at the driving range cost thousands or even tens of thousands for brands like TrackMan and GCQuad. 

Sure, the $20,000 launch monitor is going to track slightly more advanced data than their budget launch monitor counterparts, but you’ll still gain incredibly helpful and precise golf swing information that’ll help improve your performance from all of our options! 

We think about it like this, the tens of thousands of dollars models are only justifiable if your livelihood depends on your performance, like a pro golfer. 

“Bonus” Features

While models like the PRGR and Voice Caddie track basic swing information, more advanced launch monitors on our list provide things like precise club yardage gapping, virtual caddie assistance on the golf course, driving range combines, and practice modes aimed to help you improve!

Take a look through our list and determine what features appeal to you the most. With every option being chosen to remain “budget-friendly” in mind, you can’t go wrong with any of them!

How to Get The Most Use Out of Your Golf Launch Monitor:

Here’s how we use our launch monitor for the best results for both practice and on-course performance.

Indoor Practice 

By having a net and golf mat (and enough indoor room) many of the best budget golf launch monitors on our list offer indoor practice ranges, long drive competitions, and “Combines” that let you test and sharpen your skills against PGA and LPGA averages and even other golfers!

On top of that, some of the launch monitors on our list offer virtual golf and 30,000+ golf courses so you can test your game at various difficulty-level courses to make sure your practice translates anywhere!

Outdoor Practice

Besides the obvious use of your launch monitor at the driving range, a fantastic way to use your launch monitor is on the actual golf course.

Say, for example, you have a 150-yard shot that’s uphill and slightly into the wind. Your goal is playing the shot 156-yards. By having a launch monitor that can tell you your on-course performance (and let you know how close you are to your goal carry distance) you further build your internal confidence that your practice will translate to lower scores when it matters!

Best Budget Golf Launch Monitors FAQ: 

Is it worth buying a launch monitor? 

If you’re trying to take your golf game seriously and are looking for a way to improve quickly, you should absolutely consider a golf launch monitor. 

While every amateur golfer thinks they smash their driver 285+ yards every time, it’s more helpful to know exactly what every club in your bag carries so you can pick your clubs with precision and confidence for better results!

On top of that, many of our budget golf launch monitors record your swing as well as give you data readings, so a golf coach or knowledgable golf friend can help diagnose what will help your swing and game the most!

What golf launch monitor does Tiger Woods use?

Since 2015, “Full Swing” is the only golf simulator trusted by Tiger Woods. At a largely more premium price than what’s on our list ($5000), Tiger fully trusts the Full Swing launch monitor to provide him with accurate golf swing and ball flight data that he can use to perform his best with. 

He is also an endorser and investor in the company. 

What is better than a TrackMan? 

The TrackMan has developed an infamous name in the golf launch monitor industry because it costs a fortune (indoor model is $20,000, and the outdoor model is $25,000) and is highly accurate, making it trusted by many top PGA Tour pros. 

Despite being roughly half the price, many golfers argue the Foresight GCQuad is just as, if not arguably more accurate than the TrackMan. 

Having experience using both launch monitors on driving ranges and during fittings, I believe they’re equally as accurate, and I can’t confidently say anything is more accurate than a TrackMan.

The Verdict: Best Budget Golf Launch Monitors

If you’re trying to take your golf skill seriously, a launch monitor that provides you with the necessary feedback and data about your swing will make your practice sessions add up to strong on-course results! 

Golfers looking to get the most out of their golf game should be thankful there’s never been more budget-friendly launch monitor options than right now, with the Garmin Approach R10 being our top choice.
If you find yourself struggling to choose the right golf clubs during rounds, struggling to pick the right targets, falling victim to “Zombie Range Sessions” (that are monotonous and unhelpful), or wanting a better way to practice indoors, one of our best budget golf launch monitors will turn all these problems around.

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